Thursday, July 20, 2017

Little Blue Box

I had this small container in blue. It was gifted by a friend. It might not cost a lot (it's a Tupperware) but it's the sentimental value attached to it. I happened to used this small blue Tupperware and left it on the dining table. Then I went on a trip. Somehow, something has to happen. My dad happened to be admitted to the hospital while I was away. They happened to entrust the house keys to a neighbour. So the neighbour has access to the whole house, including the cars. Prior to the admission, the parents happened to open a large packet of dried mangoes and left it on the dining table. A couple of days later, they came home after being discharged. The large packet of dried mangoes that was opened shortly before the admission is almost finished. They only had a few slices. That packet was full when they left. And it was placed in a box, on the dining table. Okay, the thing is this. If you want something, ask permission for it. Not just take as you wish. Even though you are close. So never mind. No big deal.        
                                                                                                                                                          One day, I was looking for an air tight container to use. I searched the cabinets but that small blue box is missing. Thinking that they might have used it for something else, I asked whether they saw the blue box. Everyone just assume that the box is in the cabinet. So mum went looking for it. Nagging that I didn't look thoroughly. Look she did, but the box was no where to be found. So she looked into other cabinets. Nope, nothing. We searched everywhere, even thinking that rats might have invaded the house and dragged the box away. The disappearance of the little blue box remains a mystery till today. We don't know what happened to it. It was on the dining table when I left. No one touched it. So we do not know what happened.

 It is not about the value of the item that was taken. It is the integrity. The trust. No matter how badly you want something, you cannot just take it without permission. Taking things without permission is stealing. It might have been some dried mangoes and a box this time. Who knows what else it might be next time? Some other things might have gone missing but we might not be aware since we don't stock count items in the house. I'm not placing blames but this coincidence seems too strange. Unless the rats really fancy containers and happened to fall in love with the little blue box. Or ghosts might have taken it.

Tuesday, April 04, 2017

Scammer Threat

Moronic scammer still using the same old scam eventhough it is widely known they have been expossed by the media and are being hunted by the police. Perhaps the law is too lenient on them, which makes them so bold. They have now resorted to threats ala gangster style. "If you don't answer my calls or fall for my nonsense, I will threaten you and send shit to you. A little while ago, they started harassing again. When their calls got ignored, they level up by sending threatening messages. Stupid people never learn. Their current number is

Tuesday, February 07, 2017

City-Link (M) The Taichi Master

Continuation from the missing parcel saga. After rounds of calls and emails with Mail Box Etc, My case was directed towards City-Link Express the courier company that was in charge of the delivery. In the midst of enquiry regarding my missing parcel, someone emailed me with a bodyless email with an attachment which is the delivery slip containing our sender and receiver address as well as the "recipient". Which literally says they have delivered the parcel ( but to the wrong person) so they do not owe us anything. Then we called City-Link Express to inform them that we did not receive anything and that no one in this house is called Ching Angie. What we got in return was rude screams in response that the parcel has been delivered and it is no longer any of their business. So go fuck yourself if you didn't receive your parcel. So I followed up by replying their email from a girl called Sabrina ( the bodyless email ace) and asked her as a matter of factly to kindly point out to me which part of the name Ching Angie matches that of Lxx Lxx Lxx. To that which I receive no reply. However, they did call up and yell at us stating that they have delivered the invisible parcel. And threaten us that they will send the driver cum delivery man to identify the receiver. So we told them, send that driver over. Let us all please give City-Link Express a standing ovation for their impeccable customer service and setting a new threshold for shitty service cum rude customer service, and the birth of the new Taichi master. Till this minute City-Link Express has yet to reply my email with an explanation and apology for misplacing our parcel. Should I lodge a police report for this? 

Reply From Mail Box Etc

So Mail Box Etc replied. Here is the response.

Should i applaud them for being helpful?

Bad Experience With Mail Boxes Etc

We often hear complaints about missing parcels or items when sending them through normal mail. So to be safe, if you want to ensure that your items arrive in one piece and promptly, engage in courier service. Pay a little more and never have to worry. You can track your parcels and know of their whereabouts. Whole bunch of bullshit. One bad experience is suffice to wipeout the goodwill that take years to built. One week before Chinese New Year 2017, my relative sent a parcel to us. Mind you it was just domestic. However, this parcel never made it way to our door. Initially, we thought it was because it was due to the Chinese New Year festivities that the delivery time might be delayed. It was also partly cause the news reported that trucks and heavy vehicles weren't permitted to be on the highway. So we thought. Making excuses for the courier service because we trust them. That was so wrong of us. We waited and waited. Chinese New Year came and is almost coming to an end. Still there was no sign of the parcel. Yet, we came up with excuses for the belated arrival. Finally, almost a month has passed and there is still no sign of the ill fated parcel. I googled the courier company Mail Boxes Etc, and got hold of the contact number. We called the company's branch in Desaparkcity and enquired about our missing parcel. The personnel was confused with what we told him/her but looked it up anyway. That personnel then got back to us and told us that someone by the name of Sim Eng Lee, accepted the parcel. We told that personnel that we did not receive anything to date and there is no one by this name in the house. Fuming from the response, I emailed the company. Then a woman by the name of Sabrina sent an email with the mail slip of our missing parcel without any form of greeting, nor explanation or apology. It appears that she is trying to avoid taking responsibility over the mistake that was made by her company. When I took a look at the mailing slip, I flipped. The recipient that sign off for accepting the parcel was called Ching Angie and the IC number that was written by her was utter nonsense. It begins with 5 digits, followed by 50, followed by 5 digits in the end. Anyone who isn't an illegal immigrant in this country would no that there is no such IC number in Malaysia. Because of her rude email that was simply defensive and avoiding responsibility on their part by claiming that the parcel has been received ( by the wrongful recipient), I replied her email. I asked her to check the receiver's name that was written by the sender and to match that with the dishonest receiver's name. And to kindly enlighten me as to which part of Ching Angie matches the name Lxx Lxx Lxx. And I forwarded that email to her company as well. I asked them what's the point of us writing down our particulars when the delivery people don't even bother to look? And that if they couldn't find our address, they should have given us a call , as our phone numbers are stated on the mailing slip. If that fails, they should have returned the parcel to the sender. Not simply giving it to random dishonest people. I have yet to receive a reply with an acceptable explanation regarding this matter. As for that dishonest person by the name of Ching Angie ( which could probably be a nonsense name that was made up on the spot), shame on you for being dishonest and greedy and accepting things that do not belong to you in the first place. Your behaviour is that of a thief because you take things that do not belong to you, without permission. Even bigger shame on you if you happen to be a neighbour. 

Monday, February 06, 2017

Sunday, January 01, 2017

Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Customer "Service"

Read from a famous blogger regarding her blood boiling experience with horrible customer service. All of us have experienced it. Most of the time we just brush it off. Well, it doesn't make any difference whether we rage over it or complain to the manager. It never changes and nothing will be done to improve it. Just want to jot down some experiences that I have....for....research purposes (Pfffttt...).

So the internet suddenly stop functioning one day, not so long ago. Okay. It was last month to be exact. I called the service provider because well, no one wants to do it so I was forced to. I seriously hate calling all these customer service hotlines. Firstly, calling those stupid customer service number itself is already a pain in the neck. Don't get what I mean? Let me elaborate.

Ring tone......
Voice recording : Welcome to XXXXXX. For English press 1. For Bahasa press 2. For Chinese press 3. Pause. For Enquiries press 1. For Bills & Whatever Not press 2. For complaints press 3. To talk to our customer service personnel press #*!!!%&*.

You get the drift.

So anyway, back to my story. I called the service provider hotline and after slaying dragons and fighting world war 999 I got through.

TM: Good afternoon. I'm (whispering voice).

Me: Hello. My internet isn't working since last night.

TM: May I have your name....What? number.......What is your relationship with this person?

Me: (Baffled by that dumb question) I'm the relative.

Seriously, does it matter what my relationship with the person is? Is it  important? Is there like a ranking for service provided based on  relationship status?
 Like for instance :

Dato/Datin -respond time - immediate
Spouse - respond time 2-3 days,
 Mistress - respond time 5-6 days.
2nd mistress - respond time 7-8 days

I was tempted to say mistress but held back my sarcasm. I know they are just doing their job of asking dumb and totally redundant questions set by the not very bright superiors. They are just filling up the ticket of our complaints and there isn't much that they can do. But seriously! Questions like what is your relationship status with this person? What a smart and informative question. Like knowing the relationship status immediately resolves the problem on hand. The person that set this question must really have a complicated childhood or a messed up relationship (namely cheating partners) or a really fucked up family.

Continuation from the conversation.

TM: Ok miss. have you tried switching off and on the router?

Me: Yes. Multiple times.

TM: Have you tried removing the line from the splitter?

Me: Yes. Still not working.

After some donkey years of Q & As.

TM: Ok miss. We will send our service people over. If they come and check and find that the equipment is damaged by your side the cost will be borne by you. If they come and find that the fault is ours then there will be no charge.

ME: ok.

TM: Ok miss. After this call you will receive a sms which you will rate your experice with this call with 7 and above as good.

Me: ok

It was actually really smart of him to say 7 and above. Cause if he were to say 5 and above callers would have rank them starting from 5 and they would receive a low ranking of customer satisfaction.

Well, after that call, nothing happened. No one showed up. Neither did they come the following day. Internet still not working. So had no choice but to call the dreaded hotline again.

Anyway, the day after the call, I saw a van from TM parked outside the neighbour's house. So I asked the person if they are from TM (asking a question which I already have the answer to... deliberately). The guy said yes. So I told him I called their hotline and they said they would dispatch their men but no action was taken. No one showed up to "check". So that guy came in to have a "look". Literally that's all that he did. He quickly said "Oh, ini Streamyx. Saya tak tahu. Kalau Unifi saya boleh tolong. Tukarlah ke Unifi" (Translation: Oh, this is Streamyx. I don't know about it. If it is Unify, then I can help. Change to Unifi).

Sunday, December 25, 2016

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Super Moon

The news reported that there would be a super moon last night (14 November) at around 9.50 pm. Hence, I went moon hunting last night as it was said to only take place every god knows how many years or decades. Sadly, there was no moon in sight. All I saw was black sky.