Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Tuesday, July 30, 2013


Received a message today from someone who had not been in contact with for eons. After reading the message, it got me thinking. People only remember me when they want something from me. Am I some float? Seriously. Oh, and I would appreciate it if acquaintances won't give out my number randomly. Received calls from strangers trying to sell me things that i do not need. I suppose I need new friends. People that really appreciate me. Not just people who will acknowledge my existence because they want something from me. Time to spring clean the contact list.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

En route to former physique

Was getting dressed to go out. It has been a while since I wore my jeans. Have been wearing shorts and dresses. The last time I tried wearing them, I couldn't button. This time though, can't zip. Looks like it's time to buy new jeans. Whee. Anyway, I walked into a shop (*my staple *cough fruit) without the intention to shop. Pick out a few pieces to try. Was surprised that they actually fit. Certain pieces required some effort to get the zipper up. Looks like I'm getting back to my former weight, prior to my drastic weight loss. Yippee.

Not Very Bright

How to tell whether your dog is intelligent? This one certainly isn't .

Friday, July 26, 2013

Rambling: Anniversary

Haven't been very chirpy lately. Sometimes, it's best to not know about things. Anyway, have been seeing a lot of anniversary milestones. One in particular, really caught my attention. 40 th anniversary. Well, that's a long time. To be married to someone for such a long time, is indeed an achievement in today's society. A thought then cross my mind. I've been receiving a lot of commentary on my marital status of recent years. I'd never thought that this day will hit me. But it did. Oh well. I could say that, my family is rather conservative. It's the strictly no relationship while studying kind of family. Anyway, Asians will always be Asians. They expect things to go according to the way they want. While studying, you're expected to be a monk. After that, you're supposed to be a Return on investment. You're supposed to have proposals upon graduation. People and their never ending comparisons. My child has a better partner than yours. Still no suitor? Etc. Aunty, your children are not even the same age as me. For those that are, so what? Good for you that your children are married or going to be married.  Anyway, the thought that hit me is, will I be able to achieve something like a 40 th anniversary. Given that I'm not even married yet at this point. Would I live that long to be able to celebrate a 40 th anniversary or more with my spouse.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Friday, July 12, 2013


Last night, my heart skipped a beat. My phone was a little suicidal. It must have been really upset hearing me talking about the new fella 'Sam'. As usual, my insomnia kicked in. I was tossing and turning around in bed. Then I reached over to 'Steve' to check the time. After that, I place 'Steve' back on the side table. At that very moment, 'Steve' jumped off the side table without a parachute, and crash landed on the concrete floor after hitting several objects. My heart skipped a beat. Thinking that this is the end of 'Steve'. I jumped out of bed to rescue 'Steve'. Fortunately, he didn't become Humpty Dumpty. That was enough of a scare. Suppose this is a sign for a new phone. *note: recently, my friend has been showing photos of 'steve's' relatives that were Humpty Dumpty(s), as a result of accidents or possible suicides.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Nowadays, people really have no manners. Please and thank you are rare as unicorns. Sorry(s) are like missing ships and airplanes at the Bermuda Triangle. When mannerism is brought up, everyone points their finger at the upbringing, education system, society, etc. the old saying is true. When you point a finger at someone, remember that there are three fingers pointing back at yourself. So instead of blaming it on the environment, nature, ancestors, UFO , why not take a look at yourself. You are a living creature with a brain, you ought to be capable of choosing the way you behave. When asking for favours, do it politely with please and thank you. When at fault, admit your mistakes with sorry. When someone message you, the least you could do out of courtesy is to reply. Even if you loathe the sender, or refuse to dwell further just respond with , I'm fine thank you. How difficult is that? You are what you choose to be.

Tuesday, July 09, 2013

Harassment : Prank Call 8

Yesterday 8 July 2013, the irritating 0199122966 called again. I ignored it initially but the phone kept ringing. Hence, I answered and put it on loudspeaker. The man started talking. Then another man talked. Both men were talking away without a care in the world, in a language that I couldn't understand. A little worried that it might be some black magic chanting, I hung up. I was pretty sure the last time he called and I answered without speaking, I heard him mumbled in BM "Salah lagi ". This time though, I couldn't understand a word they were saying. Or perhaps he was playing several roles, talking to himself. Anyway, he is such a freak. Why on earth would he save a stranger's number, and make a stranger listen to his conversation. Seriously don't know how he got my number or what he wants. Why can't the telco do something about it? Does it have to end up in a serious crime only then will action be taken?

Tuesday, July 02, 2013

Birthday Wish

My birthday wish list 2013:                    

 Samsung S4 LTE.