Sunday, May 30, 2010

P.S. Please Leave Your Name

The most rewarding thing from blogging is to have readers. It is even more rewarding if you know your readers by name. In that way, you know you have regular followers and at the same time made some friends. It feels good to know that what you post is appreciated. So the next time you stop by, just drop a "Hi" or a comment under your name and not anonymous. That way I will know who you are and I can address you by name. Cheers!


Friday, May 28, 2010


St Gorgeous turns four today, 28 May 2010.

Happy 4th Birthday/ Happy Anniversary.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Out Of Service

The past week has been the most furstrating week. Having to deal with incompetant people really makes one's blood boil. It all started with a phone call to the internet service provider with a request to get the password for the internet connection. All hell broke loose there on. That particular phone call proved to be "fatal". There was no internet connection right after that call. Flat. Negative. For one whole week!

Why was that phone call made in the first place? Well, the story begins with a router. All this while my computers have be running on cable for internet connection. Then the router showed up and messed things up. And you thought that plugging in all the wires and cables will make your home a WiFi zone, Boy are you wrong! The router has to go through some setting that is totally alien to me. Well, although I did touch a little on IT stuff in university but all that was purely theoretical. This whole setting thing was certainly not part of the syllabus. Especially so for non IT majors.

Anyway, because of that setting up the whole router thing, I was told that I needed the username and password for my internet account. That was a really big problem as all this while the computers have been automatically connected to the internet whenever it is turned on. Having used this broadband thing for 6 years or so without having to type the connection details each time has indeed made us forgetful. I don't even remember what the username and password is anymore since it has not been in use all this while. So a call was made to the service provider company to get it.

After giving us our account details, we could no longer connect to the internet. That resulted in multiple calls to the telco requesting them to help us solve the problem through out the entire week, several calls a day. The result was they kept guiding me through the same steps that leads no where. At the end of every call, there is no internet connection and the hang up tagline from the telco's side is "Is there anything else that I can help you with?". Well, there certainly is. FIX MY INTERNET CONNECTION!

The whole cycle is repeated throughout the week. I even requested that the telco send their technician over everytime I call but they never did for they don't do house calls. So for the whole week, It was call after call repeating the same matter over and over to a string of telco employees with no conclusion.

Why does an internet service provider company monopolise the internet service industry when it clearly doesn't have the capabilities to do so? If a company wants to be the pioneer in the internet service industry, the least it can do is to have competant employees who can comprehand the English language, listens before executing, and is able to solve problems that is caused by the stupidity of their own staff.

Thursday, May 06, 2010


I am so bloated right now that I can't even sit. I should have drank so much but I just couldn't help it. The extremely hot weather made me extremely thirsty. Groan. How does one get rid of the bloated feeling?