Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Last Day of 2013

31 December 2013. 31.12.13.The last day of 2013. In a few hours, we will be ushering in the new year. 2013 has been a year of emotional roller coaster. I'm really bad at summarizing. With the help of scumbag brain, which only remembers things that should have been forgotten, recapping has become difficult. Oh well, If you can't remember, then it's not worth remembering. Farewell 2013.

Friday, December 27, 2013


Last night, I received 2 voice messages from a friend in UK. He asked me how was my Christmas.  It's so thoughtful of him to think of me and my well being even though he is busy. I teared when I got the messages. Someone so far away thought of me and cared enough to send regards. Whilst someone near couldn't be bothered to reply. Thank you dear friend for always being there and lending an ear. God bless you and merry Christmas.

Thursday, December 26, 2013


It's impossible to not see someone fiddling with their smartphones at all times, nowadays. Over dinner yesterday, my sister wanted to send something to our niece.

Sister: (sending through iMessage . Unable to send). I'll send it to you through whatsapp.

Niece: I don't have whatsapp.

Nephew: What? You don't have whatsapp? How is that possible?

Niece: Everyone in the states uses an iPhone. There's no need to use whatsapp. It's free to send messages through iMessage.

Nephew: What if that person uses android ?

Niece: Then, that person doesn't deserve to be messaged.

Monday, December 23, 2013

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas. May all my wishes come true. 

Friday, December 20, 2013

Snappy Turns One

Snappy turns one on the 22nd December 2013. Happy Birthday Snappy. May you stop biting me and start learning new tricks.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Cathay Pacific's Christmas Flash Mob

Came across this on Facebook. Flashmob by Cathay Pacific in conjunction with Christmas. Never get sick of Mariah Carey's "All I Want For Christmas Is You".


Everyone feels this way at some point in life.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Santa Troll

Someone posted this on 9gag. Good to know that there are still people with great sense of humour out there.

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I received a call from a strange number this afternoon. What kind of phone number consists of only three digits? Anyway, I answered the call. The female caller spoke in Mandarin.

Me: Hello

Unidentified Female Caller: Ching wen ni huey swo hwa yu ma? (Do you speak mandarin?)

Me: Wo pu huey. (No I don't)

Had a bimbo moment there. I just blurted a response in mandarin. Facepalm. Happens most of the time. I normally respond in the same language setting as the party talking to me. Anyway, I have been getting a lot of calls from strange numbers and unidentified people. Really annoying.

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

11.12.13 Unforgettable Experience

11.12.13. Another one of those days deemed special. Many scheduled to tie the knot on this day again. But something else happened.

Received a scary phone call.A guy called the land line and spoke in BM. So the phone was passed to me as the senior derpette couldn't understand. The man was really convincing. He spoke in a very serious tone. Initially I thought it was one of those telemarketing calls. but it wasn't. That man said that they have arrested senior derpette's son. He then mentioned that they are going to press charges against him today. And that he is from the narcotics department (first giveaway). I just responded with a hmm. He was surprised by my lack of panic and poker face response. He then added that it's customary to inform the family regarding the arrest. He got another hmm (low monotonous tone) from me. Getting a little agitated, he told me to wait for the letter from the high court (second giveaway). When we receive that letter, we can then hire a lawyer. I said ok. He was really going to blow his lid at this point. He then asked me whether I have any questions. I said no. Then he hung up.

Senior derpette being her normal panic state kept asking me what was it all about. I know I can't tell her what that man just said to me as she would go into panic mode and then things would blow out of proportion. Being a little worried myself, I needed to confirm with senior derpette's son on his whereabouts. But senior derpette kept asking. So Ijust told her that man said he has your son. I added that It's a scam, and that I will contact her son immediately. Sure enough senior derpette panicked, and went out of the room to call her daughter. I walked from the bathroom to the room to get my phone. Then I texted senior derpette's son. No response. A little worried with the non response, I texted my sister. Informing her about the called I just received. Panicked, she called  me and probed for details. She scolded me for not getting more information from the man. And added that I'm not alert. She said that she would try contacting senior derpette's son. Then senior derpette walked in and shoved her phone to me. I was senior derpette's daughter on the phone. she questioned me on the call. So I told her about it. I asked whether she has the contact numbers of her brother's friends. She said she doesn't. So I asked her whether she knows where one of his friend stays (that frind stays nearby). If she does, we can try asking that friend for confirmation. Again she said she doesn't. She then said to me, if that man calls again ask him which police station is he detained in and where to meet up.

I was a little worried as to whether what the man say is true because senior derpette's son didn't reply me. (Just a note to everyone, If someone texts/calls you, please reply. We are not trying to invade your privacy. We are worried and we just want to know that you are safe). Just then, my phone rang. Senior derpette's son replied. Before I could reply his message, Senior derpette barged in with her phone. Her son was on the line. She passed the phone to me. He asked me what did the man say. So I related the whole call to him. Boy was he furious. Just then, my phone rang again. This time it's senior derpette's daughter again. So I passed my phone to senior derpette as I was still on the phone with senior derpette's son. I asked him to give us the contact numbers of his close friends so that we can contact them if we fail to reach him.

The call that we received today was an exact scene of drama series and police informative series. Some random person who manage to get hold of a number and name will use it to extort money from unsuspecting family members (usually senior citizens). The caller would usually say that a certain family member is involved in an accident and is hospitalised, or that certain family member is arrested (like in this case) Knowing that unsuspecting family members, especially the older ones (parents, grandparents) will panic upon hearing that, these people will then proceed to lead those senior citizens into parting with their money to save their child.

The moral of today's story is, always inform your family and friends of your whereabouts. Always reply and answer your phone. Let your family members know your friends (in the event of an emergency, they know whom to contact).

As calm as I am, I have to say I had a moment of panic when I answered that call. I was worried when I heard he got arrested. Thought ran through my head as to what he was arrested for. I had to remain calm and poker faced throughout just so senior derpette wouldn't panic and pass out. Why and how did i know that the call was a scam? Well, firstly, I would have to say, that man is really quite an actor. He could have been a dubbing expert. He sounded really professional. There weren't any uhmm...hmmm throughout his call. His first giveaway was when he mentioned narcotics. What in the world would senior derpette's son have involved himself with drugs? Doesn't even make sense. The caller was trying to make it sound serious by mentioning something bombastic. Well, if someone was involved with drugs, cops would have shown up at the doorstep and not call the parents. What do you think this is? School? Call the parents up? The second giveaway was the mention of high court. I might not be an expert in this but it should start of with the lower level courts. and as the case proceeds (namely appeal), only will it go to the high court.

Hope no one falls for this kind of scam. Please be alert. And most importantly, keep your family and friends in the loop. Let them know of your whereabouts. And always answer the phone. There's a purpose for mobile phones. Not just to go on facebook, twitter, instagram,etc. It is mobile for a reason. So that you can be reached when you are out and about. Just because you don't care and worry about others doesn't imply that others don't worry and care about you.

Wednesday, December 04, 2013

Sore Throat

Have been suffering from horrible sore throat for close to a week. It's not showing any signs of subsiding. All thanks to the sudden horrible ear itch. Sigh.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Chest Pain

What does chest pain on the right side signify? I have been having chest pain on the right side for the entire day. Tried to make it go away by swinging my arms in circles. But it is really persistent. Can some doctors kindly enlighten me?

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Things To Do While In The Car

Things to do while in the car. For example, sing. Following is an actual event.

While riding in the car. The Chicken Rice Shop song started playing on the radio.

Derpina 1: sings along.

Derpina 2: shot Derpina 1 the look ( why are you singing along?) Spastic.

Derpina 2: They no longer play the Ayamas song. (Starts singing the Ayamas tune.) 

Derpina 1: Who's more spastic?

Saturday, November 23, 2013


Some things which I thought would never happen, actually happened. Actual conversations that took place.

At the fitting room. (In two different cubicles. Not ok with the notion of being watched while changing)

Derpina 1: Are you done?

Derpina 2: Not yet. Can't get into the outfit.

Derpina 1: How is that even possible?

Derpina 2: Yea, I know right?

At the same fitting room.

Derpina 1: Did you fart?

Derpina 2: No.

After a couple of minutes...

Derpina 1: (Laughs) Did you fart?

Derpina 2: No.

Stepped out from fitting room after changing back into own clothes. Then a tubby woman stepped out from the third cubicle. The fart culprit.

At another fitting room

Derpina 1: Hurry up.

Derpina 2: (Opens fitting room door)

Derpina 1: Laughs

Derpina 2: I look like a maid.

Salesgirl: You need to put on more weight.

The sad truth of life. Being too thin for most things, but too fat for some (mostly cutting issue). By the way, the first scene is a shop for thicker people.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Tee Hee

18 November 2013. Bought a bag yesterday. Went out without an intention to get anything but ended up buying a bag. Pretty happy with the bag but having doubts about the colour. Wondering should I exchange it for another colour? A safer colour? I like that the colour is sharp but worried it doesn't go with my existing clothes. What should I do?

Wednesday, November 13, 2013


Thursday 14 November 2013: 3a.m. Awaken by gastric pain. Dig medicine out from bag. Found that medicine has expired. Of all times to expire, you chose to expire when I'm in pain. Went to the fridge to get Yakult that was bought especially for this purpose. Drank it, now awaiting for miracle to happen. Please make it stop.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

So What?

I just read a post by a rather famous blogger. That post had given me inspiration for this entry. Is our life solely ours? Or do we live our lives solely based on others expectation and norm? Let's start the story with a scenario. When you shop while on tour, do you (1) buy everything that comes into sight, (2) buy what others say you should get, or (3) buy what you really like? Many people would go with the first two options because , well hey, you're on vacation. You'll never come back every other day. If you don't get it now, you'll regret not getting it when your vacation ends. That's everyone's mentality. Which is kind of true to a certain extent. But does that mean it's the right choice? It's actually personal preference. I'm actually kinda ditsy at times, and will just do what others say I should. But when I'm determined, nothing can get in my way. I've been looking for a decent bag for a while now. And it seemed appropriate to get it overseas since i was going on holiday. Reason being it's definitely cheaper than getting it back home (or maybe not). Anyway, while on that trip, I was looking around for one. Nothing seemed to meet my fancy. The colour wasn't right. The size wasn't right. The design was not nice. The wanted model wasn't  available. It simply wasn't what I had in mind. Simply not the 'chosen one'. But people just couldn't agree with me. Everyone was thinking I was stingy or that I just simply couldn't afford what I had in mind. I couldn't care less what they say. It's my money and I'll spend it how I want to. So while having our meal on our last day, they asked me what have I bought for the trip (souvenirs not included). I said nothing. And there were those look (miser, show off but can't afford) and surprise exclamation (what do you mean nothing after all these walking around?). I won't buy something that I do not want simply because someone says I should get it. I have a lot of things that I have bought but not used simply because (1) when I want to wear them, I get asked "Why are you dressed in that?", "So Dressy?", "You look absurd in that" (Hello, you were the one who told me I should get it when I bought that.). And people always give you crappy opinions anyway. And you'll end up with crap that you don't like, but bought because of false opinions. One of the people in the group spent the remainder of the exchanged currency to buy a branded pen. I'd never understand the logic or significance with a thousand over dollar pen. I know it is prestige just like a designer bag. But to splurge on a stationery? Hey even cheap stationery never gets returned when "borrowed". And the main point is, does it never run out of ink?

Friday, November 08, 2013

Kids Nowadays

If a kid were to say something like this a decade ago, he or she would be scolded or whacked.

Wednesday, November 06, 2013


Stumbled upon this funny guy on YouTube yesterday. He's called NigaHiga. The first video that I watched was about lazy Halloween costumes. Then the recommended videos led to other older videos. There was one on people asking him to do a makeup tutorial. And he did his eye makeup using a marker pen. AIAs (Asians in America) have quite a great sense of humor. So different from the gossip mongers, good for nothing assholes here. 

Tuesday, November 05, 2013


We've never had a female dog. We don't know how female dog owners deal with them when they menstruate. Doubt people make a big fuss over it in the past. But things have changed. Nowadays, everything that humans have, their pets would have it too. Back to the main point of this post. Snappy started menstruating. Egad to her mummy. Since no one in the family had a female dog in the past, no one knows how or what to do with a menstruating dog. Anyway, Snappy's mummy got some doggy diaper. She managed to "fasten" it on to Snappy without her ripping it off. My first time seeing a dog in diaper. There's even a hole for the tail.

Monday, October 21, 2013


One day, a couple of days ago, I went shopping with my sister for her trench coat for her trip. We went to many shops but couldn't seem to find something practical for fall weather. Then we walked into one shop. We looked everywhere for a coat that she saw on the billboard but it was nowhere to be found. While at that, I saw a couple of pieces that I kind of like. After consulting her for her opinion on them, she encouraged me to try them on. So I picked a few out and head towards the fitting room queue. The queue was so long. It was as though there was a prize to claim for entering the fitting room. She wandered off while I was waiting in line. After waiting for several moons, I finally got into the fitting room. I put on one of the dresses and reached for the zipper. The zipper only managed to reach the mid back. I have a dress from the same brand at home that is of the same size as the first dress I tried, but it is too loose. That is why I picked that size. Not because I'm "fatter". Put on a same dress in a different colour and size and to my surprise it fit. At that moment, my sister called, so I asked her to come into the fitting room.

Sister: This is nice, you should get it.

Me: But all my clothes are blue.

Sister: I was about to say that.

Me: ....

Sister: Screw it. Just get it.

Just to note, it's purely coincidental that my clothes are blue.

Friday, October 18, 2013


My phone is dying. Apps keep shutting down before they could even open. T.T  Anyone kind enough to sponsor a new phone? So sad.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013


While shopping yesterday, we walked into "I" departmental store. I didn't intend to buy anything from there but ended up buying a luggage. As we were leaving the departmental store, companion detoured and walked towards a cosmetic counter. The salesgirl immediately attended to us. After a short enquiry about the packaged products, the salesgirl told us that the promotion is a Christmas promotion. A thought came to mind. What month is it now? It's Christmas already? Christmas in October ? Did Christmas come early this year? It gets earlier every year. 

Friday, October 11, 2013

Thursday, October 10, 2013


A few simple words that is touching yet sad.

Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Skin Tone

Yesterday, before we headed out for dinner, my aunt said something shocking to me. She told me my neck is fairer than my face. T.T  My skin tone has always been an issue with those around me. I'm several tones fairer than the norm. My sister said that I'm like part of the Twilight cast. It's become an issue ever since I started using cosmetics. By cosmetics I mean concealer only to cover up my dark circles. If it weren't for the dark circles I wouldn't even apply "makeup". Such a hassle. Even the promoter at the makeup counter recommend that I use the lightest tone because I'm too fair. I doubt their recommendation sometimes. That's because I think the tone that they recommend makes my face even whiter than it already is. Don't need to look like Chinese opera performer or geisha. Fortunately, I don't apply full makeup ( truth being I don't know how). Sigh. How to solve this different skin tone issue?

Saturday, October 05, 2013

Tuesday, October 01, 2013


Meet "Snappy" (not real name. Nicknamed her Snappy without her mother's knowledge because she always bites like an alligator). One of the lucky shots that was taken when she wasn't so against "cameras". Not taken by me.
"Snappy" drinking after a long day at puppy kindergarten. The only photo that I managed to snap without her fidgeting and avoiding the camera.
Being bathed to remove other pooches' saliva.
That's the doggy kindergarten / daycare. Those kindy mates weren't very friendly. Especially that beagle. Barked non stop.

Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm deeply sadden and upset. It's hard to belief and accept that things have come to such outcome. It's sad to know that our friendship carries such little value. Although this isn't the first time this has happened, but the outcome of this time is truly disheartening. Never did I expect this person will do such a thing. Never has it cross my mind that our friendship is disposable. I'll be happy for you that you've found happiness. I'm just sad that you see our friendship as an obstacle to your happiness.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rambling 2

For the past few months, more and more of the people I know became parents . It seems that all people do these days is just making babies. It is as though sex has become the sole priority for living. Have we evolve back to the time where making babies is the only activity, much like our ancestors time? Anyway, I just read a touching post written by a good husband ( probably the last good man alive). It wasn't only his good flair of writing, but also through his post you can tell the depth of his love towards his wife. He dedicated his child's name to his wife. Simply put, his child carries his wife's last name. It's always bewildering that bitches get the greatest catch. For a girl whose every fibre is bitchy, she somehow managed to land herself a good guy. It certainly doesn't pay to be good. Being good gets you no where. You end up being surrounded by assholes and subject to constant bullying. Not to mention always being the scapegoat and people treat you like a pushover. The is no fairness in life. Only the evil will prosper. EVIL is LIVE read backwards. Now it makes sense.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harassment 11

Got a call at around 9pm from 0199122966 on the 16 September 2013. The call went unanswered. The next day, 0199122966 called again at around 10am.What does this harasser not get? What does he want from me? When will he be thrown into jail?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Challenge Accepted : Tell

There's a meme that say " If you want men to know something, tell them". Ok. Challenge accepted.

                                                            Here goes.     Some of the things that I want.                 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Man dies after being raped by his wives

The weirdest news that I've read. At least he died happy. Lol.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Stop It

I have been getting a lot of calls from unknown numbers. After being harassed by 0199122966, I've resorted to ignoring these calls. But they just won't give up. They keep calling me repetitively. Telcos seem to not understand the meaning of "BLOCK". Blocking the number on the phone does not work. What is the purpose of blocking numbers when their calls still get through? Can lawyers out there enlighten me? Is there a law ( apart from injunction) that can be used to stop these kind of harassment? It's really annoying. The harassers just call day and night, as and when they please. Where's the customer's right? What do the telcos mean by they can't stop ( block) these harassers' number from calling us? What are you talking about? Is harassment legalised? In situations like these, if no action can be taken against the harassers, can telcos be penalised for not taking action against stopping such harassing calls? If action can be taken against cyber bullying, why can't there be anything done for phone " bullying"?

What kind of number is this? 

Saturday, September 07, 2013


Just a while ago, I flipped over my king sized mattress all by myself. (* proud of self.) boy was that mattress heavy. It wasn't easy flipping that thing over. Had to be creative to make up for my lack of strength and size. It was like a slow motion table flip. With all my strength, I lift the mattress and flip it over like a pro. The effects of flipping the mattress, is that I think I hurt my hand muscle. It starting to hurt.

Friday, September 06, 2013


Someone posted a creative washroom sign. Instead of the usual male and female depiction, it uses two animals. namely, a cat ( to represent female @ pussy) and a rooster ( to represent male @ cock). Personally, it isn't a wise thing to do. Not everyone gets the humour. Most importantly, not everyone knows or refers to the female genital as pussy and the male genital as cock. But I thought that it's quite interesting that someone out there enjoys being different.  So I reposted that photo and some of my friends commented. One of the comments was, " what if I'm born in the year of the rooster? Which one should I choose?" Didn't know that people enter the washroom based on their Chinese zodiac. If that is the case, then there would need to be 12 washrooms for the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and no gender segregation. I responded " go with the rooster then". It's not such a big deal if you entered the wrong washroom. Your main intention is just to answer nature's call. It's not like you're going to be a permanent resident in there. Sheesh.

This reminds me, there was a place which I went to that uses alphabets as washroom sign. M for male and F for female. Duh. Stating the obvious. Anyway, the following is an actual conversation that took place. 

Cousin: * noting the different washroom sigh ( a.k.a M & F) people will be mistaken with the sign (referring to non English affluent people). What other meaning can these alphabets mean? 

Me: Mother, Father. Cousin: that's totally the opposite of the signage.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013


27 August 2013, 11pm. A snake appeared on the front door. I was curled up under my blanket in the living room, suffering from extreme stomach ache while holding back the urge to throw up. Then my mum shriek from behind saying there's a snake on the front door. The snake was moving towards the opened windows. I dashed out of my cocoon and grabbed the insecticide and sprayed at the windows, at the same time closing them. The snake then slithered back towards the front door. I sprayed through the door gap to prevent the snake from getting in. Mum was frantically searching for the fire brigade number. She managed to get through. The snake slithered downwards towards the ground. It was so fast. Panicked, my mum called our neighbours, asking for help, as we were all locked in the house. Even the gates were locked. She needed someone to help us unlock the gates to let the firemen in. So my neighbours suggested we go upstairs and throw the house keys down to them. Some time later, the firemen arrived. But the snake was no where to be found. They then asked us to hand them the car keys as they suspect the snake has slithered under or into the car. We handed them the car keys as well as two ( last two) cans of insecticide. The opened the car bonnet but the snake wasn't there. The then use flashlights to search under the car. They kept spraying insecticide at the car to lure the snake out. One of our neighbours also came in to help locate the snake. It was playing hide and seek with them. They even started the engine but it was still evasive. We heard them say they see it under the car but it was moving very fast. After some commotion, the managed to capture the snake. The fireman said it's a baby python and asked for a plastic bag to place the snake into. We handed them a plastic bag and the bundled the snake up. Then they left. Fortunately, they still turn up at such ungodly hour. Thank god.

Suspect Food Poisoning

I am currently having the worse stomach ache. I have been to the washroom thrice in an hour. And I feel like throwing up. Worse time to have food poisoning.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Saturday, August 24, 2013

What Men Want

Came across this photo which describes the types of men and the women that they desire. In today's society, this no longer holds. All men wants the first type (cigarettes). 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Things That Grind People's Gears

Every living being can relate to this. Senseless commentary from people. When you're in your teens, you're discouraged from being in relationships. Especially more so if you're Chinese. As you approach 20s, everyone will start asking whether or not you're in a relationship. When you're approaching your mid 20s, people will ask when you're getting married. After you get married, people will start asking when you'll have kids. After having a baby, people will ask when will you be having subsequent ones. It really makes you want to tell them off. Mind your own business. Would you like it if you were asked when's your turn when meet at funerals? When it happens, it happens. Life is not scripted. It does not follow a curriculum syllabus. It does not state that you have to have a partner when you're 18, be married at 25, have a baby at 26. Each person's life is different. If you have nothing intelligent to say to break the ice or just have to say something that betrays your common sense just to satisfy your nosy behaviour, then it's best to just remain quiet. Someone posted a "comic" on this as well. Guess there are abundant of people without common sense around.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Songs With A Message

Started listening to Adele thanks to Triumph In The Skies 2.

Chasing Pavements - Adele

It is as though it is telling me something.

Make You Feel My Love - Adele

Don't get how this is a romantic song. It sounds really sad to me. Maybe romantic isn't the right word to use here. Love song? Nope. Not very lovey either. Sad song to cry to, more like it.

Harassment 10

This morning 16 August 2013, the fucker called again. Why can't the telco suspend his number?

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Harassment 9

14 June 2013: After his confinement period, the jackass is back in action. The pussy strikes again.