Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scammer Going Overboard

Scammers are really incorrigible. Even after being exposed on the news, they are still going strong. Their modes operandi has already been exposed yet they are still using the same old tactics. Instead of laying low after the recent arrest of a group of scammers, they are still aggressive in harassing their "victims". These bunch who claim to be appointed official debt collectors for Am Bank and Bank Negara have been really diligent in "debt collecting" for non existent debts. They are brazen to the extent of threatening that their victims are blacklisted by Bank Negara. Rain or shine, these scammers have been harassing their victims with numerous continuous calls and SMS on a daily basis. Their victims are mainly elderly people. Knowing that their victims no longer buy their crap, they resort to using different numbers and diligently contacting victims with nonsensical SMS. The hot numbers are: 019-4588235, 07-7273636, 019-4418235, 016-4791202, 6011-29248327, 03-51023600, 012-3748757, 03-51023600, 012-3748757, 03-51023600 (some guy claiming to be called Naza), 012-6914757, 012-6849757, 011-29248327, 012-6849757 and etc.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Le sigh. Burnt my tongue during dinner on Friday. Hurts badly. I was eating black rice ( literally it's just black cause there weren't any trace of yam in it) and it was really dry. I scoop a spoonful of soup into my mouth. Big mistake. Instantly my tongue was in pain. The soup literally scald my tongue. I couldn't swallow to soup because it was lava hot, so reflex action was to "spill" it out. I didn't use spit because it sounds disgusting. Damage already happened. Tongue already scald. Couldn't even drink without feeling pain. Sigh. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Blood (Finale)

All things must come to an end. So Blood has ended on 5 May 2015. The ending was pretty confusing though. It was a pretty sad ending with almost all the characters being killed except for the human doctor Yoo Rita. The good vampire doctor Park Jisang sacrificing himself to finalise the research for a cure to VBT-01. It would have been a realistic ending if they have left it at that, but perhaps they were worried about the viewers being dissatisfied that the male lead dies. Therefore, they added the part where Rita travels to Kochenia to fulfil a promise that both herself and Jisang made, (that is to visit a patient whom Jisang saved), to pass her a doll, when they get rid of the evil director. I didn't get why the vampires in Kochenia attacked Rita.They could have just attacked anyone. But then again, if that didn't happen, then the hero wouldn't be able to make a dramatic comeback and save a damsel in distress. My guess is that Park Jisang didn't die because according to Jeong Jitae, his (Jisang) blood is what keeps him alive and not his heart. 
           *google-d image

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Glass Bottom

Found a funny compilation of photos and meme regarding a glass bottom plane. Chuckle.