Tuesday, April 24, 2012


It was just another ordinary day at the office. Everyone was plonking away on the keyboard. Suddenly the bell rang. For a moment it felt like the school bell had just rang. Ah....the most anticipated moments during school (Lunch break and dismiss). Haven't heard that in a while. Made me miss school. Then the ringing brought back my senses. It didn't stop after a few minutes. It kept ringing. Everyone got really excited and started behaving like kids. Is it time to leave? What's happening? Is it false alarm? Has the alarm gone bonkers again? The noise from everyone's chatter drown the ringing. But the ringing didn't stop. All the managers were perplexed. They didn't know what to do. They should have been well equipped but they seem to be as clueless as a new hire. Then everyone got up from their workstations, locked the drawers and headed for the stairs. And wonder which genius decided to lock the entrance to the stairs. Very bright indeed. there were 400+ people moving aimlessly around the floor looking for the nearest exit stairway. This is when you truly see manners. Regardless of age, they just jump queue and behaving like baboons.

We then began walking down the stairs. Like slow loris making its way down the endless steps. Pausing every few seconds because the donkeys in front decided to halt. Holding the line up. During every pause, you'll see different antics. Some started taking photos with their phones. Some shooting videos. Some opened up their TP and started typing .I wonder if they are that dedicated when seated at their workstation. Probably just updating FB status. "Look I'm walking down the stairs". It was the longest march down the never ending uneven steps. Try walking down 16 flights of stairs in high heels and you'll know what I mean. It was really stuffy and hot. Did I mention I was in long sleeves? I could feel sweat rolling down my back. Then my face started to feel wet. By the time we were halfway down the stairs, I was already sweating profusely. The anal thing is I didn't bring anything with me. No handbag, no cash, no IC. No tissue.Nothing except my wonky phone. Very bright. It it were a real fire, I would be stateless because I don't have ID to prove my nationality. It took almost an hour to reach concourse. If it were a real fire we would have been ash (similar to the Twin Tower victims of 911).

When we finally reach, and walked through the door, it was instant relief. I could feel slight breeze. Probably being confined in the stuffy and hot stairway for too long makes anything bearable. While exiting the building, it felt strange. The reception that is usually on my right is now on my left. Oh wait, we are exiting through another side of the building (another company's entrance). When I was approaching the glass door, I had a feeling we were like heroes that managed to circled the earth and re-entered. There was this girl, standing by the wall capturing the epic moment of our march out with her phone. The world is full of strange people. I wonder why the security guards didn't user her out to a "safer" place?

When I stepped out of the building, there were firemen standing at the entrance. But there was no fire in sight. Not even a tiny baby snake or runaway crocodile. When I look up, there were a sea of people standing on the opposite side of the road. Some were holding up placards with the company name and floor on it. It was sizzling when I stepped into the sun. Making my way through the crowd aimlessly ( I didn't know where to go) I feel every pore of my skin open. I was drenched in sweat. I have not had this feeling since my band days. I hate to sweat. Especially when you don't have tissue or towels to dry up and dry clothes to change in to. In short I just hate sweating. Makes me feel icky and uneasy. And I tend to be temperamental when I sweat. Like a sheep, I just wandered with the flock to the end of the road. Really tiring. From walking down 16 storeys and towards the end of the road, it's like running 1500km during school days.  There I have to look for the person holding the name list. I walked up to a person I see holding a list and having people swarm around that person. Then a person said "You do not belong to this team. Go find your team". SWEAT. Just write my name down on that freaking piece of paper. Anal. Then I saw another guy with a list. I walked up to him. He recognised me and started searching for my name. Then he said it's not in his list and told me to go to another person. When I walked up to the other girl, I just flashed my ID at her. She looked through her list but was unable to locate my name. But she just wrote it down. That's bright. Better than the other 2. After she wrote my name I quickly walked towards shelter. Stood there for about 5-10 minutes. Then everyone started walking back.

Speechless. Seriously. Too exhausted. It was a long wait to re-enter the building. And even longer wait to board the elevator. I had blisters on both feet and when I reached the office I could hardly walk anymore. My legs were going weak and were trembling. Not to mention the pain from the blisters. I kicked off my shoes the minute I sat down and rummage through my bag for plaster to cover the blister. But it is no longer of any use. The blisters were already flatten and my feet were already aching. If I had known that there was a fire drill today, I would have opted to work from home. But then again, the witch would forbade me from doing so.

Friday, April 20, 2012


Had been working like a mule for the past couple of months and was forbidden to take day off by the prejudiced wicked witch. Finally, my body couldn't take all the torture anymore. I was not feeling well for the past few days but persisted and went to work as usual. I was feeling so sick yesterday that I wanted to puke on several occasions but held it in. When we went for lunch, I can hardly swallow but forced the food in anyway. And to have such considerate "lunch people". Went for Japanese food (which is the last thing a nauseous person needs).

Today, my body showed me how badly it has been abused. I felt nauseous  the moment my eyes opened. My head hurts from the fever from the previous day. Hence I called in sick for work. I text the witch informing her that I feeling under the wind and am heading to the doctor's.  The witch replied "Do you have MC? Inform me when you have MC". The wait at the clinic felt like an eternity. I was nauseous throughout the wait. At several occasions I almost puked on the floor.  When the consultation was over, I text the witch to inform her that I am ON MC for the day. I hardly ate for the past few weeks and have lost so much weight. Wonder why I'm still allowing the abuse to persist? Is it even worthwhile?

A moment ago, I saw a post by a friend that reads "Our prime purpose in this life is to help others. And if you can't help them, at least don't hurt them ~ Dalai Lama"

And I would like to add "Karma"

A couple of days ago, a colleague told me something that I found rather amusing. She said there is something between her and her god, the moment she does something bad, it's instant karma. She added, just the night before, her sister said something and she gave her sister a sarcastic remark. The minute she finished uttering that, she bit herself. She says that's instant karma. Jokingly I asked her which god does she pray to? Perhaps we could introduce that to our foe. We had such a great laugh.

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Is It Time?

Everyone has been telling me to throw in the towel. But I don't know why I'm being stubborn. Perhaps I do not want to lead a life that is being dictated by others. Or perhaps it's plain stupidity. Being threatened daily and treated lower than dirt, and it's not like I'm getting a big fat paycheque at the end of the month. Wonder if all my sacrifice is even worthwhile. Clock in sharp, leaving when the whole office is empty,lugging trees back to continue working through the wee hours even when I leave office at 11pm, and getting up and ready for the next battle by 7am. Being the subject of bitching of mother dog and her even bigger mother dog(the boss) as well as her mongrel colony. Forbidden to take leave (wonder if labour law protects employees from such treatment).

Today, mother dog and her mother did it again. IT's nothing new but what saddens me most is that the person that I thought was my friend and "preceptor" joined in the fiasco. The story is: There was an enquiry from another party demanding to know who requested for the thing to be done in that way. And this item that the party was referring to dated way back before I even joined the firm. After replying to that mail, mother dog came over with a bunch of keys and instructed me to retrive the backdated document from the archived documents in the cabinet. Being really tied up I was reluctant to do it. Then the mother of mother dog pinged me. Don't know what possessed me at that moment, I asked her whether is it necessary for me to retrieve the document since I'm really tied up. Knowing that the mother of mother dog will support with all four paws up with what bitch says, I don't know why I even bother asking (must be the doing of ghost). The big mother dog then stormed over to my place and lectured me and told me to run off to get what bitch instructed me to retrieve. Reluctantly I went to the filing cabinet knowing that both of them are doing it intentionally so that they can bitch about me to the bigger boss and make fun of my stupidity. When I returned they were laughing with all paws in the air. And guess who joined in? Someone I look up to ( because he's knowledgeable and helpful). He was a real jerk today. Not because he joined in the insult but what he said to the mother of mother dog. He said that one of the drive for him to resign is me. Fucker. If you want to resign just resign. Why blame me?

Just when you think that all this crap would end when you reach home, guess again. I was told an upsetting news. When it rains, it pours. But why does it always rain on me?