Tuesday, February 07, 2017

City-Link (M) The Taichi Master

Continuation from the missing parcel saga. After rounds of calls and emails with Mail Box Etc, My case was directed towards City-Link Express the courier company that was in charge of the delivery. In the midst of enquiry regarding my missing parcel, someone emailed me with a bodyless email with an attachment which is the delivery slip containing our sender and receiver address as well as the "recipient". Which literally says they have delivered the parcel ( but to the wrong person) so they do not owe us anything. Then we called City-Link Express to inform them that we did not receive anything and that no one in this house is called Ching Angie. What we got in return was rude screams in response that the parcel has been delivered and it is no longer any of their business. So go fuck yourself if you didn't receive your parcel. So I followed up by replying their email from a girl called Sabrina ( the bodyless email ace) and asked her as a matter of factly to kindly point out to me which part of the name Ching Angie matches that of Lxx Lxx Lxx. To that which I receive no reply. However, they did call up and yell at us stating that they have delivered the invisible parcel. And threaten us that they will send the driver cum delivery man to identify the receiver. So we told them, send that driver over. Let us all please give City-Link Express a standing ovation for their impeccable customer service and setting a new threshold for shitty service cum rude customer service, and the birth of the new Taichi master. Till this minute City-Link Express has yet to reply my email with an explanation and apology for misplacing our parcel. Should I lodge a police report for this? 

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