Thursday, December 18, 2014


18 December 2014. There is a Chinese belief that if there is a "kip" (misfortune or unfortunate happening), it is unavoidable. However, certain measures could be taken to lessen the severity of the misfortune. If it is going to happen, it will happen. First case. Today, we went to a furniture shop. While we moving around the shop, we heard noise coming from the ceiling. The shop assistant assure us that it is just renovation works going on upstairs. Everything is fine and the ceiling won't collapse on us. We then moved to another spot. We were talking to the shop assistant when suddenly the ceiling came crashing down. It was inches away from us, narrowly missing us. We were shocked. Everyone in the shop came running towards us when the heard the loud crash. They stared at the debris of the fallen ceiling and then at us in shock. We escaped unscathed. They then say that we are very lucky. We turned to look and saw hanging from what previously was the ceiling, some renovation equipment hanging from its cord, and light bulbs and ceiling scattered on the floor. It was fortunate the equipment didn't land on our heads. Otherwise I wouldn't be able to relate the story now. Case two. Just a short while ago, the old man and me were watching tv. He was standing behind the sofa where I was sitting. Suddenly, he lost his balance and went crashing into the furniture and wall a few feet behind. He crashed so badly that he broke the furniture and the table fan toppled and fell off the cabinet and was hanging by the cord while he was pinned between the cabinet and the wall. He was bleeding profusely on the arm. I ran to his aid to pick him up but he was already injured. It happened so fast that there was no time to react. He frightened us. Even the neighbours ran out upon hearing the loud crash. He dosed off while standing again. After the incident, mum mumbled to me. She said the "kip" is unavoidable. The ceiling might have missed him earlier today but he still has to end up injured somehow. Come to think of it, it is quite true. Why else would two such events happen in a day? It is not mere coincidence. I told her, it is better to be injured this way rather than having the ceiling with equipment land on our heads. Some things are just inevitable. 

Sunday, December 07, 2014

Road Bully 2

There seems to be a new trend lately. Road bully trend. Recently an uncle was beaten with a helmet by an illegal parking attendant for refusing to pay for parking at Penang hill. Today, there is another road bully trying to imitate the steering lock road bully. Again this took place in Air Itam, a tourist spot. Air Itam is an extremely congested area, with almost no parking place and really narrow roads. It is even more congested in the morning, during marketing hours as stalls will be set up along both sides of the very narrow single road. Finding a parking spot during this time is almost impossible and if you're lucky, you might be able to squeeze into a really tight spot provided you have really good parking skills. So the old folks went to the Air Itam market this morning. Having no where to park, one person has to stay in the car, so that if any vehicle needs to move, the car can make way. So mum ran off to buy some stuff and left a blurry vision dad in the car. Not too long after that, someone started hitting the car mirror. Blurry vision dad turned to look but didn't see anything. Then mum got back. This girl between twenties and thirties, dressed like a gangster mistress was screaming and shouting saying " You won't even know why you are beaten". Not knowing what happened, mum got in the car and drove away. When she got home, she asked dad what happened. Dad said he doesn't know. He must have dozed off while waiting in the car. The crazy woman must have been pissed at him for not responding to her harassment. So she must be the one hitting the car screen/window. That crazy woman must have in her unsound state of mind  thought the Penang government bestowed her that parking bay or the entire Air Itam road. Anyway, She could have nicely approached them to asked them to remove the car from her parking spot or to make way for her hearse. Or just find another parking spot. Since when have Penangites become so uncivilised? Shame on you road bully. 

Monday, December 01, 2014

Disastrous Meal

It is really important to hire chefs that know how to cook if you open a restaurant. Had a really horrible meal at Dragon-I. Ordered a crispy skin duck, sliced/pinch noodle and crispy noodle. Well, what turn up on the table far varied from the photos in the menu. 
 The duck's skin was not crispy. The meat was dry. In fact it was hard. Overnight meals don't even taste this bad. The duck was not only dry it was burnt as a result of being deep fried. This is not how Peking duck or roast duck is made. 

 The sliced/pinched noodle was hard. Was the dough left in the freezer? Or is this reheated microwave meal?

 This didn't taste that bad but the seafood was not fresh. The crabsticks were sour. The seafood (squid and prawns) had a strong fishy taste. Overall, the only thing that didn't suck were the drinks that's cause they were Coke. Seriously it was a meal prepared by master chef from hell.

Thursday, November 27, 2014

Road Bully

Had an encounter with a road bully just now. We weren't aware that one of the street that we usually used had recently been changed into a one way street. Enroute to our destination, we turned into this street beside G Tower ( not sure what it's new name is cause it keeps changing), not knowing that it is now one way until we reached the end. So, we were forced to turn right back into Gurney Drive. Just then this white BMW accelerated as we were driving into the main road. The donkey behind the wheel of the white BMW started honking like those bridal entourage. We quickly drove away. He chased after us whilst continuing honking. He was centimetres from hitting us. It is not as though he didn't see our car turning into the main road. In fact, when he saw us, he purposely accelerate so that he can overtake us. Just because his car is a BMW. When we were on the gurney drive road, he deliberately overtook us as a form of revenge. He then drove like a Sakai forbidding us from passing his car. Then made an emergency stop at the road side. When our car passed his car, he hit his horn hard as a form of warning that he will take revenge. Too bad I didn't take a photo/ video of this middle aged man of a road bully. If I did, I would have lodged a police report on this road bully. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


While watching tv, can't remember which show, someone was wearing specs. Suddenly.....          

Mum: You should wear specs.                                                                                                        

Me: Why?                                                                                                                                        

Mum: It makes your eyes look bigger.                                                                                                

Me: (stares at her)                                                                                                                          

Mum: You look good in specs. ( practical nonsense)                                                                          

Why are my parents like that? T.T

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Naeil's Cantabile

Recently, there's a new show that caught my attention. It brought back a lot of memories from my band days. It's an adaptation of a Japanese manga/anime (don't know which came first. Too lazy to research) called Nodame Cantabile. There was a Japanese drama based on this too. Apparently, it left a big impact on the fans. Since Naeil's Cantabile started airing on tv, viewers have been comparing Naeil's  Cantabile (Korean) with Nodame Cantabile (Japanese) and complained that the Korean version sucks because the show did not closely follow every detail of the Japanese version and that it used a modern song as the ending song ( which in their opinion is a big no- no for a show based on classical music). That arose after only two episodes. Seriously, if the entire show were to play classical music only, it would be really boring. It will put you to sleep.

Truthfully, the show is quite funny since everyone knows that Korean dramas are mostly tear jerking, with crying scenes in almost every series. Besides, there is no need for more sadness in our daily lives as life is a bitch already. I hope it stays funny till the end, as it's currently still airing, so I don't know how it ends.  Comedy is my favourite genre.

Naeil's Cantabile storyline reminds me a little of Beethoven Virus. It's about a bunch of outcast trying to fulfil their music dream, and being shunned. There were viewers that complain that Naeil's Cantabile did not mimic the Japanese version and that the classical songs from the Japanese version is way better than the Korean version. Frankly, if the show is to follow every intricate detail of the Japanese version, it would be pointless to shoot the Korean version. Might as well just dub the Japanese version into Korean. Better still just re-watch the Japanese version. It is called adaptation for a reason. It is taking a story and adding local features/details/flavour to suit the target market. It's localisation. Even McDonald's have localisation in different countries ( for instance pork burgers are sold in certain Asian countries).                      

I took the liberty of looking up the meaning of Localisation from the dictionary to make this opinion seem more credible, as well as to show that some effort has been put in to writing this. And also to prevent verbal lashing (if anyone actually happens to read this and leave nasty comments) that the writer doesn't know the meaning of the word.

The meaning of localisation taken from  (l10n) Adapting a product to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market "locale". 
Localisation includes the translation of the user interface, on-line help and documentation, and ensuring the images and concepts are culturally appropriate and sensitive. There may be subtle cross-cultural considerations, e.g. do the icons make sense in other parts of the world?                       

I didn't watch the Japanese version so I can't really compare. I don't see the need to compare as they are two different shows.  It is understandable that hardcore fans find Naeil's Cantabile falling short of their expectation as the predecessor (Nodame Cantabile) left a strong impact on them. Many a time we tend to compare the successor with it's predecessor and forget to enjoy the latter as we are too engross in comparing them. And as for bad acting, there are dramas with far worse bad acting. Watch Blade Man and you'll know what bad acting is(especially the main actress. Her acting sucks big time).                  

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

My Favourite Kind

My favourite kind of men is ramen. Lol. Good one. Never thought of that.

Saturday, October 18, 2014

Nasi Tangas

Goodness gracious it's real. There's this trailer on TV about a movie called Nasi Tangas. It's about the nasi kangkang ritual. So the whole myth is real. Dear lord. Looks like a horror movie though. Creepy and yucky(the gross parts).

Saturday, October 11, 2014

Baby Photos

Received a message from my sister asking me to send her photos of herself when she was a baby.

Sister: Send me my baby photo. The cute one of me sitting on the sofa and another one of me with my belly showing.

Me: Why? Ok.

The photos used to be somewhere accessible.But I couldn't seem to find them there anymore.

I did however find a photo of our cousin. Hence, I decided to prank her by sending her that photo.

Me: (Snaps photo with phone and sends it)

Sister: That's (Cousin's Name). You think I wouldn't recognise myself?

Me: Laughs

Sister: Quick send me my photos.

Me: Wait. Can't find them. (Proceeds to dig out photo albums.)

Found the photo of her sitting on the sofa. Bald. Lol

Me:( Removes photo from album to snap and send) There you go.

Sister: So Cute (self praises her baby photo)

Proceeded to send her other photos.

Me: (Sends photos of both of us and another of myself) This is cuter (referring to my photo)

Sister: Ish. Where's the photo with my belly showing?

Me: Wait. Can't find.

After looking through many albums of unrelated photos,finally found the photo and sent it over.

Sister: Oh, I was so cute.

Monday, October 06, 2014

Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stupid Insect

Just a moment ago, something really idiotic happened. I was sitting on the sofa watching tv. Out of a sudden, there was buzzing in my left ear. A stupid insect flew into my ear and refused to leave. I panicked and shrieked. I tried to catch the stupid insect with my finger, but it flew deeper into my ear canal and started buzzing. I run to get a hand phone and turned on the flash light. I aimed the light at my ear to attract the idiotic insect so that it would leave. But it didn't. No one came to my aid. Seriously fml. I kept shining the phone torch light at my ear. The buzzing didn't stop. Finally after a while of shining my ear with the phone flash light, the dumbass insect emerged. As though it is so attracted to my ear, it nuzzled in my hair. Finally mum came and swept the dumb thing off my hair. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Whatsapp Scam

Received a message via whatsapp from an unknown number. It's recruiting downline for an apparent real estate company. Too bad for the idiot that sent it to me because I don't read Chinese. Just wondering how the donkey got hold of my number. Maybe I need to lodge a police report for violation or something. The hassle because of idiots. Just rot in hell. Why doesn't the service provider/telco protect their customers? Maxis why do you allow this to happen ? Whatsapp why do you allow this to happen as well?

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hateful Person

Recently, a hateful person made a comeback. He has been a nuisance since the old bloke befriended him. This hateful person has been nothing but a trouble maker from the start. Don't know what made the old bloke attracted to him. Every time this hateful person appears, the family harmony is at stake. Everyone in the family would fight because of him. He knows his presence is not welcomed yet he still shows up almost daily, uninvited, staying for hours, disrupting everyone's life. He has gone missing for the past 5-6 years (what a relief). Recently, he made a comeback. And thanks to a certain friend, this nuisance started coming to our place again. So irritating.

Simply don't understand why he burdens us with his problems. We are in no way acquainted to him. If he needs any help, he should have turned to his family and not this old, ailing, "friend" of his. Taking advantage of the old bloke's sympathy. He told the old bloke that he has "cancer" (doesn't look sick to me) and that he is jobless. He turned down a over 4k salary job offer by a rich tycoon just to return here with his new family (like it matters to anyone). Upon hearing that, the old bloke felt sorry for him and invited him over. The biggest mistake ever. Now, he is just like the 7th month wandering soul. Keeps showing up at our place. Refusing to leave. We don't know what the old bloke promised him, probably offering to lend him money, but that's no way to take advantage of a sick, old, retired person's sympathy.

He is an adult, married with two kids. He should take responsibility of his own life and that of his family. Why is his financial problem ours? If he is that desperate for money, shouldn't finding a job be a main priority? Instead why come fetch the old bloke out almost every other day? Our woe is that this hateful person used the old bloke as a guarantor to get a loan from loan sharks.

We don't know what we can do to get rid of this ghost. If he is really sick, shouldn't he be seeking treatment at the hospital? None of us are doctors. We won't be able to heal him. Neither do we know witchcraft. He keeps calling the old bloke daily. Each time he calls, the old bloke will be evasive (afraid that we would tell him off). He kept pestering the old bloke to let him come over. Each time with lame excuses ; the other friend is coming over, I want to come too. I'm around your area, I'll just pop-in. The most disgusting thing is, he has the nerve to go upstairs to the second floor, where the bedrooms are. What does he really want? There is no valuable art for him to steal. Neither is there a safe full of diamonds for him to ransack. If he had any common sense, he should know that the old bloke is sick and that his immune system is low. Being a sick person himself (the hateful person), he shouldn't be near the people with weak immune system.

He pretends not to know that his presence is unwelcomed. Wonder what joy he gets for seeing people's family get into quarrels over him.

Thursday, September 04, 2014


Everybody needs one of this robot.

Monday, August 25, 2014

Phone Scam

Phone scams are really getting out of hand. Perpetrators are still using their same old tactics on unsuspecting victims. This happened again today ( 25 August,2014), around 4.50p.m. The perpetrator called for the first time 20 minutes earlier, asking for my derp. Derpina, thinking that it was some credit card pusher, said that he's busy and told the caller to call back later (mistake number one. Never tell the caller to call back. Just cut them off). The diligent perpetrator called back exactly 20 minutes later. He asked to speak to derp. Derpina passed the call to Derp. The perpetrator then proceeded with his plan. He told Derp that he is calling from AM Bank. He then elaborated that Derp has an outstanding housing loan of over hundreds of thousand with AM Bank. The reason for that call is to collect the outstanding debt. Derp then asked the caller, where is the house? The caller said that it's in PJ, some SS something(mumble). He quickly drift to another topic saying he is actually from a company called *something Kudrat Partners & Co in Butterworth ,assigned by AM Bank to be a debt collector. He doesn't have particulars of the location of the house. Some lady by the name Zainab gave him the list of names and numbers to contact. Derpina, was already fuming at the side snatched the receiver from Derp and started screwing the caller. The caller started defending himself and told Derpina that he is just doing his job. After a long period of cursing, the caller managed to calm Derpina down. Derpina told him that they are pensioners and don't have any business with AM Bank ( mistake number 2. Never give them any kind of details about yourself. The perpetrators can start plotting and extrapolate from there). She then asked him whether banks give out loans to pensioners. Derpina, being stupid, started telling the caller that they only have bank account with Tiger Bank. The caller was very quick. He said to her " then you better go to the National Bank to confirm since your name is already blacklisted". Derpina thought that the caller was being very helpful started apologising for swearing earlier. She then asked for his name and contact number. He told her his name is Johnson Kaur (don't know whether it's real) and his number is 3904003. He told her to contact AM Bank HQ at 03-20581907. So, Derpina thanked him and hung up. She wanted to dial the given number to conform with AM Bank. Derpina's daughter Derpette, stopped her. Derpette then looked up AM Bank's number from Google. It is a toll free number 1300 80 8888. Derpina called that toll free number and was directed to the customer service personnel, izham. She related the situation to the personnel and reiterated that they( she and her family) have never had any business with AM Bank. She asked the personnel to check. The personnel told her that since she doesn't have any account or business with the bank, she should just ignore the call. It is a scam. And they have received several calls on the same issue. It's appalling that even with Personal Data Protection Act 2010, customer particulars are still being misappropriated. Are controls lax in banks and telcos?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Toilet Exibition

Where should you go for the school holiday? How about a trip to the toilet? Sounds fun. (Poker face ) You even get to dress up as a piece of shit and slide down the giant toilet bowl. =.=|||

           People are getting weirder by the day. Never been happier to be shitheads.

Saturday, August 09, 2014


My stomach suddenly decided to become a scumbag today. For no apparent reason, I've been purging non stop. I just got out of the washroom, a few minutes later, i need to run to the washroom again. I've been in and out of the washroom so many times that my butthole hurts. (Too much details).

Friday, August 08, 2014


Blondes just have all the fun. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Double 2

In addition to the double ulcers on my throat, I now have two more add ons. They are like tears at the side of my mouth. Again on both sides. Hurts so badly each time I move my mouth. Worse when I eat. It becomes mother of all pain when come in contact with food. Applied oral medication to the "tear-like" areas but still not healed. Why didn't I get something better like strike lottery twice? Or have two husbands? Just kidding about the second part. But I do hope that I do strike lottery more than once. 

Monday, August 04, 2014


There is a saying that goes "good things come in pairs". Isn't it? Well, I suppose the same applies to bad things. There are two ginormous ulcers on both sides of my throat. Thank you ulcers for always appearing in my life. Thank you for being loyal. 

Sunday, July 27, 2014


I have not written about the tragedies of MH 370 and MH 17, namely because, it seems like an attention seeking act. It is also pretty pointless to repeat everything that is already reported in the news. It is also because, I'm no expert in aviation and forensic investigation. And writing a condolence message on a page that no one reads is rather silly and it screams attention whore. Reading about these tragedies is shocking and upsetting. No one person deserves to die in such manner. No individual has the right to determine the destiny or fate of another person. At times like these, it makes one wonder, why is god unfair? Is there even a god? Why didn't god do anything to stop these tragedies? Anyway, I was informed that a former schoolmate's husband is one of the victims in MH 17. Another schoolmate also lost her cousin in MH 17. As hippocratic as it may sound, after the whole description above, I can only say, deepest condolences to those two schoolmates.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bionic Woman

I can't belief it. My compact foundation case just broke. And I just opened a new kit. I'm frantically searching for a case to store my new compact foundation so that it doesn't dry up. Fml. Seriously, why do I have bionic hands? To be fair I was really gentle in handling the case. The case is just to flimsy. Why do you make such flimsy cases Laneige? Not to mention the puff made me spotty and it's just the first usage. This is not the first time I turned into a spotted smurf on the first application. Happened with the first kit as well. Had to buy replacement puff because the puff that came with the package ripped within several times of usage. I'm talking about light dabbing only. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lending Money

Recently, a famous blogger Timothy Tiah wrote an entry on whether to lend money. He mentioned something like weighing whether that person who is asking is a close friend or an acquaintance. But in some cases,you don't  have a choice. It is easier to turn down someone when it's through a phone call. However , how do you turn down someone when that person comes to your place to ask you to lend money and refuses to leave unless you give them money? That just happened to my dad. My dad loves to give out our home address. People treat our place like a hangout spot. They only come to my dad when they want something from him. Other than that, they couldn't give a flying f*** whether he's still alive. You don't see all these so call friends on other occasions. No one pays him a visit when he's in hospital. They only remember him when they are in trouble. Back to the story. This guy came to the house out of the blue and stayed for hours. Finally, he showed the main intention of his visit. He whispered to my dad asking for money. Without a second say, my dad wobbled to get money for him. I'm not against helping people in need. But it's just sickening that people take us for granted. Being nice does not get you anywhere.

Friday, July 04, 2014


Think I should get a lottery ticket today. Had a Midas moment. There were some lovely, red, fresh rambutans in the kitchen. I picked one from the bag, placed it on the chopping board and cut a slit on the skin. Peel the skin off and saw a worm wriggling on the flesh. Threw the fruit into the dustbin. Picked another fruit from the bag. Cut it open. Found several worms wriggling on the fruit. Threw it into the dustbin again. Just to note, the skin of the fruits show no sign of the fruits being rotten. In fact the fruits weren't rotten. They were in perfectly good condition but just with additional worms as toppings. I picked another rambutan from the bag. Cut it open to find a couple more worms wriggling on the otherwise really nice flesh. I'd actually cut a worm in half when cutting the skin. Threw the third one into the dustbin as well. When others pick a fruit from the bag and peel the skin, no worms were on the flesh. Sweat. Seriously, speechless. Just a Midas touch moment. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Last night, during the wee hours, I went to the washroom. As I am really used to walking around in the dark, I didn't turn on the hall lights, I just turned on my bedroom light. After I locked the toilet door and was answering nature's call, I heard a voice call my name. Thinking that it was mum, I didn't answer. I finished up and opened the door. No one was there. Only my bedroom door was opened. Not thinking much, I went back to bed. Today, I confirmed with mum on whether she "followed" me to the toilet and call out my name, she said no. What was that, that I heard? I really don't want to question nor know. 

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bad Decision

I was hungry around 10.30pm, so I decided to have some instant noodles. Ever since Mamee started making all their instant noodles "mi tarik", we stop buying them. We dislike the texture of the noodles that seems like it's uncooked even after being cooked for 15-20 minutes. My favorite pork flavoured Thai noodles is not available in supermarkets because it is pork flavour, and it is normally only available in the market. But due to not many people being aware of this awesome flavoured noodle, it is now a rare sight in the market as well. So back to my supper story. I'm sick of the chicken flavour noodles, so I thought of swapping the chicken flavour seasoning with Tom yam flavouring. Because I was really hungry, I decided to add an egg. It was a bad decision. First, when it came out of the microwave, it was too bland. All I could taste was the egg. Blegh. So added a bit more of the Tom yam flavouring to the noodles. Still it doesn't taste nice. So mum suggested that I add the chicken seasoning to the noodles. Boy did it taste weird. Not to mention too salty and sour. Really need to find new flavour of instant noodles . Will somebody please bring in the Thai pork flavoured noodle. Really sick of the usual curry, Tom yam , laksa , chicken, vegetarian , Korean, pepper, seafood, flavoured noodles. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I'm rather annoyed with iTunes. It is all because lappy was reformatted, and became blank as a sheet. Then somehow iTunes sort of changed. I tried to add some songs to the iPod but still couldn't manage to get anything into the iPod. Stupid. So I was randomly clicking around in iTunes. Trying to transfer the iPod's contents to iTunes so that I won't lose anything when I sync iTunes with the  iPod. Somehow it is an anal process. Regardless of what I did, nothing works. I'd even authorized the computer as per the iTunes description. Nothing works. So I tried signing in. Somehow my password didn't seem to work. So it prompt iTunes to direct me to the forgot password step. Due to the anal password requirement, was forced to come up with a password that is difficult to remember. Whoever came up with this requirement for password setting, fuck you. Because I was directed to this step, all my devices had to adopt this new password. Should have aborted the process. Sigh. I foresee myself forgetting this new password the next time I'm asked for it. Screw you iTunes. Not only the mission to get new songs into the iPod fail, now all my other device have to use this new password. Anal. Seriously pissed. Not user friendly at all. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Found Talent

*Ahem (Clears Throat)

Given a couple of years ago, I would have scorn at the idea of myself listening to Chinese music, let alone downloading them. But I guess time and age does change a person. Things that were once avoided, may be something that you embrace now. Touch wood.  But..but.. I have to clarify, I'm not Cina-fied.

I can't read a word of Chinese nor can I write Chinese. However, unbeknownst to others, I'm rather fluent in speaking.  I can actually converse pretty well, if you don't take into account the grammatical errors of proper Chinese. People are actually surprised when I reply them in Chinese. Many think that I don't understand and will gossip and bad mouth using Mandarin and other dialects.

Anyway, there are several songs that have been playing on tv repetitively and somehow sort of etch in my memory. So, without knowing the title and singer, I randomly googled them (using words that I hear repeated throughout the song - which is probably the title) in English and resorting to my lousy pinyin (not Chinese characters) when the search result doesn't meet my expectations. I managed to locate what I was searching for and downloaded them. Pats back. There is however one song that is merged together with another song. No other search results appeared apart from the one that I found. So I googled cut song and randomly select one. Viola. Managed to cut the song. *Proud of self.

Kids nowadays who happen to read this will mock me and laugh. Bitch please, we did this when we were 3.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


I don't know why I always encounter freaky things. I'm always the one that comes face to face with a cockroach or some giant ass bug or a big monitor lizard climbing the window or some weird stuff. Again this happened in the evening today. We were mixing the batter and in the process of poring the batter into the mould to be baked. It wasn't intentional, at that particular moment, I walked towards the living room and there it was. Scaling the wall. A giant centipede. I called out to my mum to come help catch it. She too was stunned by the size of the centipede. She panicked, picked up a slipper and smack it on the centipede. It wriggled from beneath the slipper towards the floor. With swift moves it ran towards hiding. Mum started screaming and told me to bring the insecticide. I brought a pair of tongs and the insecticide. I was spraying at the centipede when mum snatched the can of insecticide from me. She sprayed like almost half the can of insecticide at the running centipede. The swift centipede ran like Usain Bolt and tried to escape. It was really fast although it was injured by the slipper smack. It ran towards the crack between the floor and the wall. So there's where it came from. Mum chased after it and managed to defeat it. Killing it. Victory. It was about the length of a small ruler (a.k.a. 15 cm) and quite fat. Too bad I didn't have my phone with me. Sometimes it just feels like we're living in a rainforest. This reminds me of some post that I came across regarding a centipede that killed a snake by cutting through the snake's body while it was being swallowed. Creepy creature. Fortunately no one was injured while catching the centipede just now. Here's a photo of the centipede that killed the snake to make up for not having a photo of the giant centipede that "visited" us just now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gender and Race

After receiving several emails from Nuffnang, I decided to log in to have a look. I have not log in since I set up the account (that was many years ago). Assuming that I still remember the username and password, I log in. What appeared was Incorrect username and password. Tried again. Incorrect username and password. Never mind. Forget it. Then I saw the Forgot Password link, so I just clicked on that. Everyone knows what happens next. I managed to sign in to Nuffnang. I was randomly clicking then I landed in the profile or personal settings page. Something caught my eye. At the Race column it is set to Malay. How on earth for someone with a name like mine ended up being Malay? And to add to that the Gender was set at Male. What on Earth. Does Nuffnang set everyone's Race And Gender to Malay and Male by default? This is shocking. Today I discovered from Nuffnang that I'm a MaLay dude. 

Very funny people. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Parenting Skill

When I first saw this a week or so ago, I laughed really hard. This father posted a photo of his badly scribbled/drawn/vandalised passport with a caption saying he's stuck at the airport thanks to his son. After the initial laughing, I couldn't help but think, why would anyone leave important things like passport within reach of children? Why didn't he check his passport earlier before he left for the airport? Did the child receive any punishment for vandalising? Is it right for current day parenting to eliminate spanking and disciplining altogether? How would you react if you are in this parent's shoes?

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Careful Of What You Put Into Your Mouth

There is a myth/urban legend/ black magic that is believed to be able to make anyone fall for you, regardless of how hideous or horrid you are, once that person eats what you serve. It is said that many women (namely from a certain race that can't be disclosed) practice this, to get their target to fall head over heels for them and to remain loyal. This practice is known as nasi kangkang. I've heard stories about this back in school but never given much thought about this. If you have to go through all these hassle of cooking and standing over the food, just to get someone to like you, then you are really sad. Love doesn't have to be so pitiful. If it is meant to be, nothing can stop it. Recently, I browsed through some blogs and came across an entry by a famous blogger regarding this topic. Found the entry quite funny. However, no one mentioned anything about a remedy. What if things go wrong? How do you fix it? For example: What if it is meant for someone else, and another person eats it? Then, it would be wrong target. If you get what I mean. In short, be careful of what you put into your mouth. Especially if someone keeps cooking food for you and that person is not your mother. LOL

Monday, June 09, 2014

Saturday, June 07, 2014

I Hate Summer

I seriously hate summer. Seriously the worst season. Super big sun and unbearable heat. It's hot anytime of the day. Most of all, it makes me sweat. I hate to sweat. Sweating causes skin irritation. For the past few days, my skin has been flaring with rashes and itches like mad. Because it itches so badly, I've been scratching and that resulted in sores /lesions. I seriously don't get how people can enjoy basking in the sun. I, for one, hate being under the sun. I would avoid it at all cause. If there is anything I hate more than betrayal, that would be the sun. Why do I have to have sensitive skin? Why do I have to be born into the wrong skin? Oh, sweating makes me temperamental. Who doesn't become temperamental when you are scratching yourself like a monkey?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Snatch Theft

5 June 2014. A neighbour told mum that someone was mugged/robbed/encounter with snatch thieves in broad daylight (around 3pm) in our housing area. More specifically, in front of her house a couple doors down. She was driving back to her house and just stopped her car in front of her house. Two motorcycles, comprising four people surrounded her vehicle on both sides. The smashed her car windows with wrench and snatched her handbag. She screamed for help but they just sped off. Because the people in the neighbourhood tend to speak really loud, and most of the time sound like they are quarrelling, no one noticed. The lady then called the police. People that pass her vehicle were perplexed as to why it was parked almost at the middle of the road with the door opened. The lady then explained that she was robbed/mugged/victim to snatch theft. She didn't shut the damaged car door as it has the fingerprints of the culprits and she is waiting for the cops to arrive. News spread fast. Soon everyone in the neighbourhood know about the story and more and more busybodies (namely housewives) started going to her for more details. Everyone was waiting for the cops to arrive to witness the forensic search. They waited, and waited, and waited. One by one, started to head home after waiting for close to an hour. Still no sign of the police. The police station is actually less than five minutes drive from our housing area. After several hours, there was still no sign of the police. The sky was getting darker and it seems like it was going to pour. The nosy housewives managed to snoop the latest outcome. The victim after waiting for hours, and not see any trace of the cops, had to go to the police station to lodge a report. However, it doesn't end there. At the police station, she was told to go to another police station which was in the city centre, to lodge the report (reason unknown). Question: I have never lodge a report at the police station so I'm  clueless. Why can't the nearest police station record the incident? Why does the case have to be diverted to a police station that is so out of the way, to record the case? Why didn't the police come to the crime scene?

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

If You Like It, Put A Ring On It

One of the best stories ever told. Perhaps there should be a law to make this legal as a punishment to cheaters.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Duan Wu Jie/ Dumpling Festival

It is said that during this day, at 12 noon, you can place an egg on it's end and it will stand (for half an hour). I tried and it really stood for half and hour, then it fell to its side. Here's the proof.

Saturday, May 24, 2014


Wasps are ugly, vengeful creatures. Yesterday, a giant wasp flew in, even though the blinds were closed. It flew crazily around, banging itself against everything. It started coming towards us. So I rushed to get the insecticide. When I got back it flew towards my direction, so I started spraying. It flew away, then turned around and started charging at me. I ducked several times to avoid it. You trespass into my territory and now you want to pick a fight? Bring it on. I sprayed insecticide at it. But it flew higher towards the ceiling. Seems like challenging and mocking me for being short. Just you wait. Hey, dumb wasp, didn't you know the insecticide is airborne? I randomly sprayed when it attacked me. When it turn around to fly away, attempting to avoid the insecticide, I chased after it. Spraying more. This went on for a while. That vengeful wasp wasn't giving up on attacking me. It chased after me. So I ran into another "area" to avoid being stung. When I came out, it was gone. No where to be found. Perhaps it flew out through the door which was wide open. But the wasp being too dumb earlier didn't know how to exit after squeezing through the blinds. Dumbass. How did you enjoy your new scent?

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Figure This Out

Try to figure this out.                                                                                                                   

 What -4 letters, Yet- 3 letters,Although-8 letters, Then-4 letters, Rarely-6 letters, Never-5 letters

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Narrow Escape

14 May 2014, around 7.30 pm. I escaped serious injury. Minutes earlier, I was seated on the chair. I stood up, picked up the glass of orange juice, and was drinking. Suddenly the tower of heavy boxes behind me came crashing down, with a loud crash, boom, bang. Narrowly missing me. It crash landed inches to my left. The impact of the crash caused items on top of the boxes to land nicely on the table. The impact also caused the first box to rip. Had I not stood up, my back would have snapped from the mass of falling heavy boxes and I would have been hospitalised as a result. I am indeed a lucky girl.

Monday, May 12, 2014

Mother's Day

May 11, 2014. Mother's Day. This is kind of sweet. They should be given points for effort. Especially the guy that is "being the Y".

Sunday, May 11, 2014


Having headache after consuming some garlic. It's not even one whole garlic. Just some sprinkled on the food. Happens every time when I eat food like garlic bread or garlic naan. Whole body is heated up now. Headache.

Tiger Crossing

Philadelphia Zoo tiger crossing. This is cool. Just hope the tigers don't pee while walking on the overhead bridge.

Saturday, May 03, 2014


Never thought of this.

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Point To Ponder

Some say a daughter is a man's liver in his past life. Some say a father is a girl's first love. The truth is, a parent will love their child as long as they live. T

Sunday, April 27, 2014

Sleepless 2

My insomnia is getting worse. Clocking in to slumber daily at past 3 a.m.. Even then, sleep is no where near. This is followed by endless tossing and turning to get into a position that doesn't hurt my aching body. When will this absurd sleep pattern come to an end? Tried to detox yesterday, but ended up with gastric that dragged on till today.

Friday, April 25, 2014


Once, I went to the doctor because of a horrible sore throat that lead to extreme ear pain when I swallow, be it food or drink. The sore throat- ear pain was so bad that it's a feat in itself to speak. After relaying the "problem" to the doctor, he instructed me to open my mouth and stuck the "ice-cream stick" into my mouth to see how bad it was. He then proceeded to "shine" my ear with a flashlight. After that, he remained silent. He didn't tell me how bad my condition is nor what he thinks is the problem. Instead, he picked up his pen and was really engrossed in drawing. He drew a diagram of the ear, and started filling it up, like he's sitting for a biology exam. There I was, sitting there waiting for his response, while watching in awe an artistic performance by a doctor. I waited, and waited but there was no response from him. I interrupted his Leonardo Da Vinci performance to ask him about my diagnosis. I asked whether there is a pus in my ear. He looked up from his masterpiece, not happy that I interrupted his concentration and said no. I was then sent out to wait for my medication. I had to wait for over half an hour to get my medication from the dispensary, but I was the only patient in the clinic. When I finally collected my medicine, I was told that they are out of medicated ear drops and I was told to get it from a pharmacy ( which was next to the clinic). After going through so much hassle, only to get prescribed panadol (tablet form @ round ones that I hate because it's difficult to swallow. Prefer caplets @ oblong ones) and the name of the medicated ear drops scribbled on a post-it. I could have just walked into the pharmacy and bought the ear drops and save my time of waiting. That's the first time I've seen a doctor so immerse in drawing on the tiny piece of patient's diagnosis card. Usually we only see horrible, non readable handwriting on the card. A friend said the reason doctors write in horrible handwriting is so that patient and their family/ friend/ companion can't read what is written on the patient's card. That is why the nurse enters when the patients leave the room so that the doctor can explain what to give to the patients.

Thursday, April 24, 2014

Totally Useless Stuff 2

Some totally useless stuff. Just to share.

Sunday, April 20, 2014


Have been having trouble sleeping. When I do drift into sleep, my body doesn't really rest. My neck really hurts and it's making me feverish. No matter how I crack it, it doesn't relief the pain. My head, neck and body really hurts badly. Besides that, my face is also having cramps as a result of me gritting my teeth daily, to control my emotions and to withstand the body pain. Make it stop already. Stop torturing me. Just go away.

Friday, April 18, 2014


According to a show, just find things to do as distraction, to get your mind off things. Quoting it: "mo yeh wan yeh lei cho". So I decided to get a little domesticated, by mopping the floor. Filled a bucket with water and started my "activity". When I was done, I placed the mop into the bucket of dirty water. I gave the bucket a push. Just then the bucket decided to topple, spilling the dirty water all over the place. Face palm . The water flowed everywhere. I gave a squeal. Had to rush to get rags to dry the place. All my hard work down the drain. Stupid bucket.

Monday, April 14, 2014


It's 3am. I'm sleepless. Whenever I close my eyes, flashes of things I want to forget keep replaying in my mind. In need of a new environment. Being here just suffocates me. Being here keeps reminding me of Everything that I wish to get rid of, from my memory. It's driving deeper into depression. Don't want to go through this anymore. God, if you really do exist, please bring me away.

What The Bible Says

If only people still practice what they preach.
Came across a rather amusing pic. A simple mistake makes everything funny.

Friday, April 11, 2014

Extreme Backache

12 April 2014, 2.22am. Can't sleep due to severe backache. The pain is never before felt. Right pelvic hurts badly. The entire right side of my back hurts badly.


I tried to add some songs to my iPod. I haven't added any songs into my iPod in a while. Ever since Lappy returned from the doctors, I haven't opened iTunes. As I remember, it's just drag and drop. But iTunes looked different. Everything that was there previously, isn't there anymore. No matter how I drag and drop, nothing appeared in the iPod. I don't know how to add new songs to my iPod anymore.  I hope it didn't delete everything that is in my iPod. I have yet to listen. There was once, when I plugged in my iPod to a computer, everything in it was cleared. Why isn't anything working? Frustrating! Stop torturing me.

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Tortoise/ Turtle

I've always wondered what turtles look like without their shell. Are their bodies round / concaved / straight? Finally, someone posted a cross section of a tortoise. Now I think I can die in peace. Someone I know/knew once told me that turtles have teeth. I didn't belief. That person flashed teeth to emphasise. Fortunately, I wasn't told about turtle dicks.

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

Totally Useless Stuff

There has been a lot of these "What is your superhero / villain / moon moon / blah blah name. Here's another one of those things. Totally useless but everyone will look up their own name / superpower / etc. Enjoy finding your special powers. What is moon moon anyway?
 At least I know I'm seductive. 

Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Body Heat

Emotions depicted by body heat.

Monday, April 07, 2014

Where Inspirations Come From

Hey bear, whatcha doing there? Bear: oh just looking through my wooden telescope.
Hedgehog: dude, looking through the telescope is awesome! 

Tuesday, April 01, 2014


Have been having migraine the whole day. It's so persisting that even after taking medicine, it wouldn't go away. Besides that, there are two giant ulcers on both sides of my throat. Feeling a little feverish and a little nausea. I suppose this is the punishment for being the longest April's Fool / the fool for the longest time. Foolish for believing over and over.

Thursday, March 27, 2014


27 March 2014, 8pm. There was a fire at penang hill. Unfortunately, the iPad camera couldn't capture a sharp shot of the fire. It is the long, diagonal stretch of orange light in the photo. Photos are blur because of zooming in.

Things That Can't Be Expressed 5

Lappy is being antisocial again. Actually, when Lappy came back from the doctors, it did show signs of being antisocial. I just let it slide seeing that Lappy worked after restarting. After a few days of not using Lappy, I decided to pay Lappy some attention. Turned Lappy on, no wifi connection detected. Refreshed connection, nothing showed. Restart computer, no connection. Shut down and start again, connection detected but only lasted a few minutes. Neglected Lappy for another few days after that. Yesterday, turned Lappy on. Same problem. Refresh, restart, shut down, turn on. No sign of internet connection. Troubleshoot results indicated, cable not plugged in. Lappy runs on wifi, not cable. Fine. Brought Lappy to cable, plugged it in, there is internet connection. Removed cable, back to no internet connection. I supposed Lappy has come to the end of it's useful life. Lappy's life has been very simple. Never had to do arduous tasks, unlike it's predecessor. It seems that everything in life is indicating that I need a new beginning. That I ought to let go of things that were once a big part of my life. I have already accepted the fact but with changes comes pain. I was told that my pain is nothing compared to what others have to go through. You can't just go round telling people their troubles are not troubles just because you think so. Different people go through different kinds of woes. There is no standard template to measure a woe to see whether it qualifies as a woe by world standards. Healing takes time. Felt a great pang of pain after seeing something which I do not want to see, by accident. I couldn't justify why as I have accepted the fate. I thought I could mask the pain by trivialising it against the mishap of the missing airplane MH370. The anguish of not having answers regarding the mystery, the pain of not knowing the fate of their loved ones, seems greater than my woe. But even a pain of that size couldn't beat the pain I felt at that moment. There are a lot of questions which will never be answered. I will never know what went wrong as there is no black box in my case. I shouldn't have let you in. I shouldn't have trusted and belief. Just like the family members of the victims, I need closure.

Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Chrysanthemum Tea

Last night, mum decided to make some chrysanthemum tea. She poured the chrysanthemum into a pot and added boiling water. I went into the kitchen to get something. I turned to talk to mum. Something caught my attention. There were a lot of tiny roach like bugs on the table. God knows I have phobia for bugs of any kind, especially cockroach. I told mum that there are a lot of roaches on the table. She didn't belief me. She came over to have a look. She was startled as well. She wipe the family away with a damp cloth. She mumbled, it must be from the chrysanthemum. Must pour the whole pot. She then went and took out the remainder of the dried chrysanthemum from the package. Lo and behold. The entire nation of tiny bugs was in there. I lifted the lid of the pot to have a look. There were larvae, pupa, bugs, an entire ecosystem or stages of metamorphosis in there. That really gross me out. Mum poured the entire pot of chrysanthemum tea into the sink. Guess I'll refrain from drinking dried chrysanthemum tea for a while.

Sunday, March 23, 2014

Again 2

Got up this morning and headed straight to the basin to puke. Nothing came out except sticky saliva. After gargling, had the urge to puke again. This went on for a while. After multiple rounds, Held my chin up, walked away from the sink to stop it. That didn't help. The stomach muscles or whatever that moves when we vomit, has been activated. Kept getting vomit attack. Lifted my head and walked back into my room. Didn't eat anything the whole day. Have been solely on liquid. Haven't been able to eat since the vomit attack started about a month ago.

Saturday, March 22, 2014


For some unknown reason, I decided to pay my old blog a visit. It has been about three years plus since I last visited it. I used to post diligently on both blogs, but it got really hectic and I ran out of different things to post on both blogs. So I started to post less on the old blog. Partly that, as well as to avoid seeing things that I do not want to see. I started out blogging on the old blog platform because of the then old flame, as a way for us to connect since we were poles apart (literally). Eventually, I stopped posting on the old blog. Anyway, since Lappy came back from the doctor's, I decided to test run Lappy. So I guess that's how I ended up at the old place.

When I clicked on the link to the old blog, the reality sank in. Right in from of my eyes, was this big white box with a message, the platform has ceased operation. As though I haven't been hit hard enough yet, lately, this is like another slap on the face. It's telling me that it's gone, for good. It's as if everything in my life didn't happened. It doesn't exist. Just like everything that I've been through all these years, everything that I've hold on to are just merely bags of gas. Nothing more. I vaguely remember the things that took place. Neither do I remember the order in which all the people I deemed important at some point in my life, entered my life. The blog entries serve as a reminder of things that took place. I don't know whether this is a sign from above or what, but could you at least be less harsh to me? What have I done to deserve such treatment? Must you demote me to a level where my value is less than air? Someday, this page might be gone too.

Friday, March 21, 2014


Puke gut juice out this morning. Followed by vomit attack. Try to refrain from vomiting. Held my chin up and hold it in. It was really difficult. Worried that I might puke on myself. Sigh. Lost weight again.

Thursday, March 20, 2014

Update On Lappy

Two days ago, Lappy became antisocial and wasn't able to connect to the internet. I thought Lappy has come to it's final days. It's always difficult when it comes the time to part with things that has been in your life for some time. Either that or I just have separation anxiety. What the heck. Lappy is relatively new. It has been with me for about 2-3 years I think. I handle it with care. It still has it's factory plastics on. When Lappy was unable to connect to the internet ( for unknown reasons) after trying everything I know about getting the computer to connect to the internet, I feared the worst. I feared that the wifi port was burnt. I fear that Lappy was dying. I can't let Lappy die. I have a lot of stuff in it. We have been through good and bad times together. There is just too much memories that we shared. So, I decided to bring Lappy to the "doctor". I described the problems that Lappy showed to the "doctor". The doctor then asked, " when was the last time Lappy was formatted?". I looked at the doctor and said, " never, since it was bought😂". The doctor replied, "well,possibly Lappy has to be reformatted". I went on describe the problems that I've encountered and don't know how, brought up could it possibly be virus attack? The doctor said it is possible that virus attack can cause connectivity problems as well as hardware issues, like unable to print, USB port not functioning. I told her that I didn't know virus attack could be a cause for internet connectivity. She suggested that they run a software check to see whether it can solve lappy's problem as well as reformat Lappy. So I agreed, and left Lappy in their care. The doctors were very attentive. A couple of hours after I dropped Lappy off, they called and say lappy's fine. It was all due to software problem. Thank god. I went and picked Lappy up today. It's fine and dandy but restored to factory settings, meaning to say most of the things are gone (Lappy has amnesia) including Microsoft office programs. Now the real problem arise. It would not be wise to repurchase the original Microsoft office program as the new computers selling in the market now are running on windows 8 or something newer. Whilst Lappy is running on windows 7. So if I were to repurchase the Microsoft office program, it could only be used by Lappy. And in the event Lappy decides to leave, I would have lost $200++ for purchasing something only compatible with windows 7. Bummer. If only the human mind can be restored to factory settings. Life would be great.

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Hybrid Lizard

Last night, a black lizard appeared in the kitchen. I was instructed to kill it. Hence, equipped with a can of insecticide, I walked towards the wall where the black lizard was and sprayed it with insecticide. It didn't run in fear. Instead it lifted it's tail and waved, either as a challenge or fanning the insecticide away. It then moved further up the wall. Suddenly it lost balance and fell onto the cabinet. Mum screamed and told me to spray more. So I did. But the lizard quickly went under the microwave. I bent and peek under the microwave. Before I knew it. It hopped out from under the cabinet. Yes, you read correctly and I typed correctly. The black lizard hopped instead of crawl like normal lizards do. I was instructed to kill lit with the fly swatter. So I sprayed more insecticide on it and hit it with the fly swatter. It wasn't soft like normal lizards. It was hard. After hitting it once, it remained still. I thought it was dead so I was going to pick it up with the tongs. Suddenly it moved. I was startled. I reached for the fly swatter. This time I hit the black lizard harder. It looks motionless, so I picked it up with the tongs and got rid of it. This is my first encounter with a hopping lizard. It hopped like a frog. Dark, hard skinned frizzard.


Everything seems to be going wrong lately. It's as though I've been jinx. Anyway, something is wrong with lappy. Somehow, it can't connect to the wifi. I clicked on the network connection but no connection appears. Normally a list of available network connections would appear. This time around though nothing.  So I restarted lappy several times. Still no connection network appear. Even shut down and turn on again. Still the same. And the annoying popup switch to or retry would not close. Frustrating. To the jinx that has been jinxing me, if I could unknow you, I would. My life was great until you appear.

Sunday, March 16, 2014

The Real Little Mermaid

Some people just can't let fairy tales remain fairy tales. Just have to ruin the innocence. Anyway, it's just for knowledge. No one can't take away what you truly belief in.

Friday, March 07, 2014


The lower eyelid of my left eye is still twitching. It has been 3 days already. It's like Miley Cyrus is there doing her twerking. I was worried so I did a little look up. Some of the results state that it's probably due to dry eyes ( but my eyes aren't dry), I can't remember the other reasons. But one that caught my attention was Tourette syndrome. Touchwood. I just hope it's due to dry eyes. Anyway, speaking of series of unfortunate events, one happened two nights ago. I was rudely awaken by mosquito attack. The irritating creatures bit me all over my face. I wanted to just let it slide but it got too unbearable. The itch got worse cause the mosquitoes bit me all over my face. So I got up, turn on the lights and tried to catch the mosquitoes. They were nowhere to be found. So I went out to wash my face to reduce the itch. When I got back in and was about to turn off the lights, in came a bee. What on earth. So I had to go out and grab the insecticide to kill the bee. Went up to the bee and sprayed bug spray on it. It didn't die immediately, but the whole room was filled with the smell of insecticide. I had no other choice but to move to another room to sleep.

Wednesday, March 05, 2014


The lower eyelid of my left eye has been twitching the whole day. Wonder what is wrong. Could it be a premonition to something? It's really getting on my nerves.

Friday, February 28, 2014

Things That Can't Be Expressed 4

Thought that I was having a cardiac arrest this morning. My chest felt like it was going to explode. Couldn't breathe properly. Could neither stand nor lie down. Grit my teeth and forced myself up. While brushing my teeth, had another vomit round. Nothing came out though. Haven't been able to sleep for the past few weeks. Each time I lie down to sleep, my whole body would ache. The pain is so bad, it's as though I've internal injuries as a result of being beaten up. My bones are aching, my neck is stiff. There's no position or amount of cushion used that can enable me to be a little comfortable while sleeping. Every night I just grit my teeth and force some sleep. Still feeling uncomfortable in the chest. How much longer do I have to suffer? Why are you so unfair? Did I slain an entire nation in my past life for you to torture me this way, in this life?

Monday, February 24, 2014

How True

This is so true.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Things That Can't Be Expressed 3

Watching Glee Season 5 episode 3 Tribute To Finn is really heart wrenching. Especially more with my current situation. Holding back tears so that I don't seem like a lunatic crying along with the show.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Things That Can't Be Expressed 2

The attacks have been getting more frequent. Yesterday during one round of the attack, I actually puked real vomit. However, it was just liquid as I had not been able to eat. Puking didn't relief me of anything. This morning, was awaken because of feeling unwell. Dashed to the toilet and purged. Soon after I got another attack. Dashed to the basin and puked my gut juice out. Just a short while ago, I puked again. What came out was whatever little I had for breakfast, that is half a bun and water. As of 4.45 pm today, I've puked 5-6 times. Stomach is currently really upset and I feel really ill.

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Things That Can't Be Expressed

It takes a lot of courage to admit that I'm going through a depressive state. Those that have not been through this will not understand are are quick to judge. I haven't 't been able to eat or sleep or breathe properly. Each day I go through multiple rounds of vomit spree. I don't vomit anything actually, just each time I get an attack I will go through a vomit process. The act of vomiting itself causes me to be ill. The notion of vomiting causes muscle cramps at the stomach area because the body is trying to push something out but there is nothing to push out. It also gives rise to severe gastric. Even drinking plain water makes me want to puke. As it is not something that people can understand, I have to go through this all by myself. I hope to get out of this soon. Just so you know, before you hurt someone, think of the consequences of your actions.

Friday, February 14, 2014

Hoax Is Real

So it turns out that the hoax is finally real. The only hoax was whatever that has been deemed real.

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Valentine's Day - Chap Goh Meh

February 14, 2014. This year Valentine's day falls on the same day as Chap Goh Meh (15th and final day of the Chinese New Year celebration). According to the newspaper, this only occurs in 19 years. Stating the obvious. Anyway, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy Chap Goh Meh. It has been a year since things gone sour. Wondered how it would have been had the stupid question not been asked. Sometimes, it's better not to know. After all, ignorance is bliss. While one party is grieving, the other is happily living. Never let oneself be an option or substitute. May things be better and bountiful this moment onwards. Cheers.

Wednesday, February 12, 2014


The new rule to love.