Wednesday, August 16, 2006

New addition

There's a new addition in the house.He just moved in this evening.Helped him unpack the minute he arrive.Still not familiar with his habits. Having someone around taking up some part of the house. He had a meet a family session and I think everything went well. Think he has been accepted as part of the family. Hahahaha. Actually,got a new printer today. Tired of buying expensive original ink for my old printer. Still not really familiar with its functions.

Thursday, August 03, 2006


Wonder if anyone remembers the Kronk, the villian's side kick from the Emperor's New Groove? Anyway, I have a lecturer who resembles Kronk. Everytime I look at him, Kronk appears in my mind. Well this Kronk is not as muscular as the original Kronk. In fact he is the exact opposite of Kronk. The genuine Kronk has a huge upper body and a tiny lower body. Kronk the lecturer on the other hand has a big lower body and a unmuscular upper body. Kronk the lecturer also has a double chin and curly hair.

The other day in class, BG (which stands for big girl, not because she's huge or anything but because she's older than me) asked me something. Was being courteous by answering BG. So coincidentally Kronk turn around and saw my mouth open. He then told me off. Hmph.It doesn't pay to be nice. Anyway BG has a habit of asking me things when the lecturer is talking in front.And she never gets into trouble for it. I on the other hand, is always the black sheep. Baaa.