Saturday, February 28, 2009

Nuts over Knut

I saw Knut in the newspaper today and this cute little fluffy creature has caught my heart. Poor Knut was rejected by its mother. Knut is a really adorable polar bear cub.

Knut waving at the photographer.

Front view of Knut.

Knut covering its eyes with its paws.

Knut waving again.

Knut touching its nose.

Knut in the snow.

Knut touching its face. Hope its not having a headache.

I am loving him more by the minute. Wish I could keep him. I want a polar bear cub.

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Sore Throat

My throat has been very sore for over a week now. There is a gigantic ulcer on my throat. The entire area is inflamed. It hurts so badly whenever I swallow food. It even hurts when drinking. I tried taking several types of drinks to soothe the pain. I drank lime juice, pitted lime juice, coconut, herbal tea, and chrysanthemum tea.

When all that didn't work, I resorted to consuming fruits. Yesterday, I bought jambu with sour plum salt from a fruit seller which cost $2 a packet. I felt really cheated for the packets consisted of bits and pieces of the fruits that were cut into various shapes and sizes. It seems that the seller has cut off the spoilt parts of the fruits and sell the unspoilt parts.

I took a bite of the sliced fruit laced with sour plum salt and my throat felt like it has been torched. It hurt so badly. Apparently the salt squirted onto the throat ulcer thus causing the sting. The pain was sensational. Even after consuming the fruits, my throat does not feel better.

Thursday, February 19, 2009


I came across something peculiar today. We were driving past our neighbour's house on our way back from dinner and spotted the neighbour's dog with its head hanging out between the gate bars. Nothing extraordinary since he likes to squeeze his oversized head between the gate bars.

Today however, he was doing something I have never seen before (for dogs). He was rubbing his head against another male dog which was seating outside his gate. The gesture was rather intimate akin to necking. Rather strange for two male dogs to be intimate. The even weirder thing is that this neighbour's dog dislikes female dogs. Whenever female dogs come close to his territory, he will bark non stop. I never knew of the existence of gay dogs until I witness this today. The gay culture has spread to man's best friend. Gosh, if the male dogs start humping each other will that be considered sodomy?

Saturday, February 14, 2009


My Valentine- Martina McBride

A nice song with a title for that special day. Happy Valentine's Day.

Sunday, February 08, 2009

Skin Deep

Recently my skin has been really dry. I have not experienced this before. Usually it just gets better by itself. However I think the problem is skin deep this time. It started out as dry skin. Thinking that it is due to lack of moisture, I applied moisturiser X to my face. The moisturiser didn't help much as my skin still felt tight so I decided to use another type of lotion.

I applied lotion Y onto my face yesterday thinking that it might be better since the description was sevenfold (the label states the seven uses(wonders) of the lotion). Not long after applying the lotion, my face began to itch. Trying to ignore the itch, I went to bed. But the itch just got worse. So I got up and washed my face to get rid of the lotion. However, after washing, the itch persisted. In fact it got worse. It itched throughout the night. I hardly had any sleep because it itched so badly.

My face has itched the whole day and is now covered in red patches. What do I do now? I have tried using ice to soothe the itch but it only works when the ice is on my face. I can't stop the itch and I am worried about the effects of the itch. Help! I need a dermatologist's advice. Please assure me that it is just an allergic reaction towards the cosmetic product.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Simple words to a new beginning

How often do people update their profiles, photos and shout outs on facebook, MSN, friendster and other website? Very often for those who are hardworking. I don't happen to fall under this category when it comes to updating profiles and photos. My friendster, facebook and MSN has not been updated since being set up.

There was a fellow, whom I do not know but added me on friendster. He sent me a message which read "....did you notice someone staring at you during the event?". My answer to which I did not reply him is "No". Well anyway, back then before Friendster incorporated the allow access function everyone was allowed to add anyone and instantly appear as a friend in the list. And that was how he ended up in my list. A couple of years later, this fella sent me another message. This time the message read "So sell hard". I suppose he was referring to my profile description in which I have not update since coming into being. And I think the message should have been "hard sell". Anyway, that didn't garner any reply as well.

Yesterday, while chatting with a friend of mine, he pointed out that my MSN shout out has not been updated for the past 2 years. He then gave me suggestions on how I could change the messages posted. He suggested that instead of "Why does it always rain on me?", the message should instead be "Why does it always shine on me? again". What he said is really true. I should post new, positive shout outs. Everything should be on a positive note. New year new beginning. Thank you for your suggestions. Sometimes, simple words will really change things.