Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Some assistance please

Can anybody teach me how to add links to my blog? Does this have anything to do with the background template chosen?This might sound stupid to some but I am not exactly an expert when it comes to things like this. And I am not ashamed to say so. Thanks in advance to those who are willing to lend a hand.

Thursday, February 08, 2007

A smile that lightens up the day

I was about to have lunch today, 8 February 2007, when I saw a car parked in front of my gate. Instead of carrying on with our meal, we set it aside to welcome them. Haven't seen them in months. My mother went out and came back in with a 'basket' in her hands. In the 'basket' was a baby girl. The first time I saw her she was only a few days old. Small and fragile wrapped in a white 'blanket'. The last time I met her she was a month old, eyes shut, taking a nap in the front seat of the car. That was six months ago. This time around she is a chubby baby girl, eyes wide open. My mum placed the carrier that she was in on the sofa. The moment I walked up to her, she smiled so sweetly at me. Now I know that I am actually pleasant in the eyes of someone. Everyone took turns carrying her. Finally she was placed in my arms. She didn't fidget neither did she cry but she sat still. She even burped in my arms. Thank you for lighting up my day little angel.

Saturday, February 03, 2007

Wet Feet

I went to the new mall just now. After some time in the cold mall, I received a call from nature. Hence I had to answer the call. There was quite a queue in the washroom. Not long after a Malay girl came out from one of the cubicles. The floor was wet and the toilet seat cover was down. I gave it a miss as I was wearing low heeled strappy sandals. I didn't want to get my feet wet. Then an old lady came out from the cubicle next to it. The toilet seem dry. As I was desperate, I entered the one where the old lady emerged. All was fine until someone entered the cubicle next door. The walls of the cubicle does not touch the ground. I was minding my own business when I heard a splat and the next thing I know my feet was wet. Moron. Don't these people know how to use the toilet? It's just disgusting. Someone peed on my feet! Damnation. Schools really need to educate people on proper usage of the toilet. I know we have been told to think out of the box, but we were not taught to pee out of the bowl! People please check where the bowl is be it squat or seat, aim then only fire.