Tuesday, September 20, 2016

September 19

Happy Birthday Joong Ki 

Sunday, September 04, 2016


I was at the supermarket picking up some groceries. I was grabbing some items from a higher deck of the shelf when a voice said something to me. There were three vertically challenged "I" ladies in that aisle. One of them just call out to me like I'm the labourer of that supermarket. She was like " hey, ambil itu ( meaning " hey, take that"). It wasn't such a big deal helping her take that item from the higher shelf but it was the way that she asked that irked me. She could have said it in a polite manner like, " excuse me, could you please help me get that bottle from the higher shelf?" Anyway, I just helped her because I'm nice. Not because I'm obligated or compelled to. There was another lady in that same aisle at that time and happened to hear her command. She looked at the "I" lady because she thought it was a confrontation as it sounded very rude. The "I" lady just justified her actions by saying " dia tinggi" ( meaning "she's tall"). Implying that I'm tall. Well short, obnoxious dwarves, just because someone is tall doesn't imply that they are compelled to heed your command. She didn't even thank me after I helped her get that item. Where are your manners? Did you leave them in your homeland? Or are they yet to be discovered by scientists?