Saturday, September 26, 2009

Why Can't There Be Other Climate Other Than Hot And Wet?

The weather in the part of the world is really sucky. Probably cause it has been the same two seasons throughout the year (that is hot and wet only). Or perhaps I have been in this place far too long hence making me getting really sick and tired of the same old climate. I really like to be in a place where I could experience four seasons for a change.

For a change I really like to experience winter. I have never touched real snow in my life to date. The only four season that I have experienced thus far is spring. It would be really great if the first snowflake of winter lands on my nose. I would love to see buildings, roads and trees caped in snow. To build snowmen and make snow angels, to make snowballs. I would really love to have a white Christmas. Christmas isn't Christmas without the presence of snow. I would love to sink my feet into inches of snow, to leave a trail of footsteps in the snow.

Sigh. The snow will never fall on this half of the world unless there is another dramatic change in the world like the ice age. To dampen spirits further,the weather has been really sickening lately. It is terribly hot on some days and extremely wet on others. It is almost like being in the desert where the day is scorching hot and the night is just as bad as the day. Other than that, it is just rain, rain, rain. Just the other night, when I was having difficulty getting sleep, the sky showed its fury. Loud thunders roared and lightnings flashed like there was a big fight going on up above. That noise jolted me out of slumber and kept me awake till dawn. I truly dislike tropical weather. Why can't there be other form of climate other than hot and wet in this country? For once, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009


I don't know what has gotten into me but I have been having sleepless nights again. And the thing is, nothing is bothering me. I am happy (at least I think I am) at the moment. Nothing is stressing me out. Almost every night I toss and turn in bed, hoping to catch some sleep. When that fails, I will kill time by listening to tunes, which by the way keeps my more energetic instead of sleepy. I hardly slept last night and my head is thumping now. Just the other night I was feeling a little feverish. So I took a panadol and guess what? Panadol is more effective than coffee. It kept me awake. Sheesh! I suppose I am getting immune towards panadol. Maybe I should try medication to kill runny nose instead. Ouch, my head. My poor little head.

Wonder what sleepless nights indicate in fortune telling? Am I going to win a big sum of cash? Is someone missing me? Hahaha.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Stupid TM

What's the point of having a telecommunications company which can't even provide telecommunication facilities to the public? I have been having issues with the internet for quite some time. It is a real pain in the rear trying to get connected to the internet. On normal days it takes about half an hour to get connected to the internet. On bad days, there is simply no connection to the internet. This matter has been ongoing for quite a while. For the whole of yesterday, I couldn't get connected to the internet at all. I have been trying to get connected from morning till past midnight but to no avail, I couldn't even get onto the web. The DSL light on the modem kept blinking while the PPP doesn't even light.

This afternoon, I gave the telecommunications company a ring to lodge a complain. The operator instructed that I try to connect the modem to the main line to see whether I could get connected to the internet. Hence I brought the modem downstairs to carry out the experiment on the modem. When I plugged the main telephone line to the modem, all the lights on the modem are lighted. Then I took the modem upstairs to reconnect with the parallel phone line. The DSL light kept blinking and the PPP light went into hiding again. For hours I tried to get connected, by disconnecting, reconnecting, switching off the switch, switching on the switch, unplug the phone line and splitter to make a direct connection, but everything fails to get me connected to the internet.

Being very frustrated and agitated, I called telecom again to make a "Fault report". I described the problem to the operator and was told by the operator that the problem lies with my phone line. Then I was told to contact the phone line department as it was the internet service provider department that I am talking to at that moment. Hence I dialed the hotline again. I couldn't get to any party of the telecommunication company so I redialed. Still to no avail. Redial. Nothing.Redial. Nothing. And the stupid voice recording kept saying " you have reached the limit of your telephone card". What the hell is it talking about? I wasn't using any phone card. Not only is the company dumb, the system in the company is also dumb. The company should just implode in itself to safe the public from all this trouble.

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


Just like last year's 08.08.08 which was also set as the date of the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, 9 September 2009 (or simply 09.09.09) is the day that people all over the world go all out to commemorate a date that will only appear in the next millennium. That is the next time you see this dates will probably be in 3008 and 3009. Actually, for the next 3 years, dates that appear in this order can still be observed. Namely, 10.10.10 (10 October 2010) , 11.11.11 (11 November 2011), and 12.12.12 (12 December 2012), but the significance that these dates hold will be a matter to be told at a time close to the date.

The 9 September (09.09.09) is publicised as an auspicious date, for the number nine signifies longevity in Chinese belief. Due to this belief, couples choose to solemnise their wedding on this very auspicious date. Just a point to ponder, is the Hungry Ghost Festival over? If it isn't then this date will fall in the Hungry Ghost Festival month which the Chinese deem taboo to wed in this month. Then the situation would be one of : "To wed or not to wed?"

This whole fengshui thing has made people of all walks of life lose all their senses. Everyone believes that they can alter and tweak their lives by outsmarting God and his plans. Believing that an expert can help them change their future altogether by choosing a date where all things good fall perfectly into place to carry out their important events like wedding, opening ceremonies, delivery dates (labour date) and moving dates (when to move in or out of place) and by pass the inauspicious dates altogether.

However smart one can be, no one can outsmart God. For He is the one that created you. Everything that happens in our lives happens for a reason. Be it a success or a failure, it is a lesson to be learned. From our achievements we learn what ought to be repeated in future if a similar situation occurs, whilst for failures we learn what ought to be avoided or ways top overcome if encountered in future. Choosing an auspicious date does not imply that the future will be brighter. We are responsible for our own actions and it is not the date that is responsible for what good or bad that happens in our lives.

Being wed on 09.09.09 does not imply that the marriage will last forever. The determining factor of a long lasting marriage lies in the couple themselves and not the date they wed. A date is just a date for us to remember something that took place on that specific date in history. If the person that you choose to spend the rest of your life with has an unfaithful nature,no matter which auspicious date you choose to be wed will not change the fact that this person will stray at some point. A tiger will never lose its stripes. Similarly, a pumpkin can not be transformed into a watermelon just by painting stripes on it.

However, these dates (09.09.09 & 08.08.08) does proof to be a useful marketing gimmick. Every trade and business make use of these widely publicise dates to escalate their sales and earn big bucks from it. Truth behold is that everyone believes in fairytale and happily ever after, whether we admit or not. It is not wrong to have this belief, but it has to be to a certain extent. We need to be rational in life, knowing how to separate fact from fiction.

Anyway, congratulations to all the wedded couples that choose to tie the knot on the 9 September 2009. May your marriage be everlasting. For those who did not tie the knot on this date, this does not imply that your marriage will be short lived but it proves that you have your mind over your heart.

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Very Well Said

I came across this very well phrased passage from a blog. It is from a guy's perspective of how to treat a girl. From this entry, it shows that this guy is a true gentleman and really loves his girlfriend. He is probably the last of a true gentleman alive (although I do not know whether or not he is in person. But judging from his entry, he definitely fits the term gentleman).

Anyway this is how he said it:

Telling your girlfriend she has to clean your room, wash your clothes and do the dishes while you play your Xbox, PS3 or DotA using a stupid excuse like:

"If you don't start now, in the future you definitely won't do it"

Eh, excuse me, our girlfriends did not go through 11 years of school, 1 year of pre-U, and 3 years of university to graduate and become your maid. But, if you insist that she should be your maid, then please pay her adequately. Otherwise, man up, grow some balls and do it yourself.


Total admiration for this guy. His girlfriend is truly one lucky girl. Guys should appreciate their girlfriend and treat them well and not expect them to be like their maid or mother. A truly honorable gentleman. Just like the last samurai, this is the last gentleman.

Wednesday, September 02, 2009


It is said that zits are synonymous to youth. After all, it is referred to as "ching chun tou" in mandarin (literally translated "youthful blemish"). Anyway, it is the teens that normally face pimples breakout. I hardly had zits throughout my high school days. All my friends envy my flawless skin. Which lead some jealous girls to spread rumours that to prevent zits from sprouting, one has to apply their period onto their skin. Well, they must have tried that to know. Anyway, even when I had a zit or two, they would disappear within a day or two without me having to squeeze them.

However, things changed as we grow. What took a few days to heal now take weeks to heal. There is this zit that sprouted out of the blue on the side of my nose a few weeks ago. I applied something on it to be rid of it. It seemed to work initially. The swell sort of subsided. Then I got lazy and stopped applying that thing. I had this thought that the zit would subside on it's own. My antibody would work its wonders and extinguish the semi-active volcano. Boy was I wrong. Instead of getting smaller on its own with time, it got bigger. Sigh. Looks like my antibody is not effective anymore.

But hey, since zits are synonymous with youth, does that imply that I am getting youthful with each passing day? Does that mean that I am aging backwards? I wish to relive the zitless days.