Monday, November 29, 2010

What's New In Penang

Several new developments are sprouting in the island that once used to resemble a turtle from birds' eye view (but now looks more like a rectangle due to reclamation).

One of them is 1st avenue shopping mall that opened on the 25 November 2010. Located near Komtar and next to Traders Hotel and Prangin Mall. Nothing much to show as there aren't many shops opened apart from Parkson. Not wanting to appear like a clown snapping photos when there is nothing much to see. It is rather miniature compared to Pavillion.

The escalators upon entering from car park. Just to show that the escalators resembles slides in theme park. Whee. Not very clear due to camera resolution.

The view of Trader's Hotel Pool from 1st Avenue carpark.

The Times Square building taken from 1st Avunue.

Apart from that, Sungai Pinang has been transformed and is hardly recognisable. This is some high rise residential building in Sungai Pinang. The building is facing a promenade that overlooks the sea (on the right). From the promenade, Penang bridge is visible (from a distance).

The new shoplot next to the high rise.

Drum roll........................Behold the first Burger King in Penang. Located in Sungai Pinang. It is so out of place and practically hidden but should be visible if swimming to Penang from mainland.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Disruption in Water Supply

We don't know what we've got until we lose it. This saying is really true and it applies to almost everything in life. Last night, the water supply at my place was cut off because of the upgrading work somewhere. Although we did receive notice regarding the water supply disruption, we didn't really feel the pinch till the water supply was turned off entirely.

It is during times like this that we tend to use water more (refer to pie chart below for the break down). For instance, we tend to use the loo more when there's scarcity of water. Prior to the cut off time, we were getting ourselves prepared for it. We brushed our teeth right after dinner. However, not long after brushing my teeth, I had an urge to have a drink and had a cup of coffee with some biscuits. Then I immediately rushed to brush my teeth again before the water supply is cut off. Mum on the other hand, started purging after dinner. It was probably due to the mangoes she consumed. She was in and out of the toilet several times before the water supply was cut and continued visiting the loo a few more times after the cut.

After all the purging, she was hungry and started eating again. She invited me to join her and so I did and ate too. Then dad jumped on the bandwagon and had instant noodles with additional ingredients. Well, there's a price to pay for eating during a water supply disruption. I had to brush my teeth for the third time within 2 to 3 hours using as little water as possible from a bottle that was meant for all of us. I also had to control my water consumption so that I don't have to frequent the toilet during the disruption.

After going through this ordeal, I can say that I truly feel for those having to live with no water supply to their homes. For us having to live a day without water supply is unbearable. Imagine those who don't have water supply in their homes. To them it's a daily ordeal. This episode has really jolted me out of my comfort zone and has ingrained in me the importance of water conservation. We should never take simple things like water for granted.

Found a chart on Google that breaks down water consumption.

See the toilet image? The activity that garners most water consumption with 26.8%.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Near Heart Attack

The internet has been a real important part of my life. I have become so dependent towards it that a moment without it makes me feel uneasy. I had a near heart attack yesterday. I was surfing the internet and all of a sudden I got cut off without prior notice. And attempts to reconnect was futile. I tried restarting my computer...-negative, turning it off and on again...-negative. The wireless function went dead and there was simply no connection. It kept appearing that there is no connection and the cable was required for a connection. Regardless of what I did there was no connection. Then I tried plugging in the cable to make a connection. Nothing happened. No connection could be made. And the worse part was the other computer too lost connection to the internet as the result of my plugging in the cable to lappie. That got me really worried as I have caused a catastrophe. No computer technician is available over the weekend. Which means no internet over the weekend. T.T

I thought my lappie is "sick" because the wireless button is not lit. Pressing the wireless button does not make it light up either. This could not be happening. Lappie is hardly a year old. Only a few months old. It is not possible that it is dying. So for the whole of today, I was deprived of the internet because I thought I have screwed up the internet connection. Then a while ago I turned on my computer to transfer some files. To my surprise, there is internet connection. How did that happened? Does this mean that the problem does not lie with my computer but the ISP itself? Screw the ISP.

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Pup Sleeptalking

This is too cute. Pup sleeptalking. Must be quarelling with other pups in its dream.

Friday, November 05, 2010

Can't Breathe

I have been sneezing and blowing my nose non stop from the moment I got up today.
I tried to refrain from taking medication for the first few hours with hopes that I was able to overcome it. But after 4 hours of continuous sneezing and blowing, I was left with no choice but to swallow the medicine because my nose hurts from all that blowing. It didn't work and I continued sneezing and blowing for another 4-5 hours. Then I took the panacea, the wonder pill (a.k.a Panadol). But that did not help either. Two hours later, I took another runny nose stopper. That did not stop the runny nose either. At present, I am unable to breathe as nose is blocked. I strongly feel that being breathless is the result of taking the running nose medicine as this is not the first time I experience this ( difficulty breathing after taking the medicine). The dustbins are filled with my used tissues. Currently my nose hurts so badly.