Saturday, March 03, 2007

Close to you

The only thing that is closest to us in this world is our shadow. It follows us wherever we go. Another thing that tails us wherever we go is our dog. Other that these two things, the rest are unwanted followers. We can stop our dog from following us by locking it in its cage or chaining it up but we can't stop our shadow from staying away from us.

But not many people are able to accept the fact that they shouldn't walk or stand to close to someone at all times especially when following that person around. If you want to snoop, keep a distance.

I walked into a shop today. The moment I stepped into the shop, this sales 'assistant' started following me around the shop like my shadow. She walked so close behind me it was as though the two of us were siamese twins. The way she tailed me around the shop was as though I were a frequent shoplifter. It really pissed me off, so I walked out of the shop.