Saturday, January 27, 2007

To Wave Or Not To Wave

Last week I went to a new food junction in town. It is located on a land that was left vacant for quite some time with the ruins of a once upon a time glorious building. The building structure is pretty much like a staduim without walls and is quite spacious. There was not much in variety for food though. Most of the stalls are pretty much repetition of each other. There was quite a crowd there. As what the chinese would have said 'new toilet'. We scouted for a table and seated ourselves before proceeding to order some food.

Upon being seated I spotted someone who went to the same college as me previously. She was with someone and they were looking for a place to sit. I wanted to wave to her since we were college mates. In fact we kinda knew each other since high school in a tuition class. That is on name basis and through sight. She saw me but pretended not to know me. Then she sat at a table which was diagonally in line with mine with her back facing me pretending not to see me. So I saved my energy from waving to someone whom does not want to know me in public.

The question is if you are in my position would you have waved anyway or did the same as I had? To wave or not to wave?

I think I did the right thing by not waving. I would have looked like a fool eagerly waving at someone who has their head in the air. It is not that I idolise her or anything I was just trying to be friendly. My friend was right.We must have this thing that makes people come to us and not us going to them.

Sunday, January 21, 2007


The word kopitiam originates from the Hockien dialect and it means coffee shop. It is a place where the lower income clan hang out and a place where the higher income clan shun. This is the heaven for old men. In kopitiams you will find an array of people. Some can sit in there the whole day and just order a cup of coffee, and some even greater ones order none. It is usually packed with people as these regular loyal customers has difficulty parting with the chairs in the kopitiam while sipping from the coffee cups that never runs dry. Kopitiams are the Starbucks of the olden days minus the Wifi. Kopitiams are usually set up in houses.

Which is why I think my house has been mistaken for one. People usually come to my house as though they are visiting a kopitiam. They will 'hang' at my place for hours without caring whether or not they are bothering us. They take my place as a rest house whereby they come in to escape the sweltering heat outside and while away their time as well as ours. They must be thinking why bother going to a kopitiam and wasting 70 cents on a cup of coffee when they can get free drinks as well as enjoying Astro while resting on the couch. My dad is to be blamed for our crib being mistaken for a kopitiam. These people would call for reservations when they are right outside my house to ask whether we are in. There was one who came in to pass time while waiting for his wife to finish work at 5 and fell asleep on our comfy couch, mouth open wide with drool almost coming out of it. They even pop in during dinner time and we have to sieze eating to entertain them. How thoughtful of these people.

Monday, January 01, 2007

High School Musical

Some other catchy tunes from the hit teen flick. Although I don't really get what the craze is all about. Perhaps it is because I have graduated from high school and this is certainly for high school students. After all it is called "High School Musical". Apparently this movie is quite a hit and they even launched a clothes line after it.

Bop To The Top

Breaking Free

*See what I mean about the lead actor's hair?
Happy New Year 2007

Another year has passed. This means that we are a year olderthereby we should be watching something more suitable with our age. But then again there is nothing wrong with a catchy tune to start the year. Although I don't really fancy this show and I seriously think that Zac Efron should do something with his hair there were some tunes in the show that were quite catchy. Here's one of them. The song is called "What I've Been Looking For" (according to youtube). Happy New Year!!!!!