Friday, March 25, 2016


My stomach wouldn't stop singing its hunger tune. I was browsing through some "blogs" and saw all those tempting food. Looked at mine.... Sigh. Consoles self ( tell brain) ." I'm having lobster soup" while scoops a spoonful of nestum into mouth. 

Tuesday, March 15, 2016


There is a pest in the neighbourhood. This pest is really annoying. He/she is childish to the extent that thinks playing with our main water supply is some sort of achievement. It is not the first time this pest turned off our main water supply. That pest has done it many times. Each time we just turn on the water supply again. Well that pest managed to do so because our house happens to not have a backyard and the dumb thing is the water supply control happens to be at the back alley. The amazing thing is this pest only targets our house. Today this pest has gone overboard. He/she turned off our water supply twice in a row within an hour. He/she has so mush joy doing it. Really tempted to call the police. But would the police take action? Since no break in is involved.

Thursday, March 10, 2016


What would you do if you have been sabotaged by people whom are blood related repetitively? How would you retaliate? 

Thursday, March 03, 2016


I didn't know I speak Greek. Why is it so difficult for people to understand what I'm saying? I'm not speaking with an accent. Because of their inability to listen and try to comprehend what I'm saying, they simply blame me for things that I am not at fault. You are the blockhead. I am not the one that has a speech problem. You are the one with a problem. Ok, actually two in incidents lead to this post.

First is related to the bank. I made an online transaction to settle a payment. Normally, when I perform such transaction, I will immediately receive a SMS from the bank clarifying with me whether I performed such transaction. The number that sends that SMS is 66628. However, today I receive the SMS from the number +46  675-994 3434. The content of that SMS looked a little different from the usual. Besides,this number previously sent a SMS regarding Canadian Pizza. So being a little cautious, I went to the bank to enquire. I was directed to a female staff who was busy looking at her phone when I related my concern to her. I showed her the SMS, she just took my phone and walked over to another colleague of hers. She then told me to go to him. I then had to repeat what I said to her to him. He looked at me as though I'm speaking Greek. He then asked me to move to another counter and he picked up the phone and dialled the bank's customer service hotline. He then chucked the phone to me and told me to settle it myself. So for the third time I had to repeat my concern to the person over the phone. The customer service personnel on the phone was so soft, I can hardly hear him. So after relating to him, I heard a soft mumbling over the line like "it's our number.....". It sounded something like that to me. It's only my guess cause even after asking him to speak louder I couldn't hear him. So my guess is that he confirm that it's their number so I thanked him and hung up and left the bank. So stupid. Go to the bank to enquire over the phone with the bank's customer service. Seriously, what are the bank employees for? Permanent fixtures? This is not the first time I've encounter such terrible service from this branch. Maybank buck up. Don't waste resources hiring lazy and useless employees.

Second incident also involves the bank. This is seriously ......deep breath..... Don't know how to describe. When I got home from the bank, I saw a piece of paper that looked like an thin letter on the road in front of my house. When I picked up I saw it was indeed a letter addressed to me. Why was it on the road, I don't know. It wasn't there when I left for the bank. So I immediately opened the letter and there it was. A notice stating I missed a payment. And the due date? Wait for it....You've guessed it... Today. The day I saw the piece of paper on the road. Immediately made the payment. The stupid thing is, I didn't even receive my bank statement for that overdue payment. I don't even know what that payment is for, yet I just pay. Blindly. This stupid bank is really the death of me. This extends to the postal service. Then when le old Derpina found out, immediately accused me for being forgetful and whatever not shit. Seriously blew my lid. You don't even know what happened, straight away jump to your own conclusion. Creating stories to suit your fancy. Just mind your own business. This is not the first time my mail was not received. The other time my mail went missing, the other bank suspended my card. All for a measely service charge sum only. Only pick on small timers. If you are that vigilant, go pick on the big shots. Tsk. Wonder what happened to my mail? Did the postman deliver to the wrong house? Or simply never deliver? Or outsource to agents to deliver? I really don't know. But because of the postal service, I have to pay penalty. Should make pos malaysia pay the penalty.