Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29 2016 Leap Year

Nothing significant happened. Just typed something to commemorate this day as it only happens every four years. 

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

Device Says Darnest Thing

We drove past a hot air balloon festival thing on our way back from dinner. I was instructed to capture a photo of the zebra shaped hot air ballon. So I fished out the phone and tried to take a photo from the moving car. It was rather a difficult task as (1) the car was moving, (2) there are other moving cars that are obstructing the view, (3) there are ample trees that are in the way, (4) it takes time for the phone to focus, (5) it was dark (it was after 9 pm). With the phone in my hand, I tried to take pictures. I managed to capture one but it was too dark to tell what it was in the picture. Tried to capture another when the phone got sarcastic. It appeared on the screen "Hold device properly". What the..... Being told off by a phone. Stupid Samsung Note (insert number). How dare you? Ish. Chuckles

Thursday, February 04, 2016

Persistent Breakout

I have been attacked by a persistent breakout. No matter how many antihistamines that I take, whatever anti rash medicine that I apply, it will not go away. It's really nerve wrecking. To make things worse, the extremely hot weather that leads to massive sweating makes the rash happier. It's only two days away from Chinese New Year and I'm still battling this nuisance. I do not know what trigger this annoying outbreak. I just want it to go away for good. To make things worse, I'm down with fever and sore throat that leads to extreme ear pain. Just go away. Go far away and never come back.