Monday, September 29, 2008


It has been a couple of days already. Yet the swell has not subsided. In fact it has gotten worse. IT really hurts. My face is swollen. Boo Hoo. To be more exact, one side of my face is swollen.

It all started sometime last week. While having lunch, I accidentally bit my inner cheek. And that is how I ended up with a swell. I have tried everything to get rid of it. Took different types of fruits at the same time but to no avail.
Note: the eating process is a killer.

Then when that didn't work, I resorted to taking the panacea......PANADOL. Still no effect. Sigh. It hurts so badly now. Even drinking water hurts. My lips are swollen. My face is swollen. I even have another ulcer hidden behind my upper lip. When will it subside? When will I be well again?

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

One Wish

If I could have one wish this week, I wish time would slow down and for me to have a bigger and smarter brain. I need more time! Why is it so difficult to piece things together? Why do I take so long to complete something? Why do I have to be a sloth? WHY? Where is the wishing well when you need one.

Monday, September 08, 2008

100th entry - Thermometoe

Finally I've reached my 100th post mark. Phew.

Not too long ago, I discovered that I have a superpower. That does not make me a mutant. I found that I am able to tell temperature without looking at the thermometer. My body is able to indicate temperature. Cool eh? It is not the typical way your body tells you about the temperature. For most people, they will shiver when it is cold and sweat when it is hot. Well, the same happens to me but with an addition.

My toes functions like the thermometer, telling me whether the 'room' temperature is cool, cold, very cold or freezing.How my toes indicate the temperature? Well, it has a colour scheme.

This is how it works. When the 'room' temperature is:

* Cool --> Pink

* Cold --> Purple

* Very Cold --> Blue

* Freezing --> probably frostbite (yet to experience)

Neat eh?