Monday, August 25, 2014

Phone Scam

Phone scams are really getting out of hand. Perpetrators are still using their same old tactics on unsuspecting victims. This happened again today ( 25 August,2014), around 4.50p.m. The perpetrator called for the first time 20 minutes earlier, asking for my derp. Derpina, thinking that it was some credit card pusher, said that he's busy and told the caller to call back later (mistake number one. Never tell the caller to call back. Just cut them off). The diligent perpetrator called back exactly 20 minutes later. He asked to speak to derp. Derpina passed the call to Derp. The perpetrator then proceeded with his plan. He told Derp that he is calling from AM Bank. He then elaborated that Derp has an outstanding housing loan of over hundreds of thousand with AM Bank. The reason for that call is to collect the outstanding debt. Derp then asked the caller, where is the house? The caller said that it's in PJ, some SS something(mumble). He quickly drift to another topic saying he is actually from a company called *something Kudrat Partners & Co in Butterworth ,assigned by AM Bank to be a debt collector. He doesn't have particulars of the location of the house. Some lady by the name Zainab gave him the list of names and numbers to contact. Derpina, was already fuming at the side snatched the receiver from Derp and started screwing the caller. The caller started defending himself and told Derpina that he is just doing his job. After a long period of cursing, the caller managed to calm Derpina down. Derpina told him that they are pensioners and don't have any business with AM Bank ( mistake number 2. Never give them any kind of details about yourself. The perpetrators can start plotting and extrapolate from there). She then asked him whether banks give out loans to pensioners. Derpina, being stupid, started telling the caller that they only have bank account with Tiger Bank. The caller was very quick. He said to her " then you better go to the National Bank to confirm since your name is already blacklisted". Derpina thought that the caller was being very helpful started apologising for swearing earlier. She then asked for his name and contact number. He told her his name is Johnson Kaur (don't know whether it's real) and his number is 3904003. He told her to contact AM Bank HQ at 03-20581907. So, Derpina thanked him and hung up. She wanted to dial the given number to conform with AM Bank. Derpina's daughter Derpette, stopped her. Derpette then looked up AM Bank's number from Google. It is a toll free number 1300 80 8888. Derpina called that toll free number and was directed to the customer service personnel, izham. She related the situation to the personnel and reiterated that they( she and her family) have never had any business with AM Bank. She asked the personnel to check. The personnel told her that since she doesn't have any account or business with the bank, she should just ignore the call. It is a scam. And they have received several calls on the same issue. It's appalling that even with Personal Data Protection Act 2010, customer particulars are still being misappropriated. Are controls lax in banks and telcos?

Friday, August 15, 2014

Toilet Exibition

Where should you go for the school holiday? How about a trip to the toilet? Sounds fun. (Poker face ) You even get to dress up as a piece of shit and slide down the giant toilet bowl. =.=|||

           People are getting weirder by the day. Never been happier to be shitheads.

Saturday, August 09, 2014


My stomach suddenly decided to become a scumbag today. For no apparent reason, I've been purging non stop. I just got out of the washroom, a few minutes later, i need to run to the washroom again. I've been in and out of the washroom so many times that my butthole hurts. (Too much details).

Friday, August 08, 2014


Blondes just have all the fun. 

Thursday, August 07, 2014

Double 2

In addition to the double ulcers on my throat, I now have two more add ons. They are like tears at the side of my mouth. Again on both sides. Hurts so badly each time I move my mouth. Worse when I eat. It becomes mother of all pain when come in contact with food. Applied oral medication to the "tear-like" areas but still not healed. Why didn't I get something better like strike lottery twice? Or have two husbands? Just kidding about the second part. But I do hope that I do strike lottery more than once. 

Monday, August 04, 2014


There is a saying that goes "good things come in pairs". Isn't it? Well, I suppose the same applies to bad things. There are two ginormous ulcers on both sides of my throat. Thank you ulcers for always appearing in my life. Thank you for being loyal.