Saturday, March 22, 2008

Good Friday

I'm late! I'm late! A very important late!

Of all the time to be late, I was a few minutes late to class yesterday.Thou shall never be late for this class. NEVER. NEVER EVER. This is not because there's anything really important about this subject but the fact that the lecturer is really strict. The old school strict. If you get what I mean. Strict like the times your parents or grandparents went to school.

It is the culture of students of my university to not be punctual. In fact it's a culture in every university. Nothing unusual. It is something that all lecturers are accustomed to. Not this one though. He made it crystal clear on the first lesson the code of conduct that he expects: punctuality, total silence (no ringing of cellphones, no sms-ing, no talking, yada,yada,yada), no eating in class, and no other types of beverage except H2O. Well, so far so good. He got what he wanted. Not a soul in class dares to breathe louder than the air cond. Even the notorious of students abide by his rules. No mosquitoes dare to fly in either. Standing ovation for you sir.

However, I bend the rules a wee bit yesterday. I didn't do it on purpose. The thing is I got up an hour and a half before class yesterday. It was my tummy that caused me to be late. Of all times, it just had to *ahem minutes before I was set to leave. Upon reaching, I ran from the parking lot, up the stairs to class, carrying loads.

When I reached the class, I took a peek through the glass opening to see whether my guardian angel has my rear protected. To see whether he has entered the class. Duh! Of course he has. I was late by 8 minutes. Ok, maybe 10. Not like the other two classmates that turn up 40 minutes the other lesson. Anyway, I didn't just barge in nor made a grand entrance. I knocked on the door, opened it, gave him an apologetic nod the quickly find a seat.

Before I entered the class, I thought he was going to chop my head off. But amazingly he didn't say a word. Neither was he sarcastic as usual. What a relief. It is indeed a good Friday. Just wish that it is Good Friday everyday.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Voting Jitters

With the election nearing and myself knowing nuts about politics, I really do not know which party to cast my vote upon. Besides, I haven't been briefed on how to mark the ballot sheet. I do not want to vote for the wrong party and end up making the deserving party lose. As an educator said "You deserve the government you voted for" (* Note: Politics was not discussed in class.This statement fits in with this post).

Both parties, the government and the opposition (if this is how it works), have their own tales to tell. You would never know which to believe but only the better story wins. I never understood classroom politics in school, college and university, which is why I often end up being oppressed by classroom politicians.

However, I have been told that, the former minister that has been behind bars, is manipulating the opposition party to his own benefit. He had caused much distress to the country almost a decade ago. The public would definitely remember the financial crisis that loomed over the country and what a journey it had been to bring the country to its current state. Certainly, we wouldn't want history to repeat itself. Although there are some strong figures in the opposition, is it really worthwhile taking such a risk?

Whom does the public turn to when their daughter/wives/husbands run away from home?
Whom does the public turn to when asking for financial aid?
Whom does the public turn to when their children fail to obtain scholarships and placement in universities?

When it comes to asking for favours, the public will turn to MCA. When it comes to casting their votes, the public decides that the opposition is more deserving. Whatever the decision, don't be goats/penguins. You don't have to jump off a cliff just because your leader/idol/peers does so.

Exercise your right cautiously.

*Note: The writer is politically neutral.