Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Life is full of surprises. Some are pleasant, some are not. Be it pleasant or otherwise, life has to go on. Some decisions that we make in life are relatively simple whilst other decisions are the opposite.

Decisions are inevitable in life. Whether or not we would like the outcome, a decision still has to be made. I am glad I made a decision that makes me happier with life. That decision had ended the most horrible experience that I had to endure. It showed the bad, ugly and hideous side of human nature. The true meaning of how far and low creations of God would go to attain momentary contentment. It revealed the true side of how twisted facts could be used to manipulate situations and to disencumber the object of aversion. It totally embodied the spirit of co-operation. A true eye-opener to mankind. The most miserable part of that episode is over and I am happy with my choice. I am glad that I had the wisdom to make that decision.

If all things are that simple, then it wouldn't be life. Life is full of ups and downs. When you think you have put and end to one thing, another pops up. There was another situation that I was faced with. One that I did not want to compromise. One that I had fought an extremely tiring and long battle with. It is not that I have given up but the situation does not permit me to carry on. It was a really painful and disheartening choice. One that I did not want to choose. The reason I made that decision is not because I have accepted defeat but because the battle was going nowhere. I didn't made that decision till the very last minute. I didn't give up. I am disappointed that I have to make that decision but at some point, it just has to be put to an end because of the circumstances.

Someone asked me this : "So you are giving up?". My answer is "No, I am not giving up on what I believe in". But deep down inside I am asking "Am I?". I am beginning to doubt myself too. Well, I suppose sometimes we would have to take the road less traveled. Some decisions although we try to evade, will have to be made for life has to go on. It is a Hobson's choice where there is no other option. That's the sucky part of life.

I suppose the saying "You can't get everything in life" is true. I never believed in that saying until I made this painful decision. At this point maybe I can't have everything I want but I will ensure that I get everything I want in life in future. It might be over for this round, but for the subsequent rounds, I am not giving in.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Ipod Scare

My Ipod made me frantic just now when it suddenly "pop-ed" and stop blinking when I was listening to songs. Panicked, I did everything to revive it. Even ran over to a friend to dock it to see if it has really reached it's end of life. And when docked it was negative. I was really upset. I thought I have lost my companion. Not wanting to give up on it,I docked it on it's dock and plugged it to my lappy when I got home. Now it's revived. Phew. What a close call. Don't ever scare me like that again.

Sunday, July 19, 2009


A mother and daughter were at an ice-cream stand in the mall when a familiar sight walked pass. That person upon seeing the daughter quickly turned away. The mother when she saw that person informed the daughter "Look, it's abalone", in a volume audible to those within a few inches from where they were standing. Abalone must have heard that. And now knows it's bestowed nickname.

Lesson: Never talk loud enough for everyone around you to hear unless you really intend for them to.