Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where Are All The Plumbers?

21 January 2015. Wet wet wet. Around seven something in the evening, I heard loud water splashing noise coming from upstairs. Thought someone have forgotten to turn off the shower again. Went upstairs to turn it off. In front of my eyes was a flooded toilet. Sound of water gushing like a waterfall could be heard from afar. Just then I knew, the leaky tap had gave way. I walked into the toilet and was sprayed all over that I couldn't even see a thing. Within seconds I was drenched. The water shot from the wall like "old faithful " . I ran to grab some rags to cover the gushing fountain. The rag couldn't hold back the force of the water that was shooting out of the wall. I quickly ran to grab another piece of rag. Tried pushing the rag into the hole to stop the water from spraying all over but the force forbade this action. Leaving me with no choice but to call mum. I was dripping from head to toe while waiting for mum to return. We then called the water authority for assistance but no one came to our rescue. We asked our neighbours for help. Fortunately, they came to our assistance. But they too couldn't stop the broken pipe from spraying. After over half an hour of battling, another neighbour who happens to be a wireman came home. Mum asked that neighbour to help turn off the main source. The reason we couldn't turn off the main source is because some idiot keep stealing the tap heads from the water source behind our houses. We asked one of the neighbors for the plumber's number several weeks back when the pipe started dripping. The neighbour said she would help call the plumber. The plumber couldn't be bothered to turn up. So as time passed, the leak got worse. Few days ago, it started spraying tiny shots of fountain. We asked for the plumber but still no one came. So mum stuck some piping tape around it to minimize the leak. It helped for a day. And today it could no longer take the pressure. The pipe broke off. Flooding the toilet. Now we are without water supply. The plumber finally came late in the evening but didn't do anything. He said he would come by tomorrow if he can find time. What do you mean if? We are without water supply now. And it seems he couldn't care less that our case is more severe than a house without a fan. Seriously, where are all the plumbers? And don't people know priorities? If there's a fire wouldn't it be logical to put out the fire first before writing a report about the fire? 

Thursday, January 15, 2015


There's a dead fly in my noodles. Yuck. Almost ate it. Eww. Hope I don't end up with food poisoning. 

Thursday, January 01, 2015