Thursday, October 29, 2015


Just like any ordinary day, I was brushing my teeth. Then I gargled and spit. It was then I saw the peculiar. The colour of the gargled water that was spit out is blue. My initial thought was it was the colour of the toothpaste. I continued gargling and spitting multiple times. Each time the spit water was blue. By that time, there wasn't anymore toothpaste in my mouth. Curious I fill my palm with water and proceed to gargle again. The colour of the spit water is still blue. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I looked at the toothpaste tube. No doubt, the toothpaste tube is blue in colour but the tooth paste is white. I called for reinforcement to confirm my findings. Reinforcement came and both of us were staring at the running tap water. It was indeed blueish. It was dark enough that it's visibly blue. Reinforcement went downstairs and turn on the tap. It wasn't visible on other colours but when it comes in contact with white things, it's clear that the water is indeed blue. If it was any stronger, we would have turned into smurfs. It is possible. Our conclusion is they must have added a whole lot of chlorine to the water source. But the water didn't smell of chlorine though. 

Friday, October 09, 2015

Driving License

I have never renewed my driving license personally. The normal procedure is to go to the post office to have it renewed. It is usually a laminated piece of paper without a photo on it. Anyway, don't know why, somehow I have no luck with decent looking photo for my ID. They have the worst photography skill at these places. Somehow they always make everyone look like goblins and ogres. My IC has a photo of me in really bad haircut and it is permanent. I really hate hairdressers. It's like they have a mission to make me ugly. The only decent looking ID photo that I have is my original driving license which was taken at a studio or an instant photo thing I can't remember. Only that photo doesn't resemble a illegal immigrant mugshot.

Anyway, there is a new protocol/rule/system (whichever is correct) that requires a photo to be included in the driving license and that it is no longer paper but plastic. I was told that they would take the photo of the driving license and incorporate it on the new plastic driving license. Alright. Don't have to take photo on the spot and don't have to go to photo studio for head-shot either (again if that is the right term. Probably should be passport photo).

So, I went to the post office to get my license renewed. There were about 10 people there. I got my number and it shows that I'm two person away from my turn. It should have been a really fast process. However, I waited close to an hour for my turn. Somehow, they were working at sloth pace and only two counters were operating. After waiting like forever, it came my turn. I walked over and told the person in charge that I would like to renew my driving license and handed him my expired driving license. He then asked for my ic. I thought it is for cross reference to prove that I am indeed that owner of the license. So I handed him my IC.

I was told to renew the license for three years so that I don't have to keep going back to the post office. Hence I told the guy at the counter to renew it for a three year term. Paid the fee and waited for my new license. Somehow that turn out to be the worst decision. Never listen to old people. I repeat NEVER!

 I don't know what possessed that counter guy, he chose my IC photo over my Driving license photo. Seriously, what's your deal dude? I only found out what he had done when he handed my license to me. Seriously jinxed. Now I'm stuck with the ugly photo license for three years. Damn it. Three fucking years. Not that I can go back and have it redone. Seriously annoyed. I can't exactly cut it up and go back and renew my driving license again. That means I will have to pay again.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Terrible Headache

Two days ago, I had a terrible headache. It started off as a mild discomfort earlier in the day. I should have taken a panadol when I felt a little headache. But I didn't. Reason being, I do not want to be immune towards it. I thought that it would pass with time. Boy was I wrong. It got from bad to worse as time progressed. I bear with the headache although it was getting worse. Dinner for the night was steamed chicken with black fungus. There's ginger and Chinese wine in it. I had my normal portion for dinner. It wasn't much compared to others. After dinner my headache got worse. It got painful to the extent that my nose and eye socket start to hurt. It has been a while since I have such bad headaches. I know this feeling. It's migraine. It was so painful that I took an iron tablet. As I was menstruating, these kind of headaches is often due to lack of blood. After taking the iron tablet, it didn't get any better. I started getting chills. So I had a cup of NescafĂ©. I start feeling unwell after having about half the cup of NescafĂ©. So I stopped and went upstairs. The headache was terrible. I couldn't even lie down. So I sat upright. I got really nauseous so I walk towards the toilet. Stood in front of the toilet bowl, but nothing came out. After a while, I walked back into my room. Sat down for a while. I started having goosebumps. Then the nausea came back. I walked towards the sink. Out came my vomit. It was clearly identifiable from the vomit what I had for dinner. The chicken and the black fungus bit could clearly be seen. I could still taste the Chinese wine too. I vomited quite a bit that it filled almost half the sink. I washed it down with running tap. But the drain hole decided to act up and it wouldn't go down. It was turning into a pool of vomit. I turned off the tap, reached my bare hands into the pool of vomit and tried to unclog the sink. Thinking of it while typing this still gross me out. I know it's my own vomit but I still feel gross. It took forever for it to go down. Then a big bucket of water was used to wash it down. After that I walked back into my room. I didn't feel any better. After sitting for a while, like 15-30 minutes, I felt nauseous again. My goosebumps appeared again. I walked towards the toilet. Stood in front of the toilet bowl. My stomach muscles start contracting. First round, nothing. Okay. Second round, nothing. Stomach keep contracting. Third time, out came the vomit. It was still the chicken and black fungus. I vomited quite a bit. I still didn't feel well. I walked back into my room and sat on my bed. My stomach began to act up. This time it was the back exit. I walked back into the toilet and did a big. While pooping, I felt like vomiting. Luckily I managed to hold it in and not vomit all over myself. After that I went back into my room. I took a packet of Chinese medicine ( fong sar yuen). About 10 minutes after taking the Chinese medicine, I felt like vomiting again. I went into the toilet and vomited again. It is still the chicken and black fungus. This time coupled with yellowish greenish stuff, presumably gut juice. All in all, in about an hour and a half or so, from midnight, I have vomited thrice and almost crapped myself during one of the vomit session. I didn't dare take panadol for fear of the effect of mixing medicine. So I tried to sleep the headache away.