Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday Night Fright

Last night was one of the most frightening event that I have encountered. Several days ago, the water heater decided to go on long service leave. But before it does so, it decided to have a memorable farewell by spewing piping hot water on one of the user ( not me). The user was startled by the steaming hot water that splashed on her when she turned on the shower. Fearing that we might be electrocuted and be sent to our maker, we have to stop using the heater in the upstairs bathroom and switch to the spare heater downstairs. The spare heater downstairs is rarely used. In fact it has hardly been used since the bathroom renovation many years back.

Anyway everything was fine for the past few days( yes the electrical shop could not dispatch someone to install the new water heater). Until that fateful Friday night ( aka last night). The first half of the shower was well. Then I washed my hair. It was fine until I was almost done rinsing my hair. I was bent with my head near the drainage hole when I spotted something at the corner of my eye. I immediately straighten up an took a better look at it. All hell broke loose.

There it was wobbling on the door pane near the drainage hole.My reflex action was: scream. I was caught in a small vicinity with a " drunk invader cockroach" butt naked and wet. I shrieked and scream until mum came to my aid. She told me to open the door. I dare not as it was right there by the door. The shower in my hand accidentally sprinkled the stupid cockroach when I scream in panic. It then hit me that the cockroach might fly at me if startled.

I dared not turn off the shower as it was my only weapon. I quickly reached for the door to unlock it to let my saviour in to my rescue. At the same time I reached for my towel. When I got hold of my towel and was about to wrap it round me I was frightened by a brownish patch ( resembling the cockroach) on the towel. I freaked out, screamed and threw the towel away and it landed near the cockroach. It slipped my mind that it's my hair clips that I clipped on the side of the towel as there was no where to place them when I washed my hair. With nothing to cover myself and stuck in the toilet with the stupid cockroach all I could do was scream and shriek in fear.

When my mum walked in and saw me with the shower in my hands and screaming she asked where it is. I pointed it out to her but she didn't see it and told me to step out of the toilet. I pointed at the direction of my towel ( which is on the floor now). She then ran upstairs to get me another towel, leaving me behind with the cockroach. Another few minutes of fear and anguish.

When she emerged with the towel, the moronic roach sauntered slowly out of the toilet. It walked slowly beside my mum's foot towards the store. I quickly wraped the towel around me and ran upstairs. Mum then sprayed the area with insecticide. Moments later she discovered 7-8 roaches emerging from their Friday night fiesta out of nowhere. That moronic roach must have been drunk and wandered into the toilet to puke.

This morning my mum discovered another batch of dead " hangover" cockroaches near that area. The past few days of heavy rain must have lead those idiots to seek shelter in human houses. Why of all places do they have to choose mine and disrupt the tranquility of my abode? Pests. Blergh. Screw you insects.

Second batch (taken with fear)

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Lame Excuse To Simply Charge

Telcos these days brag about providing the best and most cost effective plans for the users. Customized to users needs. Blah blah. Bullshit. How does one get charged for 3G when one does not even have a data plan? On top of that to double charge? What a way to con users. How can the telco charge when the user did not authorize for a data plan to be activated? No one is buying your lame excuse that it's automatic these days. Don't use this as a lame excuse to simply charge. Green monster.

Thursday, August 09, 2012

Another "Bom"

My mother told me something unexpected today. She bumped into the mother of my former schoolmate. My classmate's mother later handed invitation cards to my mother. Turns out my classmate is getting married. Her mother was really delighted over her wedding and was telling my mother about it. Her mother exclaimed that it is an arranged marriage and she was the one that arranged it. I am happy for her as she will be starting another chapter of her life. I wish her a blissful marriage. Hope my mother won't have funny ideas and come up with something similar.

Extreme sore throat & cough

My cough has developed into unstoppable, irritating fits of cough. Every few minutes I'll cough my lungs out. There is no phlegm,purely dry cough. Each time I cough my throat hurts so badly. On top of the cough, there's fever and sneezing. The cough fit has officially returned. Please go away. I'm losing my voice.

Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Sore Throat

For the past few days,my ears have been itching.The itching will normally attack during the night. Which resulted in a swallowing like motion that I normally do to ease the itch. That however I think has resulted in my throat being sore. Hence throughout the night I have been drinking water to soothe it and making several trips to the washroom as a result. When I got up this morning, my throat hurts. It's as though it has been scrapped by a sharp object. The sore throat has develpoed into a cough now. Sigh. Looks like I'll be going through a cough cycle again.


The 2012 London Olympics is nearing its end and sadly I am not in London to feel the Olympic spirit. In fact I didn't manage to watch the opening ceremony. Neither did I manage to catch any of the events.

Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Big Pau

Flower big Pau with "surgery marks".

Saturday, August 04, 2012

4 August 2012

Happy Birthday Jang Geun Suk. 생일 축하 장근석

Planet Dream advertisement

Thursday, August 02, 2012

Polaroid Shot

Yesterday, I made a trip to the immigration to renew my passport. As always, the immigration is packed. I queued up at the counter to get a number. When it was my turn, I handed my form along with my ID and photos to the immigration personnel for preliminary approval and to obtain a queue number. The migration personnel looked through my "documents" then asked : " when was this photo taken?" . I replied " last year". He then told me to go to the photo booth outside the immigration to take my photo. Out of curiosity of why he didn't approve my photo I asked " why? Is it because of the different hairstyle?". He then said that the photo can't be taken more than 6 months. I then went to the photo booth in the immigration vicinity to get my instant shot. Bummer. My hair was like a shaggy dog covering my eyes and I didn't have makeup on. I wasn't even wearing a collared top. My hair has always been stubborn. It never appears how I want it to. To make things worse I didn't even have a comb nor any pins in my bag. I tried sweeping my fringe to a side but it refuses to stay put. There wasn't a tap around hence I couldn't make it hold temporarily while the photo is taken. When the booth operator opened the door, I asked her whether I can borrow a hairpin. She handed me one and I pinned my hair to a side. I was telling my mum that I resembled a aborigine or a maid. I suppose the booth operator heard me. When it was my turn to have my photo taken I asked her whether my hair was ok. She replied " those 2 outside have worse haistyle". She then pushed the token in and my photo was taken. She then asked me to return the hair pin and pay prior to giving me the photos. There were a lot of people queuing up at the booth to have their photo taken. Almost 90% of the people that went to the immigration that day were told to have their photo retake at the photo booth that day. When I went back into the immigration building to get my number, I overheard 2 uncles in front if me say to each other that hey were made to retake their photos too. Very smart way of monopolizing.