Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Nose strip

Had my first successful attempt with a nose strip. The first attempt failed because the strip was overdue I think. Boy was I wrong to think that it won't hurt. My eyes teared when I pulled it off. And I did it real slow. It felt like an eternity while removing it. The result was: a clean strip and a very sore and red nose area. Here's the proof.

Monday, April 29, 2013


According to a myth, a person's birthmark indicates where they have been killed in their past life. If that is true, than I most probably had been stabbed to death from behind. No wonder I get backstabbed all the time. It's not easy being me.

Sunday, April 28, 2013


So is the leg on each others back part of the dance routine? Dancing with the giraffes.

Saturday, April 27, 2013


There was an explosion in the kitchen a little while ago. Mum was opening a can and it suddenly exploded. It was so loud that it could be heard upstairs. Never knew can food could explode. Moreover it's just a can of preserved longan.

Friday, April 26, 2013

S4 Launched

Squeal!!!!! It's finally launched. Who is kind enough to sponsor me?

Friday, April 19, 2013

Bimbo Politics

Politics is in the air. Everywhere, everyone is suddenly experts in politics. Really baffling. People who normally behave like cowards are suddenly pro politics. Fighting for rights. Seriously? Rolls Eyes.

Anyway,there was a little chat on politics between me and a friend of mine yesterday. It wasn't intended but he happens to be really into politics lately. It was all because of an error in a game.

Friend: I checked. It's supposed to be LV. But mixed up. email to complain.

Me: You playing the game? Or programmer? (Blah Blah)

Friend: Try. It's a small company. Email directly to the creators.

Me: You have been in UK too long.

And that sentence sparked the whole politic laced with insult lecture. And why do I tolerate that? Well, that's because I'm the bigger person. Always have been.

Friend: What that got to do?

Me: Brits like to complain. Lol

Friend: Lol. Not really. Just a little more than Malaysians but not more than Americans. But not complain. more like take action. Malaysians complain but no action.

Me: You are Malaysian. Chill.

Friend: Chill your face.

Me: Who? Why so rude?

Friend: Keep saying chill for what?

Me: Cause you are getting all defensive. Going to war?

Friend: Exactly. It's annoying that you think that.

Me: you sound like that.

Friend: Have you registered to vote?

Fast forward conversation.

Me: Why can't our politicians look like Thai politicians?

Friend: Huh...Thai? What? Bimbo warning...

Me: Who are you calling bimbo?

Friend: You, for seeing the world in such simplistic view.

Me: I'm not agreeing to how they rule. I'm referring to the appearance. More pleasant looking.

Friend: I'm assuming they look like boy band right? That's bimbo 101 right there.

Me: Ya Ya Genius.

Friend: It's okay. you vote, you can complain.

Friend: And the last (country withheld) PM was a dick.

Me: A good looking dick.

And so that is politics to us.

Seriously, they should appoint more pleasant looking people to be politicians. Why appoint people that look like cunning perverts? Afterall, we have to "face" them for the following term that they serve.

We've Got Tonight

Heard this song on Glee S4 while channel surfing. Then it somehow got stuck in my head. Sounds like something Westlife would sing. I was wrong though. It was Ronan Keating (not entirely wrong since he was at one time Westlife's manager, or something like that). The Original singer was Kenny Rogers. Ha, I finally know a song by Kenny Rogers and not just the restaurant.


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comment On My Previous Post

Look what someone posted in the comment of my previous post. I was lamenting on my goner phone and this person is telling me to buy a prada bag. Well, I would gladly accept the bag.

Monday, April 15, 2013


My phone is possessed. Each time I opened an app, it will shut it down before the app could even be displayed. It also has a tendency to hang so when there's a call, I couldn't answer it. Basically, I can't do anything with the phone anymore. Not even check the time as the idiot proof button is not working. Sad. Apple, why your products not durable?

Sunday, April 14, 2013


I don't normally play games that the majority plays. But there's this one game that I happened to play. It's rather addictive and makes the player kiasu (i.e. become overwhelmed with fear of losing). It's a guessing game called Icomania. It drives me nuts when I can't guess the "picture". Hence, I did a little cheating by asking a friend for assistance.

This friend won't give me the answer directly. Instead he resorts to giving hints. This really drives me up the wall. Already anxious for an answer and yet someone is withholding it. One day, I asked for and answer to the game. As usual he gave me a hint. When I manage to solve it, he said bingo. Then I asked him whether he has heard of the song "B-I-N-G-O". He said he has never heard of it. (Pffttt, every kid has).

Me: You will know it when you buy a kids' songs album for your kid.

He then asked :Why is everyone talking about kids these days?

Me: Well, that's because most of the people we know are already settled down and many with kids already. And you are not exactly 18 anymore (*We are not of the same age).

Anyway, I searched for the song and sent the link to him for reference.

Me: You can't exactly sing Gangnam Style or Harlem shake as lullaby for your kids.

He rebutted :Computer assisted. I'll let YouTube do it.

Me: Maybe YouTube will cease to exist then. Try programming the song into the microwave, so each time you heat up something the song will play.Then you can sing along.

Monday, April 08, 2013

Another Stupid Dream

A couple of days ago, I had a stupid dream. I was at this mall after lunch. I was walking and decided to take a shortcut. I walked into an "alley" between two shops. Halfway through the alley I realised that it's a dead end. Hence, I turned around and walked out. But the alley was locked by this barricade like grill. I remember seeing a black guy near the alley when I walked in and he must have locked me in. As I approached the grill, the black guy opened it and let me out. I walked away. Not long after I left the alley I realised that I'm being followed by that black guy.

I quickened my pace. I walked towards a crowd and followed them down an escalator. Then I realised that the escalator was heading towards the dumpster. I wanted to just follow the crowd but the stench was just unbearable. As soon as I reached the ground, I took the escalator back up. At the corner of my eye, I spotted the black guy. He was lurking nearby. So I rushed through the mall and quickly walked towards the hotel. But no matter how fast I walk, something seems to be dragging me down and that black guy seems to be closer. I dashed towards the hotel main entrance and I saw that he took the side door. Then a group of men in business suit walked by, so I followed them. They were heading towards another narrow place. I was frantically looking for an exit,but everywhere I went seems to be a dead end. Seeing that there's no exit, I turned around and ascended the escalator from the narrow dead end. Took a quick glance to see whether the black guy is still there. He was. I hid behind the partition. When he wasn't looking, I quickly dashed into a lift. Then I woke up.

Brain, why won't you let me rest? Why don't you "create" pleasant dreams? What was the message that you were trying to send? To be aware of black guys?

Sunday, April 07, 2013

That Winter The Wind Blows OST Piano

While looking up the songs for this drama, I came across these tutorial (don't know what it's called). It's done by a person whose username is jgmb829. It's a Smule version of the songs. Really talented. Very nice of this person to share.

A Winter Story (The One) (Piano)


Snow Flower (by Gummy) Piano



Taeyeon - And One



Saturday, April 06, 2013

That Winter The Wind Blows OST

It's undeniable that Koreans are really good at composing songs. Love songs and sad songs in particular. Often, it is the song that makes their show a hit more than the story line itself.

That Winter The Wind Blows OST

This is the theme song of this show. Sung by an unknown singer (okay, maybe just unknown to me). The melody of this song is so sad that it fits the female lead's persona and plight. The title : Winter Love. Singer: The One (더원). Not too sure about the title though since there are several titles linked to this song on Youtube.


Another song in the show. Also very touching. Sung by another not so famous singer (again perhaps it's just unknown to me). Title: Snowflake (눈꽃). Singer: Gummy.


This is sung by Super Junior's Yesung according to the people on Youtube. Don't know much about Super Junior cause there are too many in a group and they look pretty much the same to me.

Title: 먹지 (Gray Paper)Singer :Yesung


Monday, April 01, 2013

April Fool

Brown cat: Look, fish.

Orange cat: Where?

Brown cat: pfft.... Evil laugh