Friday, April 16, 2010

Post-Purchase Disonance

Murphy's Law has always been synonymous with my haircuts. According to Murphy's Law "If anything can go wrong, it will". The same theory applies to every haircut that I get. It never turns out right. Regardless of which hairstylist I go to, professionally acclaimed ones, costing a bomb, the end product is always the same...DISSAPOINTING and DISASTROUS.

The current phase that I am going through is known as Post-Purchase Disonance. Post- Purchase Disonance is whereby, after a purchase, the consumer deliberates whether or not they have made the correct decision in purchasing a particular product and might feel that an alternative would have been a more preferable choice.

I am currently deliberating whether or not I have done the right thing in getting the haircut. Perhaps I should have just kept the hair for a little longer. The thing is, my "fringe" was long and I was starting to look like a red indian. (No offence to the red indians. Just trying to describe my hair). But I suppose it is much better than looking like a country bumpkin-retard now. Why do the hairstylist with "professional" certification, acclaimed expertise and years of experience never fail to make me look like crap? Why is it so difficult for them to give me nice, decent, and presentable haistyles?

There should be an accreditation board to govern the hairstyling industry and a benchmark should be set as to what falls under the constituence of decent and presentable. Perhaps it should be more like the professional bodies of Accounting whereby there are accounting standards to govern the profession and those practising it needs to abide with the standards set. Hairstylists that do not abide by the standards would have their licenses revoked or pay a hefty penalty. Hairstylists should also be banned from claiming themselves as professionals unless they have passed the examinations as what accountants go through to get their professional status. Hairstylists should also be compelled to attend improvement courses annually to retain their professional titles lest their skills and standard deteriorate.

Argh!!!... What can I do about my hair now? Frustrating. Emo big time.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

I'm Back

Howdy, I'm back from the non-blogging break. Computer died on me in the previous post. Technically it didn't die entirely. Just got totally blind on one side which make things really difficult. Perhaps that is called "died" or "dead". Anyway, nothing much to say in this entry. Just wanted to announce that I'm back from the hiatus.

Goodness, it is really hot! So hot that makes one wanna take off all clothes and jump into the sea or a pool to cool off (just metaphorically speaking). Anyway, the water would be too hot and it would be akin to dipping in a boiling pot of water. The weather is killing me.

*Written using new baby. Loving it!