Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Bad Decision

I was hungry around 10.30pm, so I decided to have some instant noodles. Ever since Mamee started making all their instant noodles "mi tarik", we stop buying them. We dislike the texture of the noodles that seems like it's uncooked even after being cooked for 15-20 minutes. My favorite pork flavoured Thai noodles is not available in supermarkets because it is pork flavour, and it is normally only available in the market. But due to not many people being aware of this awesome flavoured noodle, it is now a rare sight in the market as well. So back to my supper story. I'm sick of the chicken flavour noodles, so I thought of swapping the chicken flavour seasoning with Tom yam flavouring. Because I was really hungry, I decided to add an egg. It was a bad decision. First, when it came out of the microwave, it was too bland. All I could taste was the egg. Blegh. So added a bit more of the Tom yam flavouring to the noodles. Still it doesn't taste nice. So mum suggested that I add the chicken seasoning to the noodles. Boy did it taste weird. Not to mention too salty and sour. Really need to find new flavour of instant noodles . Will somebody please bring in the Thai pork flavoured noodle. Really sick of the usual curry, Tom yam , laksa , chicken, vegetarian , Korean, pepper, seafood, flavoured noodles. 

Tuesday, June 24, 2014


I'm rather annoyed with iTunes. It is all because lappy was reformatted, and became blank as a sheet. Then somehow iTunes sort of changed. I tried to add some songs to the iPod but still couldn't manage to get anything into the iPod. Stupid. So I was randomly clicking around in iTunes. Trying to transfer the iPod's contents to iTunes so that I won't lose anything when I sync iTunes with the  iPod. Somehow it is an anal process. Regardless of what I did, nothing works. I'd even authorized the computer as per the iTunes description. Nothing works. So I tried signing in. Somehow my password didn't seem to work. So it prompt iTunes to direct me to the forgot password step. Due to the anal password requirement, was forced to come up with a password that is difficult to remember. Whoever came up with this requirement for password setting, fuck you. Because I was directed to this step, all my devices had to adopt this new password. Should have aborted the process. Sigh. I foresee myself forgetting this new password the next time I'm asked for it. Screw you iTunes. Not only the mission to get new songs into the iPod fail, now all my other device have to use this new password. Anal. Seriously pissed. Not user friendly at all. 

Sunday, June 22, 2014

New Found Talent

*Ahem (Clears Throat)

Given a couple of years ago, I would have scorn at the idea of myself listening to Chinese music, let alone downloading them. But I guess time and age does change a person. Things that were once avoided, may be something that you embrace now. Touch wood.  But..but.. I have to clarify, I'm not Cina-fied.

I can't read a word of Chinese nor can I write Chinese. However, unbeknownst to others, I'm rather fluent in speaking.  I can actually converse pretty well, if you don't take into account the grammatical errors of proper Chinese. People are actually surprised when I reply them in Chinese. Many think that I don't understand and will gossip and bad mouth using Mandarin and other dialects.

Anyway, there are several songs that have been playing on tv repetitively and somehow sort of etch in my memory. So, without knowing the title and singer, I randomly googled them (using words that I hear repeated throughout the song - which is probably the title) in English and resorting to my lousy pinyin (not Chinese characters) when the search result doesn't meet my expectations. I managed to locate what I was searching for and downloaded them. Pats back. There is however one song that is merged together with another song. No other search results appeared apart from the one that I found. So I googled cut song and randomly select one. Viola. Managed to cut the song. *Proud of self.

Kids nowadays who happen to read this will mock me and laugh. Bitch please, we did this when we were 3.

Thursday, June 19, 2014


I don't know why I always encounter freaky things. I'm always the one that comes face to face with a cockroach or some giant ass bug or a big monitor lizard climbing the window or some weird stuff. Again this happened in the evening today. We were mixing the batter and in the process of poring the batter into the mould to be baked. It wasn't intentional, at that particular moment, I walked towards the living room and there it was. Scaling the wall. A giant centipede. I called out to my mum to come help catch it. She too was stunned by the size of the centipede. She panicked, picked up a slipper and smack it on the centipede. It wriggled from beneath the slipper towards the floor. With swift moves it ran towards hiding. Mum started screaming and told me to bring the insecticide. I brought a pair of tongs and the insecticide. I was spraying at the centipede when mum snatched the can of insecticide from me. She sprayed like almost half the can of insecticide at the running centipede. The swift centipede ran like Usain Bolt and tried to escape. It was really fast although it was injured by the slipper smack. It ran towards the crack between the floor and the wall. So there's where it came from. Mum chased after it and managed to defeat it. Killing it. Victory. It was about the length of a small ruler (a.k.a. 15 cm) and quite fat. Too bad I didn't have my phone with me. Sometimes it just feels like we're living in a rainforest. This reminds me of some post that I came across regarding a centipede that killed a snake by cutting through the snake's body while it was being swallowed. Creepy creature. Fortunately no one was injured while catching the centipede just now. Here's a photo of the centipede that killed the snake to make up for not having a photo of the giant centipede that "visited" us just now.

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Gender and Race

After receiving several emails from Nuffnang, I decided to log in to have a look. I have not log in since I set up the account (that was many years ago). Assuming that I still remember the username and password, I log in. What appeared was Incorrect username and password. Tried again. Incorrect username and password. Never mind. Forget it. Then I saw the Forgot Password link, so I just clicked on that. Everyone knows what happens next. I managed to sign in to Nuffnang. I was randomly clicking then I landed in the profile or personal settings page. Something caught my eye. At the Race column it is set to Malay. How on earth for someone with a name like mine ended up being Malay? And to add to that the Gender was set at Male. What on Earth. Does Nuffnang set everyone's Race And Gender to Malay and Male by default? This is shocking. Today I discovered from Nuffnang that I'm a MaLay dude. 

Very funny people. 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Parenting Skill

When I first saw this a week or so ago, I laughed really hard. This father posted a photo of his badly scribbled/drawn/vandalised passport with a caption saying he's stuck at the airport thanks to his son. After the initial laughing, I couldn't help but think, why would anyone leave important things like passport within reach of children? Why didn't he check his passport earlier before he left for the airport? Did the child receive any punishment for vandalising? Is it right for current day parenting to eliminate spanking and disciplining altogether? How would you react if you are in this parent's shoes?

Father's Day

Happy Father's Day.

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Be Careful Of What You Put Into Your Mouth

There is a myth/urban legend/ black magic that is believed to be able to make anyone fall for you, regardless of how hideous or horrid you are, once that person eats what you serve. It is said that many women (namely from a certain race that can't be disclosed) practice this, to get their target to fall head over heels for them and to remain loyal. This practice is known as nasi kangkang. I've heard stories about this back in school but never given much thought about this. If you have to go through all these hassle of cooking and standing over the food, just to get someone to like you, then you are really sad. Love doesn't have to be so pitiful. If it is meant to be, nothing can stop it. Recently, I browsed through some blogs and came across an entry by a famous blogger regarding this topic. Found the entry quite funny. However, no one mentioned anything about a remedy. What if things go wrong? How do you fix it? For example: What if it is meant for someone else, and another person eats it? Then, it would be wrong target. If you get what I mean. In short, be careful of what you put into your mouth. Especially if someone keeps cooking food for you and that person is not your mother. LOL

Monday, June 09, 2014

Saturday, June 07, 2014

I Hate Summer

I seriously hate summer. Seriously the worst season. Super big sun and unbearable heat. It's hot anytime of the day. Most of all, it makes me sweat. I hate to sweat. Sweating causes skin irritation. For the past few days, my skin has been flaring with rashes and itches like mad. Because it itches so badly, I've been scratching and that resulted in sores /lesions. I seriously don't get how people can enjoy basking in the sun. I, for one, hate being under the sun. I would avoid it at all cause. If there is anything I hate more than betrayal, that would be the sun. Why do I have to have sensitive skin? Why do I have to be born into the wrong skin? Oh, sweating makes me temperamental. Who doesn't become temperamental when you are scratching yourself like a monkey?

Thursday, June 05, 2014

Snatch Theft

5 June 2014. A neighbour told mum that someone was mugged/robbed/encounter with snatch thieves in broad daylight (around 3pm) in our housing area. More specifically, in front of her house a couple doors down. She was driving back to her house and just stopped her car in front of her house. Two motorcycles, comprising four people surrounded her vehicle on both sides. The smashed her car windows with wrench and snatched her handbag. She screamed for help but they just sped off. Because the people in the neighbourhood tend to speak really loud, and most of the time sound like they are quarrelling, no one noticed. The lady then called the police. People that pass her vehicle were perplexed as to why it was parked almost at the middle of the road with the door opened. The lady then explained that she was robbed/mugged/victim to snatch theft. She didn't shut the damaged car door as it has the fingerprints of the culprits and she is waiting for the cops to arrive. News spread fast. Soon everyone in the neighbourhood know about the story and more and more busybodies (namely housewives) started going to her for more details. Everyone was waiting for the cops to arrive to witness the forensic search. They waited, and waited, and waited. One by one, started to head home after waiting for close to an hour. Still no sign of the police. The police station is actually less than five minutes drive from our housing area. After several hours, there was still no sign of the police. The sky was getting darker and it seems like it was going to pour. The nosy housewives managed to snoop the latest outcome. The victim after waiting for hours, and not see any trace of the cops, had to go to the police station to lodge a report. However, it doesn't end there. At the police station, she was told to go to another police station which was in the city centre, to lodge the report (reason unknown). Question: I have never lodge a report at the police station so I'm  clueless. Why can't the nearest police station record the incident? Why does the case have to be diverted to a police station that is so out of the way, to record the case? Why didn't the police come to the crime scene?

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

If You Like It, Put A Ring On It

One of the best stories ever told. Perhaps there should be a law to make this legal as a punishment to cheaters.

Monday, June 02, 2014

Duan Wu Jie/ Dumpling Festival

It is said that during this day, at 12 noon, you can place an egg on it's end and it will stand (for half an hour). I tried and it really stood for half and hour, then it fell to its side. Here's the proof.