Friday, November 17, 2006

Monday, November 13, 2006


There was a bunch of girls whom I met during my freshman year in college. A nasty bunch as a matter of fact. Especially the leader. Anyway, that's a story for another day. We were in the same group for several assignments. During a meeting for one of the assignments, the girls were yakking about something. It was regarding babies.

This girl is the nasty leader's sidekick or should I say the right-hand man (woman in this case but I don't think that's such thing as right-hand woman). Anyway this girl said something that till this day still amazes me. She was commenting on something about producing twins and so on. Then suddenly she said "FOURPLET". It really stunned me.

Given that this girl hail from a school renown for it's english proficiency. Such a powerful term came from her. It's just ....well astonishing. Fourplet. Why didn't the poeple thought of that when coming up with terms for a "group" of babies conceived and born at the same time. (Of course not literally. We all know that it is not possible for all the babies to come out from the uterus at the same time. Not even through a c-section.)

Well the new discovery. This is how we are supposed to call them. The list below lists how the "group" of babies should be call according to the numbers conceived.

Two babies conceived in the same pregnancy = Twoplet

Three babies conceived = Triplet

Four babies = Fourplet

Five babies = Fiveplet

Six babies = Sixplet

That's really easy. Thanks girl. You Rawk!!!

(* In case you are wondering what I'm talking about Fourplet = quadruplets. Just in case you are as surprised as I was.)

Saturday, November 11, 2006


To catch a butterfly, you have to be be gentle. If you grab it too hard, you'll crush it. Likewise if you don't hold it when it lands on your hand, it will fly away.

A butterfly is a very deceitful creature. Tantalising people with it's beautiful colours. Trying to attract attention all the time. Seducing people to look at it by flying into their faces, flapping their wings like there's no tomorrow. Apart from that, it also has a very bad character. It never stays loyal. Hopping from flower to flower. Sucking all the nectar with all it's might to quench it's neverending lust and "thirst". It also causes massive destruction. Leaving behind it's next of kin for vengence. Eating into the lives of plants that gave it life support. That's the way they repay those who have been good to them.

Notice any resemblance between the butterfly and the human life? A butterfly is like a man. Cheating on all the ladies. Taking advantage and using the weaker sex for their own benefit. Hopping from one female to another. After that leaving behind their seeds to eat into the lives of the poor girl who let them in.

I say crush the butterfly and spray them with bug spray.