Tuesday, May 30, 2006


These dumplings are not those dumplings with meat and all in it. Those with pork and walnuts and salted egg yolk are called bak chang.These are plain and you eat them with syrup. The syrup is made of brown sugar and some other ingredient. They are called kee chang.

This is how the dumpling looks like when it is stripped (unwrapped).

And that is how you eat it. Add syrup to the dumplings. Notice that not much syrup is added. That's because the stingy seller only provides a tiny packet of syrup for the load of dumplings bought. Wonder what they do with the leftover syrup? Use it as face mask? Maybe they use it for spa. And for a tiny dumpling like this, it costs RM 0.60. Depending on where it is bought.

That's why you have to savor it slowly and picture it. haha.

Sunday, May 28, 2006


Ever wonder what the meters on the car dashboard serves as? I always thought that they serve to tell the speed at which the vehicle is travelling. It has always been since the creation of the first car. Well, that's what I thought.

Anyway, I think I might have been wrong all these while. Those meters in the car used to face the driver (you know direct face contact sort of way). Nowadays they are found in numerous other positions. They can still be found facing the driver. They can also be found facing the driver's side. It can be on the right or left (depending which side the steering wheel is located).

For a country where the steering wheel is located on the right, the augmented positioned meter faces the driver's left. This means the passenger sitting next to the driver can't see it.

While these meters seves as speed telling instruments to us, some might think otherwise. Most girls think that it's a form of display shelf where they can display all the cute, little plush toys their partners gave them. The religeous think of it as an altar (whereby miniature gods are worshipped).

The British apparently views it in a different manner. It serves as a toy, especially to middle aged men (or should I say man - referring to a particular individual). Something to keep them entertained throughout the journey. This particular Brit was one curious 'cat'. He was in a car which meter faces the driver's left side. Therefore he couldn't read it (see the meter move). To quench his 'curiosity', he attempt to reposition the meter (that is to make the meter face him).

Much to the car owner's horror, we don't know whether the meters on the dashboard in Britain are rotate-able. But certainly doesn't rotate for ours. There you have it. A new discovery by a middle-aged Brit. A dash speedometer-cum-toy that will keep you entertained for hours. I suppose the car inventor didn't know about that either.