Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bad Service

Little did I know that we have to put up with rude behaviour when we go for a haircut. Bad haircut is a given, but bad attitude? I walked into Alex Wong hair saloon which I frequent for a long postponed haircut. When I stepped into the saloon, I was literally being ignored. No one bothered. Then the boss asked if I'm here for a haircut or for other service (i.e. Perm, dye, etc.). I replied, a haircut and he told me to have a sit. So I randomly picked a chair and sat. After a while, my usual hairstylist came and started to cut my hair. After he was done, he asked if I wanted to wash and blow my hair, and I said yes. He told me to wait a while and he walked towards another customer. After waiting for some time, the hairstylist told a shampoo girl to wash my hair. She walked towards me and asked if I wanted to wash my hair. So I replied yes. She walked to get the shampoo. When she returned, she tucked the towel around my neck and into the "collar" of my top in a rough manner. She then proceeded to lather shampoo on my head. She just kept scratching and massaging the top of my head. Barely touched the bottom. After a short while, she stopped and poked my shoulder motioning me to go to the "shower" area. So I put down the magazine that I was reading and followed her. She washed my hair with cold water. She didn't even asked whether I wanted warm water hair wash. She kept washing the front portion of my head and totally ignored the back. So I asked her politely if she could wash the back of my head. She immediately said "oh, your head is itchy?" And proceeded to scratch the back of my head hardly while spraying water at the back. Through that episode, she wet the back of my top. She then shut the water and tap my shoulder, motioning me to go back to my seat. She then came to me and shoved a towel down the back of my top. Because the top that I was wearing was not lose the whole top was choking me. So I pulled it down. She returned and turned on the hair dryer and started drying the back of my top to cover up her mistake. She turned off the hair dryer and shoved a flat comb at my face and said " part your own hair" all the while shaking the comb. I took the comb and parted my hair and she proceeded to blow dry my hair. When she was almost done, the hairstylist told her to complete the blow with a hair straightener. She did as she was told. Pull, straighten and throw. So my heated hair was covering my face. As I was having a very bad allergic reaction, my skin was flared. The hot hair was making the rash outbreak worse. So I gingerly pushed my hair away from my flared face with a finger. She gave me an irritated face so I told her that it's hot. In fact! I did not have to explain to her. It was her moronic action to cover any customer's face with hot hair. After she was done, she put down the hair straightener and walked away. The hairstylist looked over and told her to curl the ends properly. She returned not happy. And took another hair straightener and curled the back of my hair again. Tugging hard. After curling, she walked away again. So I stood up and was about to walked to the cashier. The hairstylist looked up again so I asked whether is there anymore touch up. He looked at my hair and said no. So he told that shampoo girl to bring me a mirror. He told me to take a sit. She came back with a portable mirror. Shoved the mirror in my hands and spun my chair around. Like roulette. I was facing the big mirror and the individual seat counter before that. Her hard spin made me face the shower area. I was stunned. I don't even know how to react. The hairstylist who witnessed all this madness quickly rushed over and try to patch up. He told me to view the back of my hair with the mirror in my hands and asked if I am satisfied with the cut. I told him yes. And he said thank you. So I walked towards the cashier to pay and leave. This is by far the worst treatment that I have encountered at a hair salon. Rudeness for no reason. I didn't even scold her for her horrible service. Neither did I complain to her boss. She is simply venting on me for no reason. You have a row with your boss, just quit. Why vent it on me? Just because I'm nice doesn't imply that you can step all over me. Bitch. 

Monday, December 07, 2015


Had another genius moment again. Laptop and Ipad was on simultaneously. My eyes were fixated on the ipad. My fingers were scrolling. Hmm... why isn't the ipad responding? Scroll ...scroll. Hmm... what's wrong? Why isn't it moving? Look up from the ipad. Saw that my hand was on the mouse, scrolling away. GENIUS.

Saturday, November 14, 2015


I have a bucket obsession. Michael Kors Greenwich bucket... Looks good in every colour.

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Poor Unfortunate Soul

Mum told me about this story which happened on Saturday. It was around 7 am on Saturday, when she just got up, she heard loud cries of a little girl. She rushed out of the house in her pyjamas to find a girl under twelve, all dressed up carrying a little bag, crying in panic. The girl was calling out to her immediate neighbour or perhaps to anyone at all, frantically because she was late for school. The conversation that took place between mum and the little girl:

Girl: Aunty, uncle, Aunty Uncle (when no one responded to her calls, she started crying)

Mum : (dashed out of the house looking around for the source of cries)

Little girl upon seeing my mum

Girl: I don't have a phone. I can't contact my uncle. He promised that his friend would pick me up. I am late for school. (continues crying)

So, mum rushed back into the house to get her phone. She quickly slip into more presentable clothes before stepping out of the house again.
when she got out of the house, she saw a car stopped outsede the little girl's house. In the car was a young couple. Mum quickly approached them. Before she could even ask them anything, the couple said that they would take care of things from here. They were in the car with the girl for a while. Then, the girl got off and the couple drove off. Not long after, the couple returned with a packet (assuming it's food) and handed it to the girl.

The question starts here.

Where is the little girl's family? Why is a child under twelve left unattended home alone. Has she been alone all this while? Where are the adults?

Then the story starts unfolding as the nosy neighbours starts telling the story. This neighbour who lives two doors down heard this from the tuition teacher cum daycare center that this little girl's parents are divorced. Her mother has custody of her younger sister while her father has custody of her. She is usually on her own because her irresponsible father rather spend his precious time flirting and courting with his new girlfriend than to take care of her. She is left home alone till his brother (which is the little girl's uncle) return from work. Sometimes, her uncle would bring her out for dinner. Other times, which is most of the time, she is left unattended. What happens is, this little girl would go to the daycare center after school for tuition. When she gets home, she would start cooking her own meal which is one pot meal using the rice cooker with whatever ingredients that she can find.

It can be possible that, she might have run out of ingredients to prepare anything for herself and that she is really hungry. It could also be because she was late for school and the person who promised her uncle that he/she would pick this girl up for school did not show up, so she panicked. It could also be that she might miss out on a school excursion (which is a big deal for her since she never gets to go anywhere).

The neighbours also reveal that they sometime pass some food to her because they are afraid that she is starving and also out of pity after knowing her story.

How can the adults leave her unattended in the first place? This irresponsible father of hers is just too much. How could any girl find him a good person? If he can leave his own child unattended and not feel remorse, you think he would treat you well? How can irresponsibility be a plus trait in a man? To make things worse, he chuck his responsibility to his brother. He enjoys himself by going out regularly with his now so very precious girlfriend and ignores the mess that he created. Some people just should not reproduce.

When mum told me about it, I was pretty flamed. I wanted to call the police and lodge a police report but was stopped. She feared that the little girl would be beaten by her father if the police gets involved. How could her school teachers not know about this?

Mum was quite hung on this. She kept questioning, why didn't the girl's mother took custody of both children? Why leave her to her dad?

I told her as a matter of factly, there's a possibility that this girl might not be her child. She might be the child of her now ex husband with another girlfriend. Such a pitiful life. Hope that some welfare department will look into her case and end her misery.

Thursday, October 29, 2015


Just like any ordinary day, I was brushing my teeth. Then I gargled and spit. It was then I saw the peculiar. The colour of the gargled water that was spit out is blue. My initial thought was it was the colour of the toothpaste. I continued gargling and spitting multiple times. Each time the spit water was blue. By that time, there wasn't anymore toothpaste in my mouth. Curious I fill my palm with water and proceed to gargle again. The colour of the spit water is still blue. Are my eyes playing tricks on me? I looked at the toothpaste tube. No doubt, the toothpaste tube is blue in colour but the tooth paste is white. I called for reinforcement to confirm my findings. Reinforcement came and both of us were staring at the running tap water. It was indeed blueish. It was dark enough that it's visibly blue. Reinforcement went downstairs and turn on the tap. It wasn't visible on other colours but when it comes in contact with white things, it's clear that the water is indeed blue. If it was any stronger, we would have turned into smurfs. It is possible. Our conclusion is they must have added a whole lot of chlorine to the water source. But the water didn't smell of chlorine though. 

Friday, October 09, 2015

Driving License

I have never renewed my driving license personally. The normal procedure is to go to the post office to have it renewed. It is usually a laminated piece of paper without a photo on it. Anyway, don't know why, somehow I have no luck with decent looking photo for my ID. They have the worst photography skill at these places. Somehow they always make everyone look like goblins and ogres. My IC has a photo of me in really bad haircut and it is permanent. I really hate hairdressers. It's like they have a mission to make me ugly. The only decent looking ID photo that I have is my original driving license which was taken at a studio or an instant photo thing I can't remember. Only that photo doesn't resemble a illegal immigrant mugshot.

Anyway, there is a new protocol/rule/system (whichever is correct) that requires a photo to be included in the driving license and that it is no longer paper but plastic. I was told that they would take the photo of the driving license and incorporate it on the new plastic driving license. Alright. Don't have to take photo on the spot and don't have to go to photo studio for head-shot either (again if that is the right term. Probably should be passport photo).

So, I went to the post office to get my license renewed. There were about 10 people there. I got my number and it shows that I'm two person away from my turn. It should have been a really fast process. However, I waited close to an hour for my turn. Somehow, they were working at sloth pace and only two counters were operating. After waiting like forever, it came my turn. I walked over and told the person in charge that I would like to renew my driving license and handed him my expired driving license. He then asked for my ic. I thought it is for cross reference to prove that I am indeed that owner of the license. So I handed him my IC.

I was told to renew the license for three years so that I don't have to keep going back to the post office. Hence I told the guy at the counter to renew it for a three year term. Paid the fee and waited for my new license. Somehow that turn out to be the worst decision. Never listen to old people. I repeat NEVER!

 I don't know what possessed that counter guy, he chose my IC photo over my Driving license photo. Seriously, what's your deal dude? I only found out what he had done when he handed my license to me. Seriously jinxed. Now I'm stuck with the ugly photo license for three years. Damn it. Three fucking years. Not that I can go back and have it redone. Seriously annoyed. I can't exactly cut it up and go back and renew my driving license again. That means I will have to pay again.

Friday, October 02, 2015

Terrible Headache

Two days ago, I had a terrible headache. It started off as a mild discomfort earlier in the day. I should have taken a panadol when I felt a little headache. But I didn't. Reason being, I do not want to be immune towards it. I thought that it would pass with time. Boy was I wrong. It got from bad to worse as time progressed. I bear with the headache although it was getting worse. Dinner for the night was steamed chicken with black fungus. There's ginger and Chinese wine in it. I had my normal portion for dinner. It wasn't much compared to others. After dinner my headache got worse. It got painful to the extent that my nose and eye socket start to hurt. It has been a while since I have such bad headaches. I know this feeling. It's migraine. It was so painful that I took an iron tablet. As I was menstruating, these kind of headaches is often due to lack of blood. After taking the iron tablet, it didn't get any better. I started getting chills. So I had a cup of Nescafé. I start feeling unwell after having about half the cup of Nescafé. So I stopped and went upstairs. The headache was terrible. I couldn't even lie down. So I sat upright. I got really nauseous so I walk towards the toilet. Stood in front of the toilet bowl, but nothing came out. After a while, I walked back into my room. Sat down for a while. I started having goosebumps. Then the nausea came back. I walked towards the sink. Out came my vomit. It was clearly identifiable from the vomit what I had for dinner. The chicken and the black fungus bit could clearly be seen. I could still taste the Chinese wine too. I vomited quite a bit that it filled almost half the sink. I washed it down with running tap. But the drain hole decided to act up and it wouldn't go down. It was turning into a pool of vomit. I turned off the tap, reached my bare hands into the pool of vomit and tried to unclog the sink. Thinking of it while typing this still gross me out. I know it's my own vomit but I still feel gross. It took forever for it to go down. Then a big bucket of water was used to wash it down. After that I walked back into my room. I didn't feel any better. After sitting for a while, like 15-30 minutes, I felt nauseous again. My goosebumps appeared again. I walked towards the toilet. Stood in front of the toilet bowl. My stomach muscles start contracting. First round, nothing. Okay. Second round, nothing. Stomach keep contracting. Third time, out came the vomit. It was still the chicken and black fungus. I vomited quite a bit. I still didn't feel well. I walked back into my room and sat on my bed. My stomach began to act up. This time it was the back exit. I walked back into the toilet and did a big. While pooping, I felt like vomiting. Luckily I managed to hold it in and not vomit all over myself. After that I went back into my room. I took a packet of Chinese medicine ( fong sar yuen). About 10 minutes after taking the Chinese medicine, I felt like vomiting again. I went into the toilet and vomited again. It is still the chicken and black fungus. This time coupled with yellowish greenish stuff, presumably gut juice. All in all, in about an hour and a half or so, from midnight, I have vomited thrice and almost crapped myself during one of the vomit session. I didn't dare take panadol for fear of the effect of mixing medicine. So I tried to sleep the headache away. 

Sunday, September 27, 2015


It was a calm evening and I was seated in the living room, minding my own business, with the TV blaring away. Out of the blue, a black shadow came towards my direction almost hitting my head. With impeccable reflex I ducked at the speed of lightning, avoiding head on collision with the black shadow. And let out a squeal. I looked up and it was then the black shadow swoop towards my direction again. My instant reaction was to duck and squeal again. Not knowing what that was that is flying around like a crazed moron, I lifted my head to see what it is. Initially I thought it was a moth, but when it came at me again, my brain told me it wasn't. Judging from the size it was too big to be a moth. The next possibility would be a bird. Heck, birds have flown in numerous times. God knows why they are so moronic to fly in. It was flying around recklessly, circling the living room and dining area. Diving down each time. After squealing with each "attack" I managed to catch a clearer view of that psychopathic avian creature. It was black and looks like a bird. My thought was, oh great a crow. Just then it swoop down at me again. This time I saw it's wings. Holy crap. It has curved wings. It is a bat. Crap. Crap. Crap. A bat is in the house. Flying around like a crazy idiot. What do I do? How do I catch a bat? It was flying around in circles at speed of light. Like a drunkard. I started squealing and running to get weapon. When I dashed towards the stairs, it followed. I was so worried it would fly upstairs. I managed to avoid it's bad aiming at my head and got upstairs. I could think of any suitable weapon to catch a bat and simply grabbed a towel and ran downstairs to cover the old bloke that was having supper. When I got downstairs, I couldn't find the crazy bat. I was told it flew towards the kitchen. I went into the kitchen but it was nowhere in sight. I looked into the store it wasn't there too. Neither was it in the washroom. Crazy bat must have flown out through the air well or the back window. Wonder how crazy bat got in? This is the second time I have been attacked by a bat. The first time was in high school. One morning around 6 am, I was in school for morning duty. I was opening the door to the broadcasting room when a bat flew towards me. I managed to dodge by ducking. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Another random rant. This stupid haze is causing a lot of problems. Have been sneezing like mad and my skin is starting to itch. Just took allergy medicine. Hope my skin won't flare up. Thanks for the unnecessary health issue haze. Our lives would be incomplete without your annual visit.

Wednesday, August 12, 2015


I was brushing my teeth and I felt an uneasy flow in the brushing. I took the toothbrush out of my mouth. Felt something wedge between my inner cheek and gum. Tried getting it out with my finger. It's a piece of white stuff. I tried inspecting with my finger what "food" could that piece be. Holy crap. It's a piece of my tooth. Crap. My tooth "broke/chipped". T.T Why? 

Thursday, July 23, 2015


There are certain types of people that are really despicable. One of them are extortionist. We had an encounter with one such person. This person is an electrician. He happens to be staying a few doors away from us. We had several times engaged him to fix several electrical appliances and fix several lights in our house. We have never bargain with him. Whatever price that he mentions after the service, we would just pay. Usually the sum that he mentions is quite exorbitant. Anyway, this person is becoming more and more of an extortionist. We engaged his service to fix an air condition unit (against my wish to engage this electrician because he is an extortionist). We enquired about the price and he came up with the price of below $1600 all in. The price of the air condition unit itself is about $1400. So it was agreed that he would do it for that price which is $1600 that he came up with. A relative of ours recently installed the same air conditioned unit. The price  of the air condition plus installation was only $1400. So the mother casually mentions to him while talking. He just kept quiet and said he would come in the next two days. He never showed up two days later. Neither did he show up two weeks later. He didn't inform the old folks that he isn't coming nor whether the deal is still on. So after over two weeks of waiting aimlessly, the mother asked him when she managed to "catch" him ( he avoided them by disappearing really early in the morning and sneaking back late at night) when he is coming. He replied, in a couple of days. He didn't show up after the couple of days. He only showed up after a week. That was also late in the evening. During dinner hours. He was like those thugs in the gangster movies, doing things as he wish. We had older air conditioning unit in our room. The old unit was mounted in a window. It was the trend in the past when air condition was one block unit and not like the models these days which splits into two ( part of the air condition is inside and the fan thing is outside). So he had to install the new one at another spot because the previous spot was not feasible for the modern type. He started drilling the walls. It was as though he wasn't satisfied with the house and wanted to bring it down. He threw the drilled chunks down from the second floor like shooting canons at the enemy. That went on for hours. Each time bigger pieces were thrown down. It was supposed to be a small hole so that the pipe can be attached to the outdoor fan portion of the air condition. Don't know what major construction he was performing on the wall. He basically trashed the whole room as well as the living hall upstairs. That was not all. He even occupied the downstairs area. He was also occupying the room next door and was moving in and out of both rooms. It was just one air condition unit, but he make it seem as though it was a major house renovation. Not to mention every few minutes, he would ask his son to call us upstairs to watch him in action on the pretext of asking for opinion. So we were running up and down like stupid fools. He arrived unannounced  a little over 5 in the evening and left at around 9 pm. Before calling it a day he said that he would be back tomorrow morning at 9.30 and that he would leave his tools behind. With that he went home. The next morning, he didn't show up at the mentioned time. When he did appear he marched into the hours demanding for paper on the top of his lungs. As it was breakfast time, we were in the kitchen. Not knowing what he was babbling about, I run out to get him paper. I thought he needed paper for the air condition. He grabbed the paper from me and demanded for a pen. He found one on the table. He started scribbling. Then he slammed the pen on the table saying it's out of ink and proceeded in raiding the house for a pen. Clueless on what he was doing, I went to look for a pen for him. I thought he wanted to sketch out some blueprint or something. He then started his drama. He spoke on top of his lungs that this whole deal is a loss making deal. He doesn't earn anything. He has to buy good quality wires to fix the air condition. If other electricians were to do it, the would use lousy wires. His wires costs a lot. X meters cost this much and xy meters is needed. But he is charging only minimal price. He then continued, that he had to engage a worker, if it is an outsider that would be expensive. So he engaged his son paying him $70 an hour. Then he had to go pick up the materials to fix in the air condition unit, that takes up his precious time and petrol. That is a loss. Then he has to make the stand for the part of the air condition that is fixed outside the house. That stand costs money and time to make. Again it is a loss to him. He spent x number of hours at out place the previous night and another couple more the following day, that is something he can't get back. He can easily make big bucks by just servicing a.k.a washing air condition units. Everything he does is a loss to him. If he were in Australia he would be making big money. People like him are needed in Australia. In short he just wants a higher sum. Higher than the price he mentioned and agreed upon. He was also vengeful that the mother mentioned that the relative had everything done for only $1400. He added that his workmanship is out of this world. He went on and on, over and over with the same thing and wouldn't proceed to finish his work. He just wanted us to say we will pay him higher. So the mother had to say "paiseh, to you for having to do all this for this price. I wasn't haggling with you about the price. You make me really paiseh. How much does everything cost overall? What is the final sum? Kindly let me know" . Only then did he shut up. He then started with the noise pollution again. Hammering at things with a vengeance. He called us up for inspection. I was really losing it. He dumped his toolbox on the bed and was using the bed like it's his dressing table. Nails, screws and rubbish everywhere. He was spoiling the bed. Bloody idiot. That whole toolbox was heavy and sitting on the bed. Bloody hell the bed is expensive. He removed the old air conditioner and moved it downstairs into his van. When he came down he continued with his drama on how he has to find ways to dispose that. Removing the old unit left a ginormous hole in the wall above the panel of windows because the old air conditioner was mounted in a hole in the stupid non close- able windows. Stupid designing of the house. So there was a giant hole there and needed to be covered. He then said what do we want him to do? Since he mentioned that he is very busy but forcefully squeezed out some time to accept this loss making business, the mother casually asked him if he wants her to go get the wood herself for him to fix on. He was offended by that and said "sure, go get it yourself". So the mother took it literally and wanted to dashed out to get it. When the old unit was removed, the old wood panels were removed as well. So his son was taking them out to be thrown. So I just said "use that" referring to the wood panels. So the mother went up to him and repeated what I said. He was very unhappy about that, because he couldn't charge extra for another wood panel. He came downstairs and started sawing the old wood panel (and cursing me in his heart.). When he was done fixing the air condition, he started his broken radio story again on what a major loss he is making from this business. The mother paid him in cash ( he only wants cash) close to $2000. More than what a fresh grad earn per month. He left with a black face. What annoys me is not the price but his behaviour. If he wanted a high price, just say so. Don't have to drama and behave like a thug. Him making the list of nonsense and making himself sound like he is victimised is so despicable. 

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Lucrative Business

We have been made to belief that we need to study hard and graduate from university in order to land a white collared job because white collared jobs pay well. Pfffttt. What a bunch of bull crap. We spend our youth slaving away to become graduates and enter the dog eat dog business just to earn a measly salary that we can barely survive on. What we earn from working like low lives, in the so called comfortable jobs, bitting bullets and becoming punch bags couldn't even match with what blue collared workers get from one job. A blue collared worker easily earns $1800++ from just installing an air condition unit. That is the starting pay for a university fresh grad in most white collared jobs if they work in big firms. Some white collared workers don't even earn $1800 a month. 

Tuesday, July 14, 2015


My weight has remained pretty much the same ever since puberty. There wasn't a need to weigh myself because the readings never changed. Yesterday though, for no apparent reason, I weighed myself. Well, just because the weighing scale was lying there. To my surprise, I'm actually at my heaviest. Hip hip hooray. My heaviest point was at 42kg, but that was just for a short while and it was way back in high school. I am now at 44kg. Now I just need to learn how to do handstands for the fat to fall into the designated spot. 

Wednesday, July 08, 2015

Blond Moment

The phone was running low on battery. I took the charger and plugged it to the phone. Then I turned on the switch. Hmm.... Why isn't the phone charging? Is the charger spoilt? Few seconds later... Looks at hand.... The charger plug ( whatever that it's called) is still in my hand. I turned on another charger. Spastic much. Dumb blond moment. 

Thursday, June 11, 2015

I Hate Cockroaches

 Incident 1. Two days ago I had a frightening encounter in the early morning. I walked to the kitchen to boil some water. Upon opening the kitchen door, I saw my greatest fear lurking near the dustbin. I quickly shut the door. I panicked as everything is in the kitchen, the thermos flasks, the kettle, the mugs, the stove, the microwave, the foodstuff, the fridge. I was home alone, (gulps, panic even more, no one to come to my rescue even if I scream the roof down) so I called for help but "help" told me to settle it myself. I was told to spray the stupid creature with insecticide until it turns belly up and die. Do you think I dare to go near that pest? The sight of it is enough to give me a cardiac arrest. In my panic state, I wondered who will be able to come to my assistance. As shameful as it was, I seek help from my neighbour. Fortunately my neighbour was awake at that time (it was rather early in the morning). My saviour came over but that pest had run into hiding. I panicked even more and was frantically spraying insecticide everywhere, as though it's free. It was very fortunate that my neighbour didn't just walk away when the stupid cockroach was no where in sight. My neighbour was kind enough to look all over for that damn thing and managed to find it and killed it. Thank you for coming to my aid.   --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------                                                                                                                 Incident 2. This took place in the shower today. I was taking a shower and I reached over to the shampoo rack to grab the shampoo. I squeezed the shampoo onto my palm and was about to return the bottle to the rack. It was then, I saw my biggest fear. Behind all the shampoo bottles,stood a ginormous cockroach on the wall , staring back at me. I shrieked and grabbed my towel and ran out of the bathroom. With shampoo in the palm of my left hand and my right clinging on to the towel that I was barely able to wrap around myself, I ran for my life. Mum came to my rescue. She went into the bathroom with the "ka Chang" (extermination equipment). She called out from the bathroom saying she don't see the cockroach. It was standing right in front of her but she didn't see it. Apparently, the huge ass cockroach went into hiding behind the shampoo bottles when it realised it had been spotted. When she finally saw it, she sprayed it with insecticide until it fell on the bathroom floor . but she forgot to bring the swatter and asked me to bring it to her. I wonder what makes her think that I dare to walk back into the terror zone and face the still alive but lost balance pest? She reiterate that I better hurry before the cockroach flips itself over and run amok. Amidst my fear, I walked near the bathroom and sort of handed her the swatter and she killed the cockroach. After reassurance that there weren't anymore cockroaches in there, I went back in and continued where I left of. I washed my hair hurriedly and rush out of the bathroom. there's still shampoo on my head and on my neck. I cleaned of the remainder with a wet towel. Fml. Can't even shower in peace. It was fortunate that it didn't fly towards me. Otherwise I would have fall in the bathroom due to the wet and slippery condition I was in.

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Identity Thief

I received two welcome emails from Instagram. It is rather astounding as I do not own an Instagram account. Yes, as shocking as this may sound, I indeed do not have an account with Instagram. Who on earth doesn't own an Instagram account? Well, I don't. By receiving these welcome emails indicate that someone stole my identity. To put it in a more gentle manner, someone is impersonating me. So much to the extent that it's creepy. This person has a 99.99% identical email address as mine. If you are not aware, you might think that I'm that person. I was shocked when I saw the similarities with my email address. I started looking up ways to contact gmail and Instagram to get them to help resolve this. But all that I find are just disclaimers and evasion of responsibilities. It simply states that, whoever that has their identity stolen or is being impersonated should contact the respective controlling bodies of their respective countries. What do you mean by there is nothing that can be done by your company? Why are the customers not being protected? I have been using this account for over a decade or more. Everyone that sees this name associate it with me. Whatever crap that this impersonator/ identity thief post will be linked to me one way or another. I will be penalised for things that I did not do. So what are you going to do about this, may I ask gmail and Instagram? I showed the email to close friends. They too were shocked with the 100% similarities in the email address. The name was spelt exactly like mine. What should I do? Lodging a police report on matters like these is equivalent to having people tell you to just suck it up and live with it. 

  What my friend with Instagram account sent me.

Monday, June 01, 2015

I Hate Insects

It has been awhile since I last hit high notes. Today, I found that I haven't totally lost that ability and that I am still able to be a dolphin. Ok. Perhaps that was a little exaggeration in regards to sounding like a dolphin. But I am still able to produce loud, high pitch screams ( I am an alto according to my school choir teachers). They never let me sing the main melody and always make me sway in the background like props. The first event took place when I went into the kitchen to make a cup of coffee for X. I pick up a cup and was enroute to the basin to rinse it( it is clean but I'm just a creature of habit). At the corner of my eye, I saw something running in the same direction as I was, towards the basin. Out of reflex I let out a loud scream. The stupid large cockroach frightened me. I have an immense phobia towards cockroaches. I ran out of the kitchen as fast as I could. I guess I must have scream a little too hard, my throat was a little sore. End of first incident. Second incident. About an hour or less later, I was in the living room. I spotted something blackish on the blind "wand" ( don't know what it's called. The thing that controls the opening and closing of the blinds). I stared at it for a while and realised it is a big ass insect. Seriously fml. Two in a row. Why is this happening to me. I ran away. I grabbed a can of insecticide and toughen up. Snucked towards the blinds, near enough for the bug spray to coat the creature, but far enough for comfort. I sprayed like there's no tomorrow at the stupid ginormous grasshopper look alike creature. Suddenly, that dumb insect decided to retaliate and jump/ fly in my direction. I screamed out of fear that it might land on me. And ran. My throat is really sore from the intense, unexpected vocal training. Screw you insects. Go turn yourselves into petroleum. 

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Scammer Going Overboard

Scammers are really incorrigible. Even after being exposed on the news, they are still going strong. Their modes operandi has already been exposed yet they are still using the same old tactics. Instead of laying low after the recent arrest of a group of scammers, they are still aggressive in harassing their "victims". These bunch who claim to be appointed official debt collectors for Am Bank and Bank Negara have been really diligent in "debt collecting" for non existent debts. They are brazen to the extent of threatening that their victims are blacklisted by Bank Negara. Rain or shine, these scammers have been harassing their victims with numerous continuous calls and SMS on a daily basis. Their victims are mainly elderly people. Knowing that their victims no longer buy their crap, they resort to using different numbers and diligently contacting victims with nonsensical SMS. The hot numbers are: 019-4588235, 07-7273636, 019-4418235, 016-4791202, 6011-29248327, 03-51023600, 012-3748757, 03-51023600, 012-3748757, 03-51023600 (some guy claiming to be called Naza), 012-6914757, 012-6849757, 011-29248327, 012-6849757 and etc.

Saturday, May 16, 2015


Le sigh. Burnt my tongue during dinner on Friday. Hurts badly. I was eating black rice ( literally it's just black cause there weren't any trace of yam in it) and it was really dry. I scoop a spoonful of soup into my mouth. Big mistake. Instantly my tongue was in pain. The soup literally scald my tongue. I couldn't swallow to soup because it was lava hot, so reflex action was to "spill" it out. I didn't use spit because it sounds disgusting. Damage already happened. Tongue already scald. Couldn't even drink without feeling pain. Sigh. 

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Blood (Finale)

All things must come to an end. So Blood has ended on 5 May 2015. The ending was pretty confusing though. It was a pretty sad ending with almost all the characters being killed except for the human doctor Yoo Rita. The good vampire doctor Park Jisang sacrificing himself to finalise the research for a cure to VBT-01. It would have been a realistic ending if they have left it at that, but perhaps they were worried about the viewers being dissatisfied that the male lead dies. Therefore, they added the part where Rita travels to Kochenia to fulfil a promise that both herself and Jisang made, (that is to visit a patient whom Jisang saved), to pass her a doll, when they get rid of the evil director. I didn't get why the vampires in Kochenia attacked Rita.They could have just attacked anyone. But then again, if that didn't happen, then the hero wouldn't be able to make a dramatic comeback and save a damsel in distress. My guess is that Park Jisang didn't die because according to Jeong Jitae, his (Jisang) blood is what keeps him alive and not his heart. 
           *google-d image

Saturday, May 02, 2015

Glass Bottom

Found a funny compilation of photos and meme regarding a glass bottom plane. Chuckle.

Saturday, April 04, 2015

Who is it?

It was 2am. I was tying my hair, before heading for a shower due to the unbearable heat. I heard a loud female voice which sounds like mum saying "Ka eh juak" (meaning it's so hot). The voice sounded like it came from outside my door. My mum is very fond of speaking to me behind closed doors. After getting ready for shower,I opened my door but no one was there. So I head downstairs to ask whether she spoke to me a short while ago. She said she didn't and she was downstairs all the while. Gulp. Horror. So who was it the spoke to me? I am not crazy. I wasn't thinking of anything. I am sure there was a female voice talking to me. It was very clear. Holy crap. God please don't let it be a ghost. This isn't the first time I heard a female voice talking to me behind closed doors. I am not hallucinating. 😱😰😖

Monday, March 16, 2015

Harassment Prank Call 12

This has got to be the longest standing prank call. Spanning over years. He is still not over it. He still saves my number and had it on speed dial (presumably). When will idiots like this grow up? Seriously. He called twice on 16 March 2015, once on 22 February 2015, 21 January 2015, 20 January 2015, and 23 December 2014 respectively.


Sunday, March 08, 2015

Like A Boss

Managed to peel an apple in a strip. If that's how to describe it. Such achievement . Much wow. Peeling apple like a boss. 

Saturday, March 07, 2015


Just watched the premier of this series. The story is about a vampire, Park Jisung, who is a doctor on a mission. His mission is to find a cure for his "vampire disease" . Or was it to find the cause and culprit that turned his family into vampires.  According to what he was told by his mother, they are not actual born vampires, but turned into vampires because they were infected by some vampire virus. Not because they were bitten by vampires. ... Many zombie and twilight fans would be elated to know of the existence of such virus. Happily getting themselves infected so that they could live their twilight fantasy. Lol. Anyway, the first episode somewhat reminds me of twilight. There are evil vampires going after the nice baby vampire Park Jisung. How Jisung glitters like Edward Cullen of twilight. Then there are werewolves. He discovers his "super strength" and being able to leap really high and far. He gets turned on by blood. Sucked blood of a deer. Maybe more later on, I don't know. Oh and the guy playing Park Jisung is the guy that played Chun Song Yi's brother in My Love From The Stars. This is like the Korean version of Twilight. 

Monday, March 02, 2015


Had instant noodle with luncheon meat for supper. Was down to the last few mouths when i felt something "chewy" in my mouth. Tried breaking it down but it felt weird. So I gently spat it out. The sight instantly gross me out. There was this hair stuck to the luncheon meat. Really resembles pubic hair. I wondered if I swallowed any earlier. Disgusting. Ugh. Don't know whether it's human hair or pig's hair. I tried washing down the feeling of disgust with coffee but to no avail. Still feel gross. Fml. 

Monday, February 23, 2015

Day 5 CNY

I was told to pass the red packets to the garbage collectors when they come. We missed them when they came the last time because we weren't home. When the came in the evening on the fifth day of CNY, I dashed out to passed the red packets to them. The garbage collectors were elated when they saw me with the red packets, and said "thank you Aunty" to me. Fml. Seriously W.T.F. Which part of me resembles an Aunty? If a kid calls me Aunty, I'll still be ok. But for uncles to call me Aunty, thAt is totally unacceptable. What the heck. Ish.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Day 1 CNY

Gong Hei Fatt Choy. Went to buy Indian food for dinner. Oh the irony. Having Indian food on CNY. That's partly thanks to the crazy traffic and the fact that most shops aren't open today. Even McDonald's isn't delivering. Reason was there's no delivery service....Erm, then why do you have a delivery telephone number if you don't provide the service? Anyway, since there isn't much of a choice, we have to settle for whatever's available. Then, while on my way back after buying dinner, I saw a weird thing. A man who was walking with a cigarette in his mouth, suddenly stopped to kiss a tree. O K. Weird.  People just get weirder each day. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Where Are All The Plumbers?

21 January 2015. Wet wet wet. Around seven something in the evening, I heard loud water splashing noise coming from upstairs. Thought someone have forgotten to turn off the shower again. Went upstairs to turn it off. In front of my eyes was a flooded toilet. Sound of water gushing like a waterfall could be heard from afar. Just then I knew, the leaky tap had gave way. I walked into the toilet and was sprayed all over that I couldn't even see a thing. Within seconds I was drenched. The water shot from the wall like "old faithful " . I ran to grab some rags to cover the gushing fountain. The rag couldn't hold back the force of the water that was shooting out of the wall. I quickly ran to grab another piece of rag. Tried pushing the rag into the hole to stop the water from spraying all over but the force forbade this action. Leaving me with no choice but to call mum. I was dripping from head to toe while waiting for mum to return. We then called the water authority for assistance but no one came to our rescue. We asked our neighbours for help. Fortunately, they came to our assistance. But they too couldn't stop the broken pipe from spraying. After over half an hour of battling, another neighbour who happens to be a wireman came home. Mum asked that neighbour to help turn off the main source. The reason we couldn't turn off the main source is because some idiot keep stealing the tap heads from the water source behind our houses. We asked one of the neighbors for the plumber's number several weeks back when the pipe started dripping. The neighbour said she would help call the plumber. The plumber couldn't be bothered to turn up. So as time passed, the leak got worse. Few days ago, it started spraying tiny shots of fountain. We asked for the plumber but still no one came. So mum stuck some piping tape around it to minimize the leak. It helped for a day. And today it could no longer take the pressure. The pipe broke off. Flooding the toilet. Now we are without water supply. The plumber finally came late in the evening but didn't do anything. He said he would come by tomorrow if he can find time. What do you mean if? We are without water supply now. And it seems he couldn't care less that our case is more severe than a house without a fan. Seriously, where are all the plumbers? And don't people know priorities? If there's a fire wouldn't it be logical to put out the fire first before writing a report about the fire? 

Thursday, January 15, 2015


There's a dead fly in my noodles. Yuck. Almost ate it. Eww. Hope I don't end up with food poisoning. 

Thursday, January 01, 2015