Wednesday, July 11, 2007

50th Entry

Cheers to myself for reaching the 50th blog entry mark. It would have been my 100th entry if I didn't have to split between two blogs. I had been thinking for the past few days on what to post for my 50th entry. Should I blog about something memorable? Or should I just brush this 50th entry thing off. Till now I still couldn't quite decide on the content of this entry. Anyway, I don't think it really matters anyway cause I'm probably the only person who knows of the existence of this blog. Perhaps I should quit blogging entirely.

This blog has not had it's moment of glory nor has it receive any hits but still I carry on posting because I am not a quitter. The content of this blog might not have conformed with what the crowd looks for and expects from a blog. It does not contain any photographs of myself trying to look cute or posing in provocative poses. Neither does it contain any photos of clubbing fiesta. One thing for sure is I stay true to myself. I will not change anything about myself or this blog for the matter just to be accepted by others.

It is really pathetic to change oneself into something you are not just so you would be liked. This blog was not created to receive hits but was created as a place for me to vent my frustration and some reminders of things that happened. The content of the entries might not be appreciated but that doesn't really matter as I'm not appreciated in life anyway. I have always been treated as a pushover and a scapegoat by those around me. People take me for granted and treat me as a hotel by coming and leaving as they wish. Some even use me as a practice to see whether their tricks might work. I have been called names and back stabbed so many times that I am immune towards it. Criticism no longer works on me. If you're thinking of putting me down, you would have to come out with something new.

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Layer Cake

A friend of mine went to Jakarta, Indonesia and bought me this layer cake. This is the original Indonesian recipe.

Indonesian still stay true to their roots. Even named their bakery Holland Bakery.

The side view of the cake. It is quite big. Must have cost a lot.

The top view of the cake. Those are almond slices and not mould.