Thursday, June 22, 2006

Briget Jones 2

This one has a long title which I don't remember. It's kinda old too. Anyway watched it just now. Part of it. Personally I feel that both the Bridget Jones movie (1 & 2) is executed in a rather British manner. No, I'm not talking about the setting. I know both are shot in England. What I meant was that the flow of the show. Draggy. Probably cause I prefer the American style of execution. The British style is rather boring. More talk than action. And their jokes are rather lame.

Anyway back to the story. I wonder how Rene (if that's how her name is spelt) felt when she looked at her own reflection in the mirror. To me, she looked like Shrek. Minus the colour. Round. Big bellied. Round. Minus the horns. Round. Wee bit too much lard. No offence to plump people.

Don't know what's their obsession with her knickers (British term for panties). Is a plus sized pair of knickers desirable to look at? Hmm.... For both the Briget Jones movies they had to have the camera on the rear. With Daniel (Hugh Grant) talking about her giant panties.

The movie also made Thai women sound so shallow. Like they've never seen a bra before in their life. Well maybe what the movie intended to show was people in jail are deprived of bras. Hmm... Lessons to be learnt from this movie (1) never help anyone carry things which you don't know where it's from or what it contains, (2) never trust a guy who's only interested in your underwear, (3) don't bother giving a guy who says "Doesn't everyone deserve a second chance" a second chance.
White Chicks

Wonder anyone still remembers this movie. Okay, it's kinda old. Watched it on Astro the second time yesterday. The first time a few weeks back. Anyway I think that movie has the ugliest cast. The two lead roles especially. They look like the 'surgery gone wrong duo'. They remind me of a movie character in the 80s or early 90s that featured a disfigured looking boy. If I'm not mistaken the movie's title is Mask. And no it's not The Mask starring Jim Carey. Not the green face freak. Don't remember much of that Mask show but yeah, those white chicks look like that character.

I have to say, the two leads have the most horrible laugh. The movie also has several disgusting parts. Like the part in the restaurant where the white chick stuck 'her' tongue out. Oh my! That tongue was huge. The biggest tongue that I've ever seen. Kinda scary that such a big piece of thing resides in a mouth.

Apart from that, they also have an ugly wardrobe. As in the entire movie cast have distasteful outfits. Wonder who's their stylist. Simply tasteless.

I seriously think the movie is insulting blondes. Or maybe the white in particular. Couldn't those people tell the difference between the genuine Wilson sisters from the imposters? And who in the right frame of mind would opt for plastic surgery to disfigure themselves? Besides Michael Jackson.

Some parts of the movie was funny. Overall the movie's just a typical American flick. More of the typical high school kids' favourite.Rather lame. Would rate it a C-. Anyway,I did't sit through the entire movie.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


Studying for my exams brought back memories of a previous test. More of after the test. Our lecturer reviewed the test answers with us during lecture some time after the test. The lecturer was saying how leniently the test was marked and related some amusing findings while marking the papers.

One of the lecturer's findings was the word "laguity". The actual word was "regularity" and the lecturer commented that he closed both eyes and marked that word as correct since it sounded much like "regularity". He added "..but please, regulation and regularity are 2 different things. Regularity is kekerapan while regulation is undang-undang". By then the entire lecture hall was laughing hysterically.

Well the blame should not be placed entirely on those students. Afterall, the way they pronounce would ultimately influence the way they spell.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

Captain Crunch

There was a turtle (actually it's a tortoise but turtle is easier to type). Captain Crunch is different from normal turtles for it stays high above ground. Captain Crunch is very adventurous. It likes to travel to places no turtle has been.

One day, Captain Crunch set out for one of its excursion. It wondered far from the usual places it visit. Captain Crunch cross the boundary and came upon a cliff. It's adventurous alter ego told it to take a go and explore the cliff.

Apart from being an adventuroys turtle, Captain Crunch is also a pet to a girl. For convenience sake lets call her Love. Captain Crunch is the apple of Love's eye. They have been co-habitating in the same house since they met. Anyway back to the story. Love noticed Captian Crunch's disappearance when she couldn't find it at it's usual hideouts.

Love searched high and low and finally decided to search outside her home. Upon oening the grill, she spotted Captain Crunch performing a stunt at the cliff. Love gave the loudest shriek. A shriek which captured the neighbours attention as well as her partner's.

Everyone rushed out of their homes to see what happened. Captain Crunch on the other hand took the shriek as an indication to plunge. So down it went, 13 storeys. Woosh. Followed by a loud thud.

Love rushed back into her house to get a pail. Her partner asked her why she needed a pail. Her reply was to collect Captain Crunch's remains. Both Love and her partner rushed to the 'site' to search for Captain Crunch's remains. Upon finding Captain Crunch, they discovered that it was still alive. So man and woman rushed Captain Crunch to the vet.

After several attempts, they finally found one who was about to close. Love rushed to the doorstep to seek help. Knocking. The vet finally opened the door. He was shocked to see Love. "What happened to you? Why are you covered in blood?" Love then showed Captain Crunch to the vet. The vet replied " Haiya, it's only a turtle. You can get it for $6".

Anyway Captain Crunch was treated. Oh and they discovered it's gender. It happens to be a female. Anyway, Captain Crunch only held on for several days after the plunge.