Sunday, July 27, 2014


I have not written about the tragedies of MH 370 and MH 17, namely because, it seems like an attention seeking act. It is also pretty pointless to repeat everything that is already reported in the news. It is also because, I'm no expert in aviation and forensic investigation. And writing a condolence message on a page that no one reads is rather silly and it screams attention whore. Reading about these tragedies is shocking and upsetting. No one person deserves to die in such manner. No individual has the right to determine the destiny or fate of another person. At times like these, it makes one wonder, why is god unfair? Is there even a god? Why didn't god do anything to stop these tragedies? Anyway, I was informed that a former schoolmate's husband is one of the victims in MH 17. Another schoolmate also lost her cousin in MH 17. As hippocratic as it may sound, after the whole description above, I can only say, deepest condolences to those two schoolmates.

Friday, July 25, 2014

Bionic Woman

I can't belief it. My compact foundation case just broke. And I just opened a new kit. I'm frantically searching for a case to store my new compact foundation so that it doesn't dry up. Fml. Seriously, why do I have bionic hands? To be fair I was really gentle in handling the case. The case is just to flimsy. Why do you make such flimsy cases Laneige? Not to mention the puff made me spotty and it's just the first usage. This is not the first time I turned into a spotted smurf on the first application. Happened with the first kit as well. Had to buy replacement puff because the puff that came with the package ripped within several times of usage. I'm talking about light dabbing only. 

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Lending Money

Recently, a famous blogger Timothy Tiah wrote an entry on whether to lend money. He mentioned something like weighing whether that person who is asking is a close friend or an acquaintance. But in some cases,you don't  have a choice. It is easier to turn down someone when it's through a phone call. However , how do you turn down someone when that person comes to your place to ask you to lend money and refuses to leave unless you give them money? That just happened to my dad. My dad loves to give out our home address. People treat our place like a hangout spot. They only come to my dad when they want something from him. Other than that, they couldn't give a flying f*** whether he's still alive. You don't see all these so call friends on other occasions. No one pays him a visit when he's in hospital. They only remember him when they are in trouble. Back to the story. This guy came to the house out of the blue and stayed for hours. Finally, he showed the main intention of his visit. He whispered to my dad asking for money. Without a second say, my dad wobbled to get money for him. I'm not against helping people in need. But it's just sickening that people take us for granted. Being nice does not get you anywhere.

Friday, July 04, 2014


Think I should get a lottery ticket today. Had a Midas moment. There were some lovely, red, fresh rambutans in the kitchen. I picked one from the bag, placed it on the chopping board and cut a slit on the skin. Peel the skin off and saw a worm wriggling on the flesh. Threw the fruit into the dustbin. Picked another fruit from the bag. Cut it open. Found several worms wriggling on the fruit. Threw it into the dustbin again. Just to note, the skin of the fruits show no sign of the fruits being rotten. In fact the fruits weren't rotten. They were in perfectly good condition but just with additional worms as toppings. I picked another rambutan from the bag. Cut it open to find a couple more worms wriggling on the otherwise really nice flesh. I'd actually cut a worm in half when cutting the skin. Threw the third one into the dustbin as well. When others pick a fruit from the bag and peel the skin, no worms were on the flesh. Sweat. Seriously, speechless. Just a Midas touch moment. 

Tuesday, July 01, 2014


Last night, during the wee hours, I went to the washroom. As I am really used to walking around in the dark, I didn't turn on the hall lights, I just turned on my bedroom light. After I locked the toilet door and was answering nature's call, I heard a voice call my name. Thinking that it was mum, I didn't answer. I finished up and opened the door. No one was there. Only my bedroom door was opened. Not thinking much, I went back to bed. Today, I confirmed with mum on whether she "followed" me to the toilet and call out my name, she said no. What was that, that I heard? I really don't want to question nor know.