Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Bad Service

Little did I know that we have to put up with rude behaviour when we go for a haircut. Bad haircut is a given, but bad attitude? I walked into Alex Wong hair saloon which I frequent for a long postponed haircut. When I stepped into the saloon, I was literally being ignored. No one bothered. Then the boss asked if I'm here for a haircut or for other service (i.e. Perm, dye, etc.). I replied, a haircut and he told me to have a sit. So I randomly picked a chair and sat. After a while, my usual hairstylist came and started to cut my hair. After he was done, he asked if I wanted to wash and blow my hair, and I said yes. He told me to wait a while and he walked towards another customer. After waiting for some time, the hairstylist told a shampoo girl to wash my hair. She walked towards me and asked if I wanted to wash my hair. So I replied yes. She walked to get the shampoo. When she returned, she tucked the towel around my neck and into the "collar" of my top in a rough manner. She then proceeded to lather shampoo on my head. She just kept scratching and massaging the top of my head. Barely touched the bottom. After a short while, she stopped and poked my shoulder motioning me to go to the "shower" area. So I put down the magazine that I was reading and followed her. She washed my hair with cold water. She didn't even asked whether I wanted warm water hair wash. She kept washing the front portion of my head and totally ignored the back. So I asked her politely if she could wash the back of my head. She immediately said "oh, your head is itchy?" And proceeded to scratch the back of my head hardly while spraying water at the back. Through that episode, she wet the back of my top. She then shut the water and tap my shoulder, motioning me to go back to my seat. She then came to me and shoved a towel down the back of my top. Because the top that I was wearing was not lose the whole top was choking me. So I pulled it down. She returned and turned on the hair dryer and started drying the back of my top to cover up her mistake. She turned off the hair dryer and shoved a flat comb at my face and said " part your own hair" all the while shaking the comb. I took the comb and parted my hair and she proceeded to blow dry my hair. When she was almost done, the hairstylist told her to complete the blow with a hair straightener. She did as she was told. Pull, straighten and throw. So my heated hair was covering my face. As I was having a very bad allergic reaction, my skin was flared. The hot hair was making the rash outbreak worse. So I gingerly pushed my hair away from my flared face with a finger. She gave me an irritated face so I told her that it's hot. In fact! I did not have to explain to her. It was her moronic action to cover any customer's face with hot hair. After she was done, she put down the hair straightener and walked away. The hairstylist looked over and told her to curl the ends properly. She returned not happy. And took another hair straightener and curled the back of my hair again. Tugging hard. After curling, she walked away again. So I stood up and was about to walked to the cashier. The hairstylist looked up again so I asked whether is there anymore touch up. He looked at my hair and said no. So he told that shampoo girl to bring me a mirror. He told me to take a sit. She came back with a portable mirror. Shoved the mirror in my hands and spun my chair around. Like roulette. I was facing the big mirror and the individual seat counter before that. Her hard spin made me face the shower area. I was stunned. I don't even know how to react. The hairstylist who witnessed all this madness quickly rushed over and try to patch up. He told me to view the back of my hair with the mirror in my hands and asked if I am satisfied with the cut. I told him yes. And he said thank you. So I walked towards the cashier to pay and leave. This is by far the worst treatment that I have encountered at a hair salon. Rudeness for no reason. I didn't even scold her for her horrible service. Neither did I complain to her boss. She is simply venting on me for no reason. You have a row with your boss, just quit. Why vent it on me? Just because I'm nice doesn't imply that you can step all over me. Bitch. 

Monday, December 07, 2015


Had another genius moment again. Laptop and Ipad was on simultaneously. My eyes were fixated on the ipad. My fingers were scrolling. Hmm... why isn't the ipad responding? Scroll ...scroll. Hmm... what's wrong? Why isn't it moving? Look up from the ipad. Saw that my hand was on the mouse, scrolling away. GENIUS.