Saturday, September 27, 2014

Stupid Insect

Just a moment ago, something really idiotic happened. I was sitting on the sofa watching tv. Out of a sudden, there was buzzing in my left ear. A stupid insect flew into my ear and refused to leave. I panicked and shrieked. I tried to catch the stupid insect with my finger, but it flew deeper into my ear canal and started buzzing. I run to get a hand phone and turned on the flash light. I aimed the light at my ear to attract the idiotic insect so that it would leave. But it didn't. No one came to my aid. Seriously fml. I kept shining the phone torch light at my ear. The buzzing didn't stop. Finally after a while of shining my ear with the phone flash light, the dumbass insect emerged. As though it is so attracted to my ear, it nuzzled in my hair. Finally mum came and swept the dumb thing off my hair. 

Sunday, September 14, 2014

Whatsapp Scam

Received a message via whatsapp from an unknown number. It's recruiting downline for an apparent real estate company. Too bad for the idiot that sent it to me because I don't read Chinese. Just wondering how the donkey got hold of my number. Maybe I need to lodge a police report for violation or something. The hassle because of idiots. Just rot in hell. Why doesn't the service provider/telco protect their customers? Maxis why do you allow this to happen ? Whatsapp why do you allow this to happen as well?

Saturday, September 06, 2014

Hateful Person

Recently, a hateful person made a comeback. He has been a nuisance since the old bloke befriended him. This hateful person has been nothing but a trouble maker from the start. Don't know what made the old bloke attracted to him. Every time this hateful person appears, the family harmony is at stake. Everyone in the family would fight because of him. He knows his presence is not welcomed yet he still shows up almost daily, uninvited, staying for hours, disrupting everyone's life. He has gone missing for the past 5-6 years (what a relief). Recently, he made a comeback. And thanks to a certain friend, this nuisance started coming to our place again. So irritating.

Simply don't understand why he burdens us with his problems. We are in no way acquainted to him. If he needs any help, he should have turned to his family and not this old, ailing, "friend" of his. Taking advantage of the old bloke's sympathy. He told the old bloke that he has "cancer" (doesn't look sick to me) and that he is jobless. He turned down a over 4k salary job offer by a rich tycoon just to return here with his new family (like it matters to anyone). Upon hearing that, the old bloke felt sorry for him and invited him over. The biggest mistake ever. Now, he is just like the 7th month wandering soul. Keeps showing up at our place. Refusing to leave. We don't know what the old bloke promised him, probably offering to lend him money, but that's no way to take advantage of a sick, old, retired person's sympathy.

He is an adult, married with two kids. He should take responsibility of his own life and that of his family. Why is his financial problem ours? If he is that desperate for money, shouldn't finding a job be a main priority? Instead why come fetch the old bloke out almost every other day? Our woe is that this hateful person used the old bloke as a guarantor to get a loan from loan sharks.

We don't know what we can do to get rid of this ghost. If he is really sick, shouldn't he be seeking treatment at the hospital? None of us are doctors. We won't be able to heal him. Neither do we know witchcraft. He keeps calling the old bloke daily. Each time he calls, the old bloke will be evasive (afraid that we would tell him off). He kept pestering the old bloke to let him come over. Each time with lame excuses ; the other friend is coming over, I want to come too. I'm around your area, I'll just pop-in. The most disgusting thing is, he has the nerve to go upstairs to the second floor, where the bedrooms are. What does he really want? There is no valuable art for him to steal. Neither is there a safe full of diamonds for him to ransack. If he had any common sense, he should know that the old bloke is sick and that his immune system is low. Being a sick person himself (the hateful person), he shouldn't be near the people with weak immune system.

He pretends not to know that his presence is unwelcomed. Wonder what joy he gets for seeing people's family get into quarrels over him.

Thursday, September 04, 2014


Everybody needs one of this robot.