Thursday, May 26, 2016

SJK Military Discharge First Anniversary

26 May 2016 marks the first anniversary of Big Boss' military discharge. Happy First Anniversary. - throws confetti-

His fans are truly amazing. They remember the date of his discharge. Wow. Even a year after, they remember. WOW.

Throwback to the day he was discharge, exactly a year ago.

26 May 2015, uri Big Boss was a free man again. The moment he stepped out from the Army Base, he had an interview that took place directly outside the gates of the Army Base. FHL. He must have been thinking "When can I take off this uniform? Ish. Let's get this over and done with so I can go home and sleep and burn this outfit". (Those are just my words. Not his)

Squeals. Looking so buff in his military gear.

Million dollar megawatt smile.

His 'freedom' was short lived as he had to continue wearing the army uniform for the filming of 
Descendants Of The Sun. 

Enlistment Day

Goodness, who cut his hair? Looks so dumb. Poor guy.

His signature look. With a hairstyle like that, I would hide under a cap too.

Final interview before enlistment (shut out from the world).

Army Days 

Happy as always. 

Representing the army for some event.

Still cute even with disastrous hairstyle.

The students at the International school went crazy when they saw him on stage. They were ecstatic and he had to gesture them to remain quiet and calm.

Wonder whether that person that cut his hair is jealous of his hair. Goodness, such an uneven haircut. Oppa, did they cut your hair while you were asleep?

Representing the army to Beijing. Man he really lives up to his nickname "Active Joong Ki".

He sure loves kids.

(Perhaps a fan of his ran into him at the airport and didn't have any gift for him, hence handed a kid to him? Or is this...)

When he first join the army. Still thin.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

27 & Bike In Sydney

Randomly came across this program. It is called Star Velo : 27 & Bike In Sydney featuring .....drumroll....... Soong Joong Ki. In this travelogue, he cycles around Sydney and introduces some things that could be done while in Sydney. He is quite good in cycling. Oh did I mention, he looks really young in this travelogue. Like a teenager. Some young Aussie girls he met, must have mistaken him for being around their age, pre-teen to teen category. But he was 27 at that time (hence the title - this was according to some comment/description by some fans). He really looked like he was 16 -17. Perks of having a baby face. Unfortunately, the show does not have english subtitles. I  haven't a faintest clue what he said. But, who cares? We get to see our flower boy, and listen to his deep voice. That's all that matters. Delulu mode.

Driving on the beach.

Chatting with some Kids at Centennial Park. He told them that he can't speak fluent English and they replied that it's ok. They seem to be attracted to him. Attracting girls everywhere he goes. They have the same thought, who cares what he's saying. Just feast your eyes on him.

At Sydney University, which he said resembled Hogwarts in Harry Potter (I'm guessing that is what he meant).

Part 1:

Part 2:

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Post Descendants Of The Sun

Since Descendants Of The Sun ended, there isn't much to spazz about. Miss seeing our cute Captain in action. It would be a while till we see him again on screen since he hasn't been in many dramas, and those that he were part of were really minor and insignificant roles. No show is appealing since Descendants Of The Sun ended.

Even though the show ended about half a month ago, Song Joong Ki is still as popular as ever. It is as though the show has not ended. This guy has a tremendous fan base. His fans are not solely teenage girls, they range from children to senior citizens. Girls claiming themselves as Mrs Song and parents wanting him as son-in-law. He even has a new title, given by the fans in china : Nation's Husband (guo ming lao gong). My father who has never been fond of Korean Dramas, praised him for his swift and agile moves throughout the show. When he saw shows from Taiwan and China re-enact scenes from DOTS, he exclaimed "Lousy. Totally different from the Korean show. The phone flew backwards when he hit it, whereas this -the re-enact version- the phone flies forward". This coming from him is big. He has never praised any actor.

 Baby faced beauty. Never get tired of looking at this face.


This is where we thought our favourite boy gets killed. Heartbreaking moment.

Our darling reappearing after a year. Clean shaven, without wounds or any hand slings or bandages whatsoever, even though he was shot and badly beaten up and locked up by enemies for close to a year. Well, he is Big Boss after all. An extremely skilled soldier. Not dying is one of his skill. He looks like he is doing a photo shoot for a magazine. With the scarf draped around his neck. But he actually walked a thousand miles to a desert to meet his love. How does he even do that? Is he a satellite? And the amazing thing his phone still works after a year. That is some awesome phone. 

The reason for the sarcasm is because I'm a little disappointed with the ending. The writer should have made the ending more realistic, since the whole show is a bit on the serious side. But the ending was more of a high school fantasy whereby everybody lives happily ever after. I have to clarify that this is not the actors' fault. The actors did tremendously well in bringing the story to life. 

While watching the finale, the following conversation took place. 

Mum: What is he doing here. why is he at the desert and not back in Korea ? .

Me: He doesn't have his passport so he can't go back to Korea. 

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