Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Year of the Ox 2009

HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!!! It certainly took quite a while to get this entry up. Have been out and about a lot. Besides, my cousin's computer is a bit of a nuisance of late. It has been showing porn pop-ups for no apparent reason and it is really annoying. I have tried every method I know to hinder the pop ups but what do you know, the pop ups are more advance than my expertise at stopping them.

I have been away from home for two months now. The strange thing is that I do not feel home sick at all. During my time away, I have done good for the society. The country should honour me with an award for I have been contributing a lot to the ailing economy. I have been spending so much on shopping that I am driving my bank account into overdraft.

On New Year's Eve, I dropped by The Gardens and Mid Valley again. I would say I did the fastest shopping that day. Use up the last of my money in the wallet during that trip. My wallet has never been this dry. Thankfully the shops closed early that day. The shutters came down at 3 p.m. . Was walking through this part of the mall when suddenly it was so warm. Darn this mall management. They shut off the air conditioning to chase people out of the mall.

Yesterday, I went to Pavillion again. It wasn't my intention to spend. However, after strolling the mall for a while, I spent money again. I finally found something that I have been looking for (although it was not in my pre-desired colour but it will do). *Sob* I used up one red packet earnings for that. It is only the beginning of the New Year and I am already poorer by a few hundred. *SWEAT* I do have to add, MNG salesgirls are rude. The Pavillion MNG salesgirls are by far the rudest. The company must have a Human Resource department with an attitude problem. Which explains why the people that they hire have attitude issues. Spent a whopping 6 hours in that mall. My legs are aching from the long hours of walking.

Happy Chinese New Year. May the year of the Ox brings me ample good fortune. Red packets in any big currency, namely US$, pound,euro,S$, RM are welcomed. Minimum amount $50.....Maximum amount...No Limit.

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Shan't take sweets from stranger

Why one should not take sweets from a stranger? Well, see for yourself.


Monday, January 05, 2009

22 Missed Calls

This is not a synopsis of a movie. This actually happened to me. Last week, I checked my phone upon hearing a beep. I had left it in a room by accident and totally forgotten about it. I was downstairs when it rang itself out of battery.

Upon checking, I was surprised with what was in front of my eyes. The note read: 22 missed calls. I checked the time of calls. It all happened within a period of an hour. For an unknown person to call 22 times, it must be really urgent. I was deliberating whether to return the call. After all, I do not have this number in my phone book and I was waiting for important calls. Just when I was about to return the call, my phone rang again.

Hey, what do you know. That very urgent/eager caller calls again. Hence, I answered.

Me: Hello

Caller: Makes funny noise (silence)

Me: Hello?

The line went dead.

Then I thought oh well, the caller must have dialed the wrong number. Just as I was about to brush it off, my phone rang again. The number showed on my screen was that very same number.

This time I passed the phone to my sister. She answered. He said something (I don't know what he said to her). She asked him who are you looking for in malay. He said something again. She told him he dailed the wrong number. But he seems to disbelieve. As though we were playing a prank on him. Any minute he believes what we say, Ashton Kutcher will appear and tell him that he has been punked.

The poor fella indeed has been punked. Not by us though. Some girl must have given him a random number (which happens to exist and it happens to be my number). And this really enthusiastic fella thought the girl of his dreams has given him her number. People, if you really do not want to give someone your number, DON'T.

Do not simply name the digits that come to your mind to strangers or people you do not want to give your number to. It is not just childish but annoying and pathetic.

Thursday, January 01, 2009

First Entry for 2009

Happy New Year blog. Oh boy. The first entry for the year. What should the theme be? I couldn't quite decide. Anyway,Happy New Year. May the new year bring better avenues.