Thursday, November 27, 2014

Road Bully

Had an encounter with a road bully just now. We weren't aware that one of the street that we usually used had recently been changed into a one way street. Enroute to our destination, we turned into this street beside G Tower ( not sure what it's new name is cause it keeps changing), not knowing that it is now one way until we reached the end. So, we were forced to turn right back into Gurney Drive. Just then this white BMW accelerated as we were driving into the main road. The donkey behind the wheel of the white BMW started honking like those bridal entourage. We quickly drove away. He chased after us whilst continuing honking. He was centimetres from hitting us. It is not as though he didn't see our car turning into the main road. In fact, when he saw us, he purposely accelerate so that he can overtake us. Just because his car is a BMW. When we were on the gurney drive road, he deliberately overtook us as a form of revenge. He then drove like a Sakai forbidding us from passing his car. Then made an emergency stop at the road side. When our car passed his car, he hit his horn hard as a form of warning that he will take revenge. Too bad I didn't take a photo/ video of this middle aged man of a road bully. If I did, I would have lodged a police report on this road bully. 

Wednesday, November 26, 2014


While watching tv, can't remember which show, someone was wearing specs. Suddenly.....          

Mum: You should wear specs.                                                                                                        

Me: Why?                                                                                                                                        

Mum: It makes your eyes look bigger.                                                                                                

Me: (stares at her)                                                                                                                          

Mum: You look good in specs. ( practical nonsense)                                                                          

Why are my parents like that? T.T

Saturday, November 15, 2014

Naeil's Cantabile

Recently, there's a new show that caught my attention. It brought back a lot of memories from my band days. It's an adaptation of a Japanese manga/anime (don't know which came first. Too lazy to research) called Nodame Cantabile. There was a Japanese drama based on this too. Apparently, it left a big impact on the fans. Since Naeil's Cantabile started airing on tv, viewers have been comparing Naeil's  Cantabile (Korean) with Nodame Cantabile (Japanese) and complained that the Korean version sucks because the show did not closely follow every detail of the Japanese version and that it used a modern song as the ending song ( which in their opinion is a big no- no for a show based on classical music). That arose after only two episodes. Seriously, if the entire show were to play classical music only, it would be really boring. It will put you to sleep.

Truthfully, the show is quite funny since everyone knows that Korean dramas are mostly tear jerking, with crying scenes in almost every series. Besides, there is no need for more sadness in our daily lives as life is a bitch already. I hope it stays funny till the end, as it's currently still airing, so I don't know how it ends.  Comedy is my favourite genre.

Naeil's Cantabile storyline reminds me a little of Beethoven Virus. It's about a bunch of outcast trying to fulfil their music dream, and being shunned. There were viewers that complain that Naeil's Cantabile did not mimic the Japanese version and that the classical songs from the Japanese version is way better than the Korean version. Frankly, if the show is to follow every intricate detail of the Japanese version, it would be pointless to shoot the Korean version. Might as well just dub the Japanese version into Korean. Better still just re-watch the Japanese version. It is called adaptation for a reason. It is taking a story and adding local features/details/flavour to suit the target market. It's localisation. Even McDonald's have localisation in different countries ( for instance pork burgers are sold in certain Asian countries).                      

I took the liberty of looking up the meaning of Localisation from the dictionary to make this opinion seem more credible, as well as to show that some effort has been put in to writing this. And also to prevent verbal lashing (if anyone actually happens to read this and leave nasty comments) that the writer doesn't know the meaning of the word.

The meaning of localisation taken from  (l10n) Adapting a product to meet the language, cultural and other requirements of a specific target market "locale". 
Localisation includes the translation of the user interface, on-line help and documentation, and ensuring the images and concepts are culturally appropriate and sensitive. There may be subtle cross-cultural considerations, e.g. do the icons make sense in other parts of the world?                       

I didn't watch the Japanese version so I can't really compare. I don't see the need to compare as they are two different shows.  It is understandable that hardcore fans find Naeil's Cantabile falling short of their expectation as the predecessor (Nodame Cantabile) left a strong impact on them. Many a time we tend to compare the successor with it's predecessor and forget to enjoy the latter as we are too engross in comparing them. And as for bad acting, there are dramas with far worse bad acting. Watch Blade Man and you'll know what bad acting is(especially the main actress. Her acting sucks big time).