Sunday, May 27, 2012


Never knew I was that influential, but I have to admit, people tend to copy what I do. IT does get annoying. They hate to admit it, but whatever I do, they will immitate. Case 1: Bangs. I was bored with my hairstyle. Have been having the same hairstyle since college. Everytime I go for a haircut, the stylists will ask me whether I want to perm, dye or straighten my hair, but I always turn them down. Sometime last year, I finally had an itch. I decided to change my hairstyle. So I just opted for bangs and did a little colouring. When I went to work the next day, I overheard them whispering "Why the drastic change?". The next thing you know, more than half the female population in office had bangs (including the bosses). It's like uniform hairstyle. Ok, females choose to hate me, but why you copy my hairstyle and hair colour? Case 2: Bags. I was carrying more stuff to work. The bags were getting heavier and heavier. Everyday I would look like a crazy person carrying multiple bags. And that has caused my body to ache. So I got a lightweight bag. It's not to show off but hey I have the right to carry whatever bag I like. The moment they saw my bag, all the green eyed monsters were unleashed. The girls in the lunch group started showing their jealous attitude. Then one of them told me not to carry my bag. Instaed carry everything loose. Wallet, phone, all in your hands. Then the following days, there's this female colleague in the department, started carrying longchamps in every colour to compete. Totally amazed by my influence. Ok whatever. I'll continue doing what I like. Not so long ago, I got another bag. Well, I have the right to. Besides, my poor Longchamp have been stretched thin (literally speaking). When they saw this bag, all their faces change colour. They start excluding me for lunch. Whatever. Be jealous all you want. That's not going to change a thing. Then last week, bitch opted not to come in for work. But intentionally come to join us for lunch. She brought along an "amulet". Both of them pretended to be all cheery and delighted to join us but the real intention was to show off a LV. The other girls opted to split for lunch. So it was bitch, amulet, bitch bff, 2 fellas and me. While we were heading towards the "restaurant" bitch and gang (amulet & bff) said to one of the fellas " You have no chance by joining us because all of us are attached. Well except for the left over sugar cane (referring to mua)". The fella replied them, "When I join you all I am the youngest". Laughter. I now know how important I am to them. They use me as a benchmark for everything. To them, I'm perfection. Awwwww......They hate me but yet they opt to immitate everything I do. Just face it. I bring life into the boring workplace. They have been in the company longer than I have but no one knows of their existance. They try to start trends but no one cares to notice. Come on, spending more than what you earn to buy "fugly branded mismatched clothing" is not trendy. Beside I can wrap a towel and start a new fad. It will spread faster than the gossip that they spread. Jinjang will remain jinjang. Faking and accent does not help either.

Friday, May 18, 2012


It seems that everything has been getting in the way of me finalizing it. Every time I attempt to finalise it, something would occur. Confrontation from bigger boss (rather unfriendly one), system down, internet connection down, Lotus Notes crash, push to the brink of insanity from counterparts. The list just goes on. Fast forward, half a month has brisk by. Today, managed to squeeze some time to finalize it. First attempt, internet connection was down. So plug in cable. Lotus notes crash again. Computer hang.Restart computer. Try to enter website. Unable to access. Finally, managed to access. Filled in the blanks, click submit. Unable to submit. Resubmit. Finally went through. Was it a sign to prevent me from finalizing? I don't know. Am I making the right decision? Possibly. Wouldn't know for sure. But what I do know is, start counting down.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Under The Weather

I seldom fall sick. But this seems to be some sort of routine of late. What I am definite is that it is related to overwork and stress from oppression.