Monday, August 17, 2009


I received a text message a couple of days ago. It reads:

From Shell!!! tahniah anda telah memenangi HADIAH CONTEST 2, 3(million). Sila hubungi talian:0178947716.

To translate it into English the message reads:

From Shell!!! Congratulations you have won the prize for contest 2, 3(million). Please contact the number: 0178947716.

These scammers are getting bolder by the day. Using the names of such big corporation to dupe people. Wonder how they got hold of my number. How stupid do they possibly think the public are? It has been in the news over and over regarding all the scams. How foolish of them to think that I will fall for that. Just to let them know, I don't use Shell petrol. Dumb ass. Wasted sending that message to me.

Friday, August 14, 2009


I regret cutting my hair. Now I look like I have an octopus attached to my head. Sigh. should not have cut it to this length. I should have known better that my hair would curl at all the wrong places when its short. What remedial action should I take? It is not long enough for another cut. Dumb stylist.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

Locks Blues

Every time I am supposed to get a haircut, I am stuck in a dilemma. Choosing the hairstyle to have for the next few months is indifferent from choosing a life partner. You have to be rational in selecting the correct hairstyle to go for. Well, lets face it, you will be stuck with that hairstyle until your hair grows. So if it looks stupid, you will look stupid for the next few months. You will have to admit that a person's hairstyle affect the way the person looks. One can have the most fashionable outfit on and yet look ugly if that person's hair looks like crap.

I am really sick of the same hairstyle that I have. It has been the same thing for the past 5 years. Gasp. After every haircut, it looks exactly the same. It is as though I have not cut my hair. Practically throwing money into the ocean after each haircut. I want something new. I don't want to look the same every decade.

What should I do with my locks this time around? Should I perm it, cut fringe, cut it short, or retain the same hairstyle? Sigh. I need a haircut badly. Unfortunately for me, I don't have a versatile face. Not every type of hairstyle will suit me. I need a stylist. Pronto. What do I do with my hair?