Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Farewell Old Faithful

The sky was dark and gloomy this morning. The wind stated blowing and got stronger by the minute. The silence of the morning was filled with the sound of thunder. The strong wind blew everything in every direction. It was as though the wind would turn into a tornado. It was as though the sky was reflecting Old Faithful's feelings.

The sound of metal banging incessantly and the countless attempts to ignite the Old Faithful's heart was akin to a marching band in practice. A peek out the window, there stood a man persistantly plonking away on Old Faithful's chest. First attempt, Old Faithful'd heart beat a while then stopped. The man then embarked on the second attempt. Negative. Third attempt. The sky started pouring. The sound of metal banging ceased. It poured like the dam in heaven broke.

At that moment it seemed like Old Faithful was crying. Saddened by the fact that she will no longer be staying with the family she has been with for the past 20 over years. After a while, the rain stopped. The sound of plonking resumed.

The man tried to revive Old Faithful's heart. A heartbeat was detected but ceased in a matter of moments. A few more attempts ensued. Then it poured again. And all resurrection activity ceased. It rained a while then it stopped. The plonking sound resumed. This time, Old Faithful's heart stated beating. The plonking sound stopped. Then there were sound of cars driving by, followed by silence.

When I looked out the window again, Old Faithful was gone. She left without bidding farewell. My heart sank. The spot where Old Faithful used to occupy is now left with memories of what used to be there. I truely feel the saying 'You don't know what you've got until it's gone', now. Old faitful has been family even before I was born. It has been servicing us from kindy through high school and even part of college, when it's health deteriorated. Farewell Old Faithful. May you be happy with your new family. I miss you.