Wednesday, May 28, 2008


On the 28 May, 730days ago, St Gorgeous was "born". Today, 28 May 2008, St Gorgeous turns two. Happy Birthday baby.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

He's a woman, She's a man

They might look like any other ordinary couple. Actually it is indeed a marriage between a man and a woman. Not in their original form though. Just as the title describes, the groom was formally a woman and the bride formally a man. Mario del Socorro, was formerly Maria, and Diana Guerrero,used to be Jose.The only appalling thing is their age. Socorro is 55. People are just getting stranger these days.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Blog Proposal

People these days are coming up with strange ways to propose to their dearly beloved. There is the good old proposal, the proposal during a baseball match, billboard proposal, proposal through their partner's favourite radio station, proposal through newspaper, proposal through sms, proposal through email, instant messaging, through another medium. Ok I made the last few up but who knows someone might use it and claim it's their own idea! Anyway, this guy, emailed a famous blogger and asked the blogger to post his proposal on the blogger's blog. Erm...If you ask me, I find it rather strange. Proposing through a blog. Someone else blog to be exact. I wonder whether he is really keen to marry the girl or just for the sake of publicity.

Anyway, I came across this while reading the blog

Anything that a guy wishes to convey to his "dearest" should be done in person be it a proposal or a break up. If he is such a coward and dare not say what he wants to in person, he is not worth spending another minute with. Enough said.