Saturday, February 11, 2012


Really fed up of being mistreated.Sick of being oppressed. It's not enough that I have to be the scapegoat, these assholes are simply taking advantage of me. There's the midget troll that won't cease attacking me and the mother dog that tries to make me appear incompetant. Everyday I'm just subject to unecessary pressure. Because of the midget troll, I had been forced into this role. And because I have to assume this role, mother dog has to take on another role which resulted in her detesting me. And this is not enough for the midget troll. His aim is to see my leave the company. As for mother dog, I don't know what she wants from me. She appear to everyone that she's doing more than she should in handling over but unbeknownst to other she is withholding information. She keep sidelining me even to the extent that I go over to her place and station there, she pretends to go elsewhere for work purposes. But the fact is she's just avoiding teaching me what she should have taught.

Three days ago, I had some glitches with my work. Hence I consulted her. She knew where the error lies but pretended not to. She made me check each line with the hardcopy. While I was doing as told, I saw her smirk with the corner of my eye. I then consulted a former team mate who was kind enough to help me through. While I was at his place seeking assistance, midget troll asked me sarcastically " You are in this team now?" (referring to the guy that was helping me's current team). I pretended not to get his sarcastic remark. Ticked off that he was not able to insult me, midget troll came up with the excuse to repudiate my software license. As I was to leave for the day, his buddy came up to me and insisted I have my software remove there and then as he needed it so desperately that without it the whole work process would fail.

God if you have access to the internet and I you happen to be reading this as I am writing it, please do me some justice. Is it fair for me to receive such oppression?

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Wishing For The Sun To Not Rise

I'm exhausted. Tired. Aching all over.Extremely stressed. Frustrated. Annoyed.Pissed. All these negative chi is simply killing me. Had considered going to the Indian temple to get a "flower sprinkle blessing" to get rid of all the suey chi that has been bugging me.

I wish for the sun to not rise so soon. I need a few hours more of sleep and rest. Where is me well deserved holiday? Where oh where has my happiness gone?