Saturday, January 16, 2010

Kitten II

The kitten that mysteriously vanished yesterday reappeared at my compound this afternoon. Both mother and kitten were hiding in the drain when I came back from lunch today. The mother was feeding the kitten then. When she saw us, she fled, leaving the kitten behind. Hence, I took the opportunity to snap some photos.

The kitten seemed really frightened today. It kept evading me when I tried to take it's photo.

A close up of the kitten to show the colour of the kitten's eyes. It has blue eyes.

Friday, January 15, 2010


The mother cat brought it's kitten over to my place today. This is not the first time she brought her kittens over. She has done so with the previous batches prior to those kittens being "deported" by my neighbour. I couldn't understand why this mother cat keep returning to my neighbours house to have her kittens knowing very well that her kittens will "mysteriously go missing".

The kitten that was brought over today was pure white with blue eyes. Very identical to Marie of Aristrocats, the Disney cartoon. The discovery was made by my mother when she went out to water the plants. Upon spotting both the mother and kitten, she squealed. She then stomped her feet to chase them away. The mother cat ditched the kitten when it saw my mother. The frightened kitten nuzzled towards the corner seeking refuge. When I heard the commotion, I went out to have a peek.

Upon seeing me, the kitten walked towards me, begging to be saved. Hence I picked it up. The kitten was fine when I picked it up until a few minutes later. Don't know what has gotten into it, the kitten suddenly clawed me with all four paws. I put it down and pushed it back to it's mother which was waiting at my neighbour's compound.

After a few hours, both mother and kitten returned to our compound. The discovery was made by my other neighbour's kids when they went out to play. Upon spotting both the mother and kitten, they squeal with excitement. Telling us that there are cats in our compound. Upon hearing this, my mother went out to chase them away. When the mother cat saw my mother, it ran away leaving the poor kitten behind again. The kitten ducked in the drain hoping to blend in. So I went to it's rescue again. I squatted down and moved my fingers, ushering the kitten to come over. It began walking towards me. When I reached down to carry it, it turned away and tried to run. I managed to grab the kitten and carried it out of the drain. The kitten then got all fidgety and clawed me again. This is how the kitten repaid me for saving it. Ungrateful.

My neighbour's kids were really excited to see the kitten, asked my mother for permission to play with the kitten. The little boy then lifted a pail ushering me to put the kitten into it. To make them happy, I placed the kitten into the pail. The kids happily ran to the door to tell their mother about the kitten. Their mother objected to them playing with the kitten as the kids intended to keep it as a pet. Hence, I was again told to send the kitten back into the mother cat.And so I did as told.

Hours later, we heard cat calling. We looked out the window but didn't see anything. Hence I opened the door to have a look. I saw the mother cat in my compound, looking for the kitten. Upon seeing me the mother cat fled. It ran out the gate but sat there staring back into our compound. The mother cat must have thought I have stolen her kitten. The kitten has mysteriously gone missing.

Poor kitten. Wherever you are, take care.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Lipstick Sample

Two days ago, I decided to try out the lipstick sample that have been sitting in my drawer (since I got it some time back). It is a miniature lipstick the size of the tip of a pinky. I removed the plastic seal, and began to remove the cap of the lipstick. It was quite tight so I used a little strength and pulled harder in an attempt to separate the cap from the lipstick. The instant the cap is free from the "body", the lipstick snapped into two. The break was so severe that two thirds of the lipstick was detached from the body. My swift fingers managed to prevent the detached tip from landing on the ground. That however, made a mess on my fingers. I attempt to re-attached the tip to the body but it didn't resemble its original form. Since my fingers were already covered with lipstick, I dabbed my lips with the smudge on my fingers. Very environmental friendly aren't I? Recycling the smudge.

Note to self:

In future, put the lipstick in the refrigerator before uncapping. I should have known the lipstick melted after being in my oven of a room for so long. Otherwise, do not use it when in a hurry to avoid from such a messy situation (like I was in that day). Another alternative is to not try out the sample.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Happy New Year 2010

Welcome 2010! May you be filled with abundance of good prospects. Happy New Year!