Sunday, September 27, 2015


It was a calm evening and I was seated in the living room, minding my own business, with the TV blaring away. Out of the blue, a black shadow came towards my direction almost hitting my head. With impeccable reflex I ducked at the speed of lightning, avoiding head on collision with the black shadow. And let out a squeal. I looked up and it was then the black shadow swoop towards my direction again. My instant reaction was to duck and squeal again. Not knowing what that was that is flying around like a crazed moron, I lifted my head to see what it is. Initially I thought it was a moth, but when it came at me again, my brain told me it wasn't. Judging from the size it was too big to be a moth. The next possibility would be a bird. Heck, birds have flown in numerous times. God knows why they are so moronic to fly in. It was flying around recklessly, circling the living room and dining area. Diving down each time. After squealing with each "attack" I managed to catch a clearer view of that psychopathic avian creature. It was black and looks like a bird. My thought was, oh great a crow. Just then it swoop down at me again. This time I saw it's wings. Holy crap. It has curved wings. It is a bat. Crap. Crap. Crap. A bat is in the house. Flying around like a crazy idiot. What do I do? How do I catch a bat? It was flying around in circles at speed of light. Like a drunkard. I started squealing and running to get weapon. When I dashed towards the stairs, it followed. I was so worried it would fly upstairs. I managed to avoid it's bad aiming at my head and got upstairs. I could think of any suitable weapon to catch a bat and simply grabbed a towel and ran downstairs to cover the old bloke that was having supper. When I got downstairs, I couldn't find the crazy bat. I was told it flew towards the kitchen. I went into the kitchen but it was nowhere in sight. I looked into the store it wasn't there too. Neither was it in the washroom. Crazy bat must have flown out through the air well or the back window. Wonder how crazy bat got in? This is the second time I have been attacked by a bat. The first time was in high school. One morning around 6 am, I was in school for morning duty. I was opening the door to the broadcasting room when a bat flew towards me. I managed to dodge by ducking. 

Tuesday, September 15, 2015


Another random rant. This stupid haze is causing a lot of problems. Have been sneezing like mad and my skin is starting to itch. Just took allergy medicine. Hope my skin won't flare up. Thanks for the unnecessary health issue haze. Our lives would be incomplete without your annual visit.