Thursday, May 30, 2013

World No Tobacco Day

May 31 2013 : World No Tobacco Day. Really dislike the smell of smoke. It's fine if you want to kill yourself but don't force it onto others. 

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


Humans only listen to what they want to hear. Applies to both gender. More apparent in girls. That's because, when you're in love, " Everything he says is right, even when he is wrong". 

Sunday, May 26, 2013

Bug Terror Confession

I can totally relate to this. Every time I see a creature with more than 4 legs and wings, my vocal chords would prevail. I can be Mariah Carey whenever I see them. It's totally beyond my control. It's reflex. 

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Dog in Booties

Dog forgets how to walk after wearing booties.

Monday, May 20, 2013

Prank Caller 4

The greatest achievement for the day for this spastic person. This prank caller is definitely enjoying this. It isn't unintentional. Why did I say that? That's because the phone rang for two seconds only. Just grow up will you?

Friday, May 17, 2013

Allergy Attack

I've been getting allergy attacks frequently lately. For no apparent reason, I would break out in rash. Botches will appear and they itch like hell. But fortunately, they subside after a while. In the wee hours today, I was awaken by what I thought was mosquito attack. Hence I turned on the lights to check and discovered that I might be having an allergy attack instead of a mosquito attack. I took my allergy medicine, and went back to bed. When I was trying to drift back into sleep, I felt my upper lip itch. The itch quickly develop into a painful swell. I felt some mosquito bite like lumps on my pallet. The medicine failed to stop the allergy reaction. My lip just kept swelling and it hurts. I tried to ignore it and went back to sleep. When I woke up, I thought it would have subsided. Boy was I wrong. It just got bigger. As though it had been stung by a bee. Nature's way of giving me duck lip. It's painful, and hideous. I took another allergy medicine after breakfast. But lip condition hasn't show any sign of improvement. It lasted the whole day. Currently, my lip is still swollen. I call it Tavia Yeung lip cause it resembles her lip. I don't know what triggered the allergic reaction but I hope it will be gone for good. Go away. Shoo.

Prank Caller 3

What is the word to describe this? Consistency? Persistence? Overly attached? Mentally unstable? Initially thought that it's 2 person. But it's actually or should I say possibly 3 person. Didn't know I blocked so many numbers. Anyway, it's getting annoying. Whether you are a telemarketer or just an irritating prank caller, you should know when to stop. Contemplating whether to get the telco to block it. Since blocking the number on the phone itself doesn't work. The calls still get through.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Prank Caller 2

Today, received a call from another prank caller. This time around it is a blocked number. I think it's the  Malay lady using my friend's old number. What I don't get is, the number has been blocked. Why does the call still get through? Defeats the purpose of blocking the number isn't it? Yeah, if all the prank called would stop harassing me, that would be great.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Prank Caller

There's this prank caller that has been calling my number. It has gone on for some time already. Each time I answer his call, he will remain silent then hang up, or hang up the moment I answer. He will call several times each time. Annoyed with this, I posted it on Facebook for the first time as a warning to this person. Why would I do that? Well, cause there's a possibility that the person is someone in my friend list. Why do I think so? Well, lets just put it, not everyone in the friend list is actually a friend. Namely former co-workers, friendnemies, etc. After the initial warning on fb, that prank caller was on mission again. So as per my first warning, I published the prank cal let's number. Yet, still unperturbed, this person kept calling. One day, I SMS that person asking who he is. He was afraid for a couple of days, then he called again. Hence, I answered the prank caller when he called again. That's how I found out it's a guy. I thought that there's a possibility that it's a girl. Since I do know quite a number of  bitches. I couldn't understand a word he said. He was saying two words maybe three repetitively. Either he's a Pokemon fan, or a retard, cause he sounded like a baby learning to speak. So I just hung up. I did mention it on fb. Today, he called again. So I just ignored it. Childish people are such nuisance.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother's Day

We aren't the type that show our affections. We don't hug or kiss like the westerners. Our bickering. Your never ending nagging. Even though we get on each other's nerves, one thing will never change. That is, you are my mother. Happy Mother's Day.

Friday, May 10, 2013

How to make a dog water proof?

How to make a puppy or little dog water proof? Well put a glove on it. This is just too cute. But does it really fit?

Sunday, May 05, 2013

5 May 2013

This morning, like many of my fellow countrymen, I went to cast my vote. Somehow, Murphy's Law decided to pay a visit. While having breakfast, I was being attacked by mosquitoes. I was bitten all over my legs that broke into rash like effect. It was really itchy and icky. Big botches appear on my legs. After applying Mopiko, we left for the polling station. While on our way there, a spider jumped on my thigh. Fortunately my reflex action was fast, I squashed it before it managed to bite me. Again it was on the leg( thigh). While walking towards the polling station, they decided to cross the field, the minute I stepped on the grass, I felt excruciating pain on my right foot. I looked down and saw a big red and black coloured ant ripping my skin. Immediately I hit it but it was too late. I was already bitten. The pain was so excruciating and intense that it hurts to walk. I just grit my teeth and walked my dad to his polling station. Waited for him to finish voting before heading to my polling station. When I stepped into the polling station, I was asked to produce my ID to be crossed referenced with the record by the first person. When that was completed, my finger was painted with ink by the second person. He painted the top and proceeded to paint the bottom and inside of my nail. Then I was handed the ballot papers by the third person. After casting the vote and dropping off the ballot papers into the ballot box, I walked out. By then the pain on my foot was getting intense. Mum on the other hand was having an impromptu reunion with former neighbours. They went on and on. My foot started aching. When I got home, I dipped my foot into a dettol mixed tub. Then after I applied antiseptic cream to the wound and bandaged it. The bottom of my foot started to hurt badly and I could hardly walk. A little while ago,I removed the bandage after showering. The spot where the ant bit could now be visibly seen as opposed to earlier when it was all red. The black spot is where the ant bit. Such a small creature but so poisonous.

And the ink, is like eternal soulmate with my skin. I washed it thrice with antiseptic soap when I got home but it hardly fade. Mum suggested using bar soap instead. After washing with bar soap, the ink faded but not entirely. Currently, there is still ink on the finger and in the nail.

The inked finger.

Left: Ant bite taken on the way home.

Right: After washing and bandage.

The black spot on the side of the foot is the ant bite.

After washing thrice with sanitizing soap, the ink remains.

This is the best post that I've read today.

Saturday, May 04, 2013


In a few more hours the nation will throng polling stations to cast their votes. A decision will be made on who is to take charge. Keeping fingers cross that people will make the right choice and not simply be influenced by the naysayers. Finally, all the politics related posts will come to an end. It has really been an eyesore. A song just popped into my mind while I was getting ready to go to bed. Can envision the politicians singing unchained melody, with the following lyrics: "Oh, my love, my darling, I've hungered for your votes".

Friday, May 03, 2013

Troll Dad:2

My dad can be really childish. Whenever we are in the living room, we are bound to fight over the television. The problem is there's only one tv and astro decoder at home. When not in use no one is in the living room. The tv stations are to be blamed for always scheduling all the nice shows at the same time slot. He will always come up with sinister and sarcastic remarks whenever he wants to hog the tv. And all that he ever watches are those boring Kung fu and shows of those people from the bygone era ( ie. those where the actors are dressed in "bathrobes"). Oh not to forget Chinese news. He watches the news like a marathon, switching from channel to channel for the same thing. Really lame. It's not like there will be any different news when it's aired at the same time. Anyway, just the other day, I was watching a Korean drama in the living room. He hates Korean drama. He always mocks them. (Korean dramas are way better than those bygone era shows. At least there are variety in the story lines). I was lying on the sofa while watching the show. He was itching to switch the channel. So he stared at me. I knew his intentions but I wasn't giving in. He then said, "Are you asleep?" I replied,"no". He then said,"oh, cause your eyes look like they are closed". Me "no they are not. This is just as big as my eyes could get". I always get mocked over the size of my eyes. There's this friend of mine who did the same thing. We were disagreeing on something (which I don't remember what that is). He then mocked me, " your eyes too small cannot see is it?". To which I rebutted "so what if they are?" .That is what I have to deal with constantly.

Thursday, May 02, 2013


Last night, my mum won a motorcycle in a lucky draw. The event was organised by 1Malaysia. After the event, when she went to claim her prize, the organizer told her that she couldn't take the bike back as it doesn't have battery. They then gave her a card with the motorcycle reseller's number and told her to contact them the following day. However,after the dinner, mum was down with diarrhoea since 4a.m. She wasn't able to go to the shop to "claim" the motorcycle. The neighbours kids told her in the afternoon that they saw her prize in front of the restaurant where the dinner was held yesterday. She told them that she haven't claimed the bike from the shop yet. Later in the evening, the neighbours kids told her the same thing again. This time, mum called the motorcycle shop to ask about it. They nonchalantly replied that the bike is not with them. She told them that the organizer told her to contact the motorcycle reseller today but she wasn't able to go downtown due to diarrhoea. They just brush her off by reiterating the bike is not with them. She then rushed to the restaurant to see for herself. True enough the bike was there. The restaurant owner then informed her that the motorcycle was just left precariously in the middle of the road since last night. He told the workers to shift it to the porch of the restaurant. Mum, with the help of a neighbour(the kids's mum) pushed the bike back home. Fortunately, the bike was not stolen. It was left in the middle of the road for the entire day. If the organizer is insincere in giving out prizes, don't do it. It is not like the public is begging for prizes. The only reason they showed up at the event was because the organizer went from door to door asking them to attend the dinner. And they came on the day the of the dinner itself to remind the residents of the housing estate to attend their dinner. It's only civility to show up since they invited cordially. If no one were to show up, the organizer would only end up embarrass. How does the organizer expect people's support when they are so insincere. Just so you know, the residents are not famish and can afford to feed themselves. Your dinner and prizes are not needed for them to survive. But bear in mind, your party needs their votes to survive. In future, don't conduct such insincere events.

Wednesday, May 01, 2013

Lucky on Labour Day

This evening, my parents attended a dinner held in conjunction with the upcoming election. They are not big into politics but attended just for fun. And lucky indeed was my mom. She won a motorcycle in the lucky draw. After all these years of hard labour, she finally got something back. Congratulations Mum.

Labour Day

Came across this picture and couldn't agree more with it. It shows two groups of people; namely the affluent and the normal middle class or less affluent, on the tracks. The rich kid is being ferried on a luxurious car by his rich parents, while the poor child is pulling a wagon with his ailing parents on it, after graduation. This is such a true depiction of life. It's a constant struggle for the poor. Even with a degree, life doesn't get any better. A life full of burden and debts. The rich kid on the other hand has it easy. A smooth ride to the top. Happy Labour Day.