Friday, January 15, 2016

Obnoxious Bitches

This took place at Gurney Plaza. We were about to leave when we saw a kiosk. A housewife-like lady was standing there. She wanted to scan her receipts to gain points from her shopping at the receipt kiosk. She didn't know how to use it. So happened we were there reading the instructions. She mumbled something.

Ahjuma : Where is the scanner? (Fidgeting the kiosk)

Me : (Lifted the plastic cover for her)

Ahjuma: (proceed to scan her receipts)

Partner in crime : How does this work? Blah...blah...(small talk)

Ahjuma : (happily explaining to show expertise)

The housewife-like lady (a.k.a. Ahjuma) left when she finished. Another Aunty with her child was next. After they left, a couple went up to the kiosk and scanned their receipts.

When the couple left, I was my turn to scan my receipts. As it was my first time using the kiosk, I was required to register. The keyboard on the kiosk wasn't very sensitive, so it took a while before I could begin scanning my receipts. Just then two obnoxious bitches stood behind me. Because the kiosk had somewhat a big-assed screen, it was visible to public what was going on. Not to mention they were standing really close to me. As I was busy with my stuff, I didn't pay attention to them. So after registering, I proceeded to scan my first receipt. Then I scanned my second receipt. At this moment, obnoxious bitch 1 said to me

Obnoxious Bitch 1 : (rudely) Could you stop scanning and let me go first?

Partner in crime : She is already in the midst of scanning, can't you let her finish?

Obnoxious Bitch 1 : (loudly in a very rude tone) You have so many receipts, I only have one. Let me use first.

Obnoxious Bitch 2 : (mumbling) ....lunch......

Me : (I was contemplating whether to stop scanning and remove my IC from the kiosk to let her go first).

Then she had to be a bitch.

Obnoxious Bitch 1 : (loudly)  tsk... searching for her receipts. Got shop so much meh? Got so many receipts meh? Keep in wallet some more.

Obnoxious Bitch 2 : (in the same bullying rude tone) ya lor. tsk... Use credit card receipt some more.

Obnoxious Bitches 1 & 2 : Laughs

Because of her bitchiness, I decided to continue with my scanning. She can wait.So when the receipt show on the screen, I purposely rotate it, to take up more time. Finally both obnoxious bitches walked away, knowing that they can't bully their way through.

It was just a matter of a few short minutes. But because of their bully nature, the think that people should always give in to them. If they have been polite, I would have let them use the kiosk first. Since they chose to be bullies and bitchy, they can wait. I have every right to use the kiosk. The kiosk is not reserved specifically for them. They do not own the kiosk. Haven't they been taught basic manners? Even kindy kids know what queuing up means. It means wait for your turn. NOT " ME FIRST". I'm over and done with being bullied.


Ill manners is not a disability. Hence there is no need to be given special treatment (i.e. Jump queue or the need to go first)

Wednesday, January 06, 2016


Only a few days into the new year, I receive another "present". Just now we went out for dinner. Wanted to try a new restaurant so we went all the way only to find it closed. Perhaps it has never opened? So all that happened within 5 minutes. So I went to get the ticket validated by the parking ticket machine. Since we drove past the middle section of the facility, I had to walk all the way back to the middle section from the far end. Since everything took place in less than 15 minutes, the parking shouldn't have cost a dime. But lo and behold the parking cost a dollar. And we didn't even park the car. We literally just drove through from the entrance point to the exit point all under 5 minutes.  And the stupid drive through costs a dollar. Way to go. Nevermind. Second part of the story. So we drove to another destination for dinner. We found a parking spot by the roadside and got off. Le dad happen to be a very impatient person. He quickly got out from the car and started walking towards the eatery. He happens to be a wobbly, unstable, fragile person. So I rushed to aid him. The eatery has really bad walkways. Dark Roads full of pot holes and uneven pavements. So we reached the "stairs" made of metal sheet plates. The over enthusiastic old man started climbing them. The steps were kind of soft and the stairs didn't have any hand rail for support. As he was ascending the unstable stairs, he suddenly fall backwards. All the time I was holding his arm. When he suddenly fall backwards. I grab hard onto his arm to prevent the fall. But he was too heavy for me to hold back. So both of us fell. He landed on his back lying flat like an overturned turtle while I landed beside him on all four. We cause such a scene. A very kind lady rushed to our aid. While mum who was dily dallying in the car rushed out without locking the car. We managed to lift him from the ground and up the unstable stairs. Whilst he didn't suffer any major injuries (no bleeding whatsoever), I on the other hand was bleeding on both knees and my palm was scrapped too. Even my new shoe was torn from the abrasion with the uneven tar pavement. Literally took the fall for him. He fell while I bleed. I still can't wrap my head around the whole fall. I don't know how I ended up bleeding while he got away without a scratch. Now my whole back is aching. My wounds are aching too. Seriously fml. 😭😭😭🍃🍃🍃🍃 The only conclusion that I can come too is that I cushioned his fall by preventing him from direct fall while I fell by being dragged by someone more than twice my weight. 
 The stupid spot that the accident took place.  

Taken at the spot directly after the fall.

 My torn shoe.

 Taken after we got home. Gross stuff coming out from bleeding area.


Monday, January 04, 2016

Additional Topping

Just a couple of days into the new year, I had a pleasant surprise. As I was about to eat my bowl of steaming hot soup mee sua, I saw a cockroach in it. Of all things, just have to be a cockroach. Gross. So the whole bowl of hot soup mee sua went to waste (with drumstick and all).

Friday, January 01, 2016

Happy New Year 2016

Happy New Year. May 2016 be an awesome year.