Saturday, April 04, 2015

Who is it?

It was 2am. I was tying my hair, before heading for a shower due to the unbearable heat. I heard a loud female voice which sounds like mum saying "Ka eh juak" (meaning it's so hot). The voice sounded like it came from outside my door. My mum is very fond of speaking to me behind closed doors. After getting ready for shower,I opened my door but no one was there. So I head downstairs to ask whether she spoke to me a short while ago. She said she didn't and she was downstairs all the while. Gulp. Horror. So who was it the spoke to me? I am not crazy. I wasn't thinking of anything. I am sure there was a female voice talking to me. It was very clear. Holy crap. God please don't let it be a ghost. This isn't the first time I heard a female voice talking to me behind closed doors. I am not hallucinating. 😱😰😖