Sunday, September 29, 2013


I'm deeply sadden and upset. It's hard to belief and accept that things have come to such outcome. It's sad to know that our friendship carries such little value. Although this isn't the first time this has happened, but the outcome of this time is truly disheartening. Never did I expect this person will do such a thing. Never has it cross my mind that our friendship is disposable. I'll be happy for you that you've found happiness. I'm just sad that you see our friendship as an obstacle to your happiness.

Saturday, September 28, 2013

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Rambling 2

For the past few months, more and more of the people I know became parents . It seems that all people do these days is just making babies. It is as though sex has become the sole priority for living. Have we evolve back to the time where making babies is the only activity, much like our ancestors time? Anyway, I just read a touching post written by a good husband ( probably the last good man alive). It wasn't only his good flair of writing, but also through his post you can tell the depth of his love towards his wife. He dedicated his child's name to his wife. Simply put, his child carries his wife's last name. It's always bewildering that bitches get the greatest catch. For a girl whose every fibre is bitchy, she somehow managed to land herself a good guy. It certainly doesn't pay to be good. Being good gets you no where. You end up being surrounded by assholes and subject to constant bullying. Not to mention always being the scapegoat and people treat you like a pushover. The is no fairness in life. Only the evil will prosper. EVIL is LIVE read backwards. Now it makes sense.

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Harassment 11

Got a call at around 9pm from 0199122966 on the 16 September 2013. The call went unanswered. The next day, 0199122966 called again at around 10am.What does this harasser not get? What does he want from me? When will he be thrown into jail?

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Challenge Accepted : Tell

There's a meme that say " If you want men to know something, tell them". Ok. Challenge accepted.

                                                            Here goes.     Some of the things that I want.                 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Man dies after being raped by his wives

The weirdest news that I've read. At least he died happy. Lol.

Monday, September 09, 2013

Stop It

I have been getting a lot of calls from unknown numbers. After being harassed by 0199122966, I've resorted to ignoring these calls. But they just won't give up. They keep calling me repetitively. Telcos seem to not understand the meaning of "BLOCK". Blocking the number on the phone does not work. What is the purpose of blocking numbers when their calls still get through? Can lawyers out there enlighten me? Is there a law ( apart from injunction) that can be used to stop these kind of harassment? It's really annoying. The harassers just call day and night, as and when they please. Where's the customer's right? What do the telcos mean by they can't stop ( block) these harassers' number from calling us? What are you talking about? Is harassment legalised? In situations like these, if no action can be taken against the harassers, can telcos be penalised for not taking action against stopping such harassing calls? If action can be taken against cyber bullying, why can't there be anything done for phone " bullying"?

What kind of number is this? 

Saturday, September 07, 2013


Just a while ago, I flipped over my king sized mattress all by myself. (* proud of self.) boy was that mattress heavy. It wasn't easy flipping that thing over. Had to be creative to make up for my lack of strength and size. It was like a slow motion table flip. With all my strength, I lift the mattress and flip it over like a pro. The effects of flipping the mattress, is that I think I hurt my hand muscle. It starting to hurt.

Friday, September 06, 2013


Someone posted a creative washroom sign. Instead of the usual male and female depiction, it uses two animals. namely, a cat ( to represent female @ pussy) and a rooster ( to represent male @ cock). Personally, it isn't a wise thing to do. Not everyone gets the humour. Most importantly, not everyone knows or refers to the female genital as pussy and the male genital as cock. But I thought that it's quite interesting that someone out there enjoys being different.  So I reposted that photo and some of my friends commented. One of the comments was, " what if I'm born in the year of the rooster? Which one should I choose?" Didn't know that people enter the washroom based on their Chinese zodiac. If that is the case, then there would need to be 12 washrooms for the 12 Chinese zodiac animals and no gender segregation. I responded " go with the rooster then". It's not such a big deal if you entered the wrong washroom. Your main intention is just to answer nature's call. It's not like you're going to be a permanent resident in there. Sheesh.

This reminds me, there was a place which I went to that uses alphabets as washroom sign. M for male and F for female. Duh. Stating the obvious. Anyway, the following is an actual conversation that took place. 

Cousin: * noting the different washroom sigh ( a.k.a M & F) people will be mistaken with the sign (referring to non English affluent people). What other meaning can these alphabets mean? 

Me: Mother, Father. Cousin: that's totally the opposite of the signage.